100 Teal Hair Trends | All the Mermaid Colors You Want

The Real Tea About Teal Hair

Teal hair mesmerizes us like the changing colors of the sea; it’s no surprise that it’s also called mermaid hair. And anime aside, it’s a beautiful luxuriant color that traverses the coolness of blue and the mysterious depths of green. We love how light you could get that you would think of airy realms and then there are the darker shades of teal that are equally beautiful.

Teal is usually considered a spring color, with most people opting for a hair dye to leave the drabness of winter behind. However, we think it’s an all-season color with celebrity aficionados such as Kylie Jenner and Tia Ora going turquoise. Then with the popularity of Jason Momoa and the Aquaman series, we are not over our marine love affair.

As a hair color, teal plays well with all colors. Moreover, people who tend to get teal hair are also more on the adventurous side. First, you would need to bleach your hair if you want teal and the darker your original hair, the more bleach you will probably need.  And like all color-treated hair, you need to take special care with moisturizing and conditioning your hair afterwards.

All the Pretty Colors of Teal Hair

Like the ever-changing waters of the ocean, teal goes well with almost anything—whether they are lighter or darker hues. Indulge your eyes on all the nuances and playfulness of teal hair in our collection.

Rainbow Bright

Teal hair plays well with all the colors of the rainbow and then some. This fascinating ombre successfully combines warm and cool for a truly stunning effect. The style is not for the faint-hearted, but you can always start on a fashion adventure and you can begin now.

Boho Style

Mix your rainbow colors with more teal to bring out the cool factors. Teal is a great color that brings out the tones of other colors such as lavender, pink, gray, yellow, and green.

Teal Hair with Rainbow Highlights

Can you just imagine wearing this hair and the lights just reflecting beautifully on your colors? Yeah, it’s bewitching and we are willing to be mesmerized.

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Oceanic Ombre

A beautiful interplay of teal hair’s 2 main colors: green and blue.

Vivid Teal Hair

For once, the cooler aspects of teal take backstage with the vibrant colors of yellow and fuschia take the center stage for visual drama. We love how everything works together and that is why it’s crucial to consult with your colorist before doing anything. If you are planning to dye your hair at home, be sure to plan your dyeing really well.


Teal loves in and pink hair becomes less girlish and more adventure and attitude with teal in tow.

Gorgeous Ombre of Salmon, Purple, and Teal Hair

Teal gets to play with its best mates with salmon pink bringing out the deeper tones and purple highlighting the brightness of this stunning ombre. Coupled with goddess curls, we would love to immerse ourselves in this hair.


Teal Blue Ombre

With shades of blue and teal to visually stun the onlooker, what’s not to love in this color combination?

Beautiful Lavender Highlights for Cobalt and Teal Hair

Cobalt’s deep jeweled tones bring out the bright hue of teal while lavender highlights balance the look of this gorgeous ombre hair.


True Teal Hair

What’s the real teal? Here’s our take on what constitutes as true teal. We go for the teal that is deep like ocean waters when the sunlight is just about to disappear and you’re looking up to the light. It’s that color when you’re on the beach and staring at the astounding interplay of turquoise, aquamarine, and green hues. Teal is a color with an attitude, cares for the earth, will nourish you, but at the same time kick you out if you misbehave.

Teal Hair Balayage with Green Tones

Get a deeper sense of teal with the most subtle tones of sea green.

Starry Teal Hair

This is true Hollywood hair, with the most beautiful tones of teal and emerald coupled with luxurious waves that cascade all over the body. This is a style meant for the red carpet.

Punky! Get the Teal Attitude

Teal shimmering under the sun.

Highlights of the Most Subtle Teal

Teal may not hold that well with dark hair, but the subtlety of the color melds really well even with black.

Real Teal Hair in Bangs

A simple cut gets maximum exposure with teal dyed through and through. The chopped bangs lend an air of attitude that complements the look very well.

Highlights and Balayage

You can also use teal as your highlights if you don’t want to go full-blown. That can minimize bleaching while giving your maximum style.


Teal Hair Trends for Short Hair

Regardless of whether it’s a short bob, a pixie, or an asymmetrical mullet, we have the best short hair styles you would want to check out. And nope, a mermaid doesn’t have to have long hair.

Straight A-Line Bob

Give a classic cut a modern and trendy twist with the deep colors of true teal.

On Fire

If you thought that the cool tones of teal won’t set hearts blaze think again. Scarlet red gets all fired up partnered with a teal bb in ragged edges.

The Long and Short of It

Get a crew cut with teal highlghts.

Or color your curls.

Steel Pretty in Turquiose

The steel gray and turquoise are softened by the soft waves and side parting of the look. Perfect the tousled look by finger-combing your hair.


Purples and Violets with Teal Hair

The purple family goes well with everything teal, regardless if you’re opting for the lighter or darker hues. Both are vivid and bright colors and give a dramatic interplay that is just so fascinating. Whether you plan to have teal as your highlight, as balayage or ombre, the color will always be vivid and striking.

A Touch of Lavender

The lighter shade of purple, lavender, beautifully frames the teal and blue in enchanting ombre.

The Allure of Teal and Purple

Both colors are impressive and vividly strong. Most people will recommend having one as a dominant and the other in darker hues. But as our balayage styles show, both can be as vivid as you want them to be. Darker hues will give you a bejeweled effect, while lighter tones of teal and purple are as yummy as candy.

Luxurious Jewel Tones

A beautiful ombre style that brings out the vividness of teal and purple hair. The soft curls are equally gorgeous and make this style a perfect jewel setting that evokes rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.


Brownie Points for Teal Hair

Brown and teal may be colors you will associate well with each other, but the green tones of teal are perfect for earth colors. If you want more subtlety in your style, go for the deeper shades of teal such as ocean and dark turquoise.



Pretty Braids and Playful Updos

Dressing up your hair in style can bring out the best of teal with its beautiful hues. Go for pretty, fun,and all the loveliness that comes with hair that you are in love with.


Charming Waterfall Braid

Stunning Rainbow

The braid tones down the vivid jeweled tones, but there’s no mistaking that teal takes center stage in this style.

Topnotch Teal

Teal hair in a top knot is playful without being too edgy.


Gorgeous Waves for Teal Hair

Diva locks and gentle curls get the best hair treatment with the vibrant colors of teal and aqua with tones of the sea. Ariel has nothing on these mermaid hairstyles that bring out the best allure of long wavy hair.

Teal with an Attitude

You may have the waves, but you have a different attitude from that of a diva. Get the modern styles that are edgy without being too radical.



The Green Touch

Teal hair gets the verdant touch that makes it a bit harder to maintain. But the gorgeousness of the color plus the unique flavor of the green and emerald tones give a stunning effect. You have the visual drama playing all over your hair, and don’t you just adore the attention of teal in its best green hues.


Teal Highlights with Green Hues

Tied Up in Turquoise

We love the updos that just tie a look together—perfectly.

The Green Shag

Shaggy hair and uneven edges get a pretty twist of teal hair.


Mermaid Hues, Cool Waters

From teal to ocean t aquamarine, we have all the color ideas you would need to unleash the inner mermaid in you. There are also shades of sapphire, emerald, and seafoam.



A Waterfall of Colors

Water is the bringer of life and the marine elements of these striking shades will tempt you to wade in deeper waters.

Straight Up Gorgeous Teal Hair

The colors are screaming ocean waves and summer fun. We are all for it and make it slick and sleek teal in straight hair.

Preppy in Turquoise

Playful Bob

How do you turn a classic bob into something modern and fun? Dress with the stunning colors of green and teal with blue highlights.

Fresh Take on the Aqualicious

We love the blue waters of the sea, so why not wear them?


We’ve Got the Blues

Teal works pretty well with all the shades of blue. As a matter of fact, if you prefer something more dramatic to wear with your teal hair, then go for the striking shades of blue. You cannot go wrong with cobalt, aqua, sapphire,a dn even navy blue.

Enchanting Blue and Teal Hair Balayage


Charming Curls

Teal is fun and Afro hair with its gorgeous tight curls is modern and irresistible. Whether you can be charmed by pretty pink floral accessories or the simple engaging style of teal is up to you. But we are all in sync when we say curls and teal are perfect like coffee and tea.


Metals for Teal Hair

A gorgeous combination of grays and teal bring out the best of each color. Gray, especially with a metallic undertone, plays up the vividness of teal. The color teal meanwhile amplifies the cool paleness of gray. Moreover, gray can also be as neutral as white or as hard-to-please as platinum.

Dazzle in Subtle Steel with Metal Greens

The perfect green highlights bring out the shine of metallic gray and teal.

Steel Blues

Blue shades in cooler tones give the impression of edge and urban vibe. We love how teal doesn’t lose its striking effect. It may be downplayed, but it is still as charming as usual.


Blondes Have Teal Fun

The yellow tones of blonde hair tend to emphasize the green hues of teal so care is needed if you’re highlighting of dip-dyeing your hair in teal.

Pretty is Platinum Blonde and Teal

Of all the blondes, platinum works best with teal with its metallic undertones and gray. Also, teal holds well with super bleached hair and is there any whiter than platinum blonde?

Teal Hair FAQ

I want teal hair but it never pans out, what should I do?

Teal needs bleach and the darker your hair, the more bleaching you will need before you get the teal of your heart. That means more sessions at the salon, or bleaching session at home before you get to the real teal deal. Honestly, the best hair color to get the best teal is hair bleached almost white. However, there are already some products on the market that are geared towards the darker shade of hair and meant for the comfort of home. Check out semi-permanent dyes or you can always experiment and dip-dye the ends first. If it’s your first time coloring your hair ever, consult a professional or you could end up permanently damaging your hair.

I dyed my hair in teal and it ended up all over the shower. Help!

Bright colors will tend to wash out on the first time, so you better buy some disposable gloves unless you want to end up with blue hands. It will probably take at least a week before the teal stops bleeding out. To avoid scrubbing the shower floor or the bathtub to clean off the blues and the greens, don’t wash your hair in the shower or bathtub. Opt for the sink. Never sleep with wet hair or it the teal will stain your beddings. If you are puttering around the house, wrap an old cotton shirt around your head. If you plan to dye your hair again, better invest in some black or darker colored towels because the dye will just get everywhere.

It took me forever to get my perfect teal hair, how do I make the color last?

There are 2 things you have to remember when you color your hair: wash less often and avoid the sun. Water and each washing will dull the colors, so if you want clean hair, try dry shampoo. Also, use shampoo and conditioners that are formulated for dyed hair. The blue hue will wash earlier than the green, so if you want teal to remain teal, you use shampoo meant for blue-colored hair. Some people have suggested adding color to your conditioner and leaving it on the hair for 30 minutes before washing off. If you’re heading for the beach to show off all those marine hues, wear a hat or a scarf to cover your hair and avoid direct sunlight. Mesmerize your fans and friends when the sun is low on the horizon. You can also use heat protectant products that are specially made for hair. If you’re going into the water, whether it’s the sea or the pool, slather on the conditioner and give your hair TLC.

How long will it last?

Frankly, you’ll be lucky if your teal hair remains teal after 6 weeks. It will wash out if you don’t take proper care of it and you will end up with some pastel hue of green. We figure 4 to 6 weeks tops.

What make-up goes well with teal?

Go for neutrals when doing your make-up especially if your teal hair is on the flamboyant side. If you want something dramatic, and we all do, don’t be half-hearted. In for a penny, in for a pound. Gold and silver tones work well with teal, and you can never go wrong with blue.

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