45 Flattering Undercut Fade Hairstyles for Men (and Women)

Men popularly wear the undercut fade hairstyle, but in recent years, women are also pulling off this hairstyle with class. Many female celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Scarlet Johansson, and Pink have flaunted this amazing hairstyle. Undercut fade hairstyles help you achieve an edgy and killer look. These hairstyles include shaved sides with long or medium hair on top. You can try on different styles for an undercut fade, which makes this hairstyle very versatile. If you want to achieve a killer look, mentioned below are some undercut fade hairstyles that will help you in choosing the right undercut fade hairstyle for you.


Long Hair Undercut


If you feel like you have to say goodbye to your long to achieve an undercut shaved style, this long hair undercut hairstyle will stop you from making the wrong decision. You can quickly achieve an undercut shave style with your luscious long hair. For this hairstyle, you will have to shave one side of your hair and style your remaining hair to one side. For an outstanding look, you can try out some shaved design like a double line for a stylish look. Curl your remaining hair, and you can achieve the perfect undercut fade style. For this style, you can derive inspiration from the famous Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer.

Long Fishtail Braid Undercut

If you’re looking for something unique and over the top, this long fishtail braided undercut hairstyle is just perfect for you. This hairstyle includes a deep undercut shave, which ends in an angular shape at the back. With the rest of the hair, make a long fishtail braid starting from right on top of your head. The longer your hair, the better. Secure your fishtail with a hair tie and loosen it a bit to achieve a messier look. For an additional touch, you can dye your braid pink or blue to achieve a stylish and funky look. This hairstyle leaves you with a Mohawk like hairstyle and makes it perfect for a music festival.

Undercut fade Bob with Braid


If you’re a fan of short hairstyles, you will fall in love with this undercut fade bob with a braid hairstyle. This hairstyle is unique in style and helps you achieve a cool chic look.  This hairstyle includes an undercut fade on both sides, which goes till the back and has long hair till the nape of the neck. For a stylish look, you can create a small braid on one side just above the hairline shave. Just simply backcomb and create a small braid. Dye your hair of a nice copper shade, making it the perfect hairstyle. Remember to set your hair with setting spray. So get ready to enter the autumn in a stylish and faltering way with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Trendy Short Hair Undercut Shave


If you’re looking for something unique and subtle, this trendy short hair undercut shave hairstyle is the perfect style for you. This style is ideal for all the short hair lovers and is just right for the summers. For this hairstyle, you have to get a short undercut pixie haircut with hair on the top. This style allows you to style your top hair in different fun ways. The best way to style it is by giving it some height with the help of hair gel. For an additional style, you can dye your top hair with fun hair color like whitish-grey or with pastel colors.  This is a low maintenance hairstyle and is perfect for those who don’t like putting in too much effort when it comes to styling.


Voluminous Curls Undercut Fade

This voluminous curls undercut fade hairstyle is one of the trendiest and chic hairstyles out there, which will help you to achieve the perfect stylish look you’re looking for. This hairstyle includes a proper undercut fade with thick curly hair on top. If you don’t have natural curls, you can curl your hair with a curling iron. Make sure to apply hair spray to prevent your curls from opening up.  For a funkier look, you can add pastel color dye to your curls or get a combination of two colors done.  This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding or club night look. So get ready to look stylish as ever the next time you plan to head out.

The Messy Undercut Fade Style

This messy undercut fade hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for you if you’re looking for something stylish and sexy. These messy looks help you achieve all the sexiness and style. All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is get an undercut fade style with hair on top with long side-swept bangs. The hair from the back is a bit longer. The side-swept bangs are the turning point of this hairstyle and brighten up the whole look. Just mess up your hair from the top to give it a hotter look. Dye your top hair dull pink for a stylish and feminine look. This hairstyle does not only include style, but it helps to enhance the features of round and oval-shaped faces.

Undercut Fade Shaved Stripes

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that allows you to put in some creativity, look no more as this undercut shaved stripes hairstyle is just perfect for showing off your skills. This hairstyle includes the classic undercut fade on both sides, but the unique thing is the shaved stripes. You can add in one or two shaved sides on each side of your head for a stylish look.  You can style the top part of your hair the way you like, but the best way to style it is in a Mohawk style. Dye your hair with electric color for a stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for the summers, and you can pull it off perfectly at a music festival. Break all the hair stereotypes with this killer look and get your style on.

Short Asymmetrical Undercut Fade


If you’re sick of the same bob haircut and want to upgrade your hair game, don’t worry. This short asymmetrical undercut fade hairstyle will help you achieve the best upgrade to your hairstyle. It includes a long top layer and short layer at the back, with a tapered side, undercut fade. The long layer continues into some long wavy bangs. You can always shift the bangs to the shaved side for a stylish look.  This depends totally on your styling mood. Bring an extra touch to this sexy hairstyle by dyeing your hair with vibrant and subtle color. This hairstyle is the perfect summertime hairstyle, which will help you achieve a flattering and cool look.

Bowl Cut Undercut Fade


Bowl cuts are quite popular in the fashion industry and help you achieve the perfect stylish look.  You can now try out a bowl cut along with an undercut fade with this bowl cut undercut fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes a slight undercut fade bowl cut, with forehead finches, scalloped edges, and a short back. It has the perfect shape and follows a smooth pattern. For a stylish look, dye your hair with an electric color like electric green, red, or blue. These colors help to spark up your hairstyle, leaving you with an electrifying look. So get ready to start the upcoming days in a stylish and sassy way.


Rounded Under Cut Fade


This rounded undercut fade hairstyle is the perfect fierce women hairstyle. This hairstyle has a very fierce and electrifying look to it. Many people see this hairstyle on men, but not anymore, as this hairstyle compliments well on women too. This hairstyle includes an undercut fade on both sides with diffused edges creating a sharp point in the corner. You will also notice a unique outline that you will achieve when your stylist carves your hairline. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer as it’s carefree, and you don’t have to worry about any hair getting in the way, especially in the scorching heat. So get ready to enter the summer in style with this fantastic look.

Sweeping Swoosh Undercut Fade


This sweeping swoosh undercut fade hairstyle is perfect for all the black hair girls out there. This hairstyle helps you achieve an electrifying and sassy look.  This hairstyle includes a high undercut fade with a double faded line shown intersecting each other. There is also a swooshed upside that goes down to your forehead with a curled up end, and your back is fully bald. Dye your front hair with a vibrant color like brown or pumpkin orange. The cool enhances the overall hairstyle, making you look more stylish. So get ready to stand out in the crowd with all eyes on you, with this gorgeous and stunning hairstyle.

The Tomboy Undercut Fade

Break all stereotypes and go for this tomboy undercut fade hairstyle. This hairstyle helps you achieve an edgy and fierce look. For this hairstyle, first, you have to get an undercut fade on both sides of your head till the back, with two stripes on each side.  Keep the top part of your hair flowy and way. The turning point of this hairstyle is the hair dye. You have to choose the right shade that will go with your complexion and will pop on your head. The colored part changes the whole style of the hairstyle, making you look more fierce and stylish. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, as this way you don’t have to worry about sweating with long hair.

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Ponytail Undercut Fade

If you’re a fan of ponytails, you can achieve one of the best ponytail styles with this ponytail undercut fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes an undercut fade on both sides with an angular curl that goes all the way to the back. For this hairstyle, you will need long hair to make a high ponytail. So if you don’t want to get rid of your long hair, you can save it by trying out this amazing hairstyle. This hairstyle is unique and will go perfectly well with anything from your closest. Get a slight blonde dip dye to complete the look. You can curl the ends of your ponytail for a spicier touch.

Undercut Fade with Nape Design

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that helps you achieve a completely new and unique look, look no more as this undercut fade with nape design hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. With this style, you will achieve all the uniqueness in your hair. This hairstyle includes different undercut designs at the nape of your neck. You can choose designs like a mandala, tribal designs, floral designs, or anything that attracts you. You can showcase this style by simply creating a high bun with the rest of your hair open, or you can also make a double bun style. Once you open your hair, the design will get covered. This hairstyle is perfect if you’re a working woman who likes to party. Tie up your hair as soon as you get done with work and portray all the sass and class you will get from this hairstyle.

Tattooed Undercut Fade

If you want to upgrade your undercut fade style, the best way to do that is by trying these tattooed undercut fade hairstyles. These hairstyles are stylish as ever and help you achieve the perfect chic look. If you thought you could get tattoos only by inking, you’re wrong, because now you can get whatever tattoo you want with the help of these undercut styles. For this hairstyle, you have to get an undercut fade and ask your stylist to carve a particular design while creating your hairstyle. These tattoos could include different zig-zag lines or floral designs. You can choose any design that would fit your headspace. Add a funky color to your hair that would match with the tattooed design. This hairstyle is perfect for a music festival, making you look unique and funky as ever.


How Should I Maintain My Undercut Fade?

There are a few ways you can maintain your undercut fade as this hairstyle needs some excessive maintenance. The first thing you should do is get regular haircuts from a professional hairstylist. This is one of the best ways to maintain your undercut fade without ruining the shape. There are fewer chances that your undercut fade may get messed up, so avoid doing it yourself and visit a hairstylist or a proper barber regularly. Make sure to use proper hair products; use products that don’t have too many chemicals in them. Natural products keep your hair healthier and fresh. Lastly, avoid using too many styling tools and products, as heat is one of the main hair killers and could ruin your whole undercut fade look.

How Regular Should I Get My Undercut Trimmed?

Undercut fades require regular trimming to maintain the style. If you have medium-length hair, you should get a hair trim every 1 to 2 months, and if you have long hair, you can get your hair trimmed every 4 to 5 months. This depends on the style you have, so just make sure to regularly get it trimmed whenever you can to avoid any messy or haphazard look.

How Did The Undercut Fade Style Become So Popular?

The undercut fade style has a historical background attached to it. This hairstyle derives from the days of poverty when people couldn’t afford to visit a barber and achieve the trendiest hairstyle of those days. Hence, people used to make these hairstyles themselves until this hairstyle became popular in the 1920s and working-class men would get this haircut. This hairstyle was found among many gang members as it would give them that classy fierce look. Who knew this hairstyle would have so much popularity till today?

How Can I Create A Hard Part Line On My Undercut Fade?

It’s not tricky creating a hard part line; firstly, dampen your hair and part where you will shave. Then, take a straight edge razor and separate the line of the parting. Carefully identify the points by marking them. Once done, just apply some hair gel and trim and shave your locks. This way, the hard part will smoothen up and help you achieve a neat and stylish look. Finish off the look with a trendy hairstyle, and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

With the help of these marvelous undercut fade hairstyles, you can now achieve that killer look you’ve been dreaming of achieving. These hairstyles won’t only help you with style, but they will also help to break all stereotypes regarding fashion trends. Many people believe an undercut fade hairstyle is appropriate for boys. Well, now you know how to prove them wrong in style.

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