110 Silver Blonde Hair Ideas for the Ice Queen in You

Silver blonde or ice blonde can rightfully be named the coolest trend of the moment. It has been turning heads on the catwalks and popping up on red carpets everywhere, giving us major hair envy. Not only that, but the most fashionable of celebrities or influencers are wearing silver blonde ombres, bobs, pixie cuts, and so many other hair styles that simply look so much cooler when paired with this outstanding color.

So how do you get silver blonde hair? Can you do it at home? And how do you maintain and style this most impressive of colors? We’ve got you covered in this exhaustive article that tackles all the ins and outs of silver blonde hair.


The History of Silver Blonde Hair

As stunning as this color might be, one has to admit that it is a tad peculiar. Gray or silver hair is usually associated with old age. Therefore, most men and women tend to hide their graying hair as they age by dying it back to its original color or going for a different shade altogether that can better mask the silver.

However, non-natural silver blonde hair has become a massive trend among young women that are going to all sorts of lengths to pursue this style. Is that weird? Perhaps not, if we were to take a look down the long lanes of history.

Silver or grey hair first appeared as a fashion trend in the 1700s in France. The ladies of the court wore highly elaborate wigs which they powdered heavily with a white substance to make them look silver. But this trend was not all that it seemed. The wigs were expensive, very heavy and utterly infested with lice and mice. The main reason was that they were never cleaned.

Not only that, but the trend of powdered wigs reached such a height that a tax was issued on powder to make them stop. Many people were, in fact, relived they didn’t have to wear them anymore.

Silver blonde hair in the modern era

The first commercial dye for hair was invented in the Edwardian era, in 1909. Like most of modern makeup which was also invented around that time. During the 50s, the market received a whole new product – home colors. But also a double standard.

It meant that men who had gray hair were seen as wise and handsome while women with silver hair were not considered attractive and had to change themselves. For example, there was a vintage ad which read “Are you losing friends – because of your grey hair?” 

But things changed drastically in the following decades as women sought their freedom of expression more and more. Hollywood actresses dared to appear more naturally both on and off screen, which in turn helped everyday women to be themselves as well.

As a consequence, silver blonde hair is no longer a taboo now but a trend that most women go crazy about.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Silver Blonde Hair

As beautiful as this hairstyle might be, it is quite difficult to obtain and maintain. Therefore, make sure you have all the info you need before you embark on this long journey.

  • Yes, you will have to bleach your hair

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to silver blonde hair. And the answer is very simple. There is no getting around the idea of bleaching your hair, even when you already have blonde hair. The reason is that gray is a very difficult shade to work with that will not take to any other type of hair than bleached one. 

When you bleach your hair you are essentially opening up the cuticles. Only then will the gray shade be able to penetrate your strands. Therefore, bleaching your hair is the only option in this case.

  • Natural silver hair and silver blonde hair are not the same thing

There is a vast difference between the two even if they may look the same at first glance. Natural silver hair is essentially normal hair of any color that has gone gray. Scientists have not been able to determine yet what is the reason behind this process. But some theories do suggest that it might have something to do with genetics and illness. 

Still, gray hair is your natural hair that has now lost its pigment. It is not a reversible process and you cannot do anything about it. Except for dying your hair, of course. 

Silver blonde hair is a conscientious choice of coloring your hair in this shade that has nothing to do with genetics or your age.

  • Online pictures are just for reference

It should be clear to everyone by now that what we see on Instagram and simply online in general is not entirely true. People usually have a way of ‘embellishing’ things in the virtual world, and it’s a good thing to be aware of that before you start changing your appearance.

This means that while the pictures of silver blonde hair you see might as well be real, they could also be enhanced. The influencers and celebrities you follow that have this shade of blonde could be wearing wigs or extensions that come already colored in silver blonde. Or the color could have simply been added in Photoshop or facetune.

Some of them are open about the modifications they make and admit outright when they are wearing wigs. But others don’t extend this courtesy to their followers. Make sure you understand that such a level of perfection cannot be achieved with your natural hair or with cheap, box dye. 

  • Getting silver blonde hair will be a long, expensive process

Building on the above, if you want to get silver blonde hair, get ready to fork out some real money and to wait! First of all because this shade of blonde will need an expert’s hand as opposed to you doing it at home with box dye. And second of all because you will need to go through all the stages of bleaching your hair, correcting the color, and then gradually dying it gray until you get to the shade you want.

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How to Prepare for Silver Blonde Hair

As previously mentioned, there are quite a few steps involved in this. As a rule of thumb, we advise you not to try and do this at home. The process in itself is quite dangerous and you could end up hurting your scalp or damaging your hair. Still, it’s good to know what the steps are.

  • Stop dyeing your hair for at least six months before the graying process

This will ensure that when you go in for the bleach, the results will be as even as possible. If you keep dyeing your hair, your roots, middle section, and tips will not come out the same.

  • Condition your hair one week before

Bleaching your hair essentially removes all moisture from it. Therefore, you will have to undergo a deep moisturizing treatment one or two weeks before your appointment with your stylist. This will help your hair survive the bleaching process.

  • Don’t wash your hair

You might already know this piece of advice if you’ve ever colored your hair before but it’s crucial, so we’ll mention it again. Do not wash your hair at least three days before going to the salon. 

Your scalp produces natural oils that run down your hair and protect both your skin and the hair in itself. When you shampoo, you strip your hair of those oils. Bleach is an incredibly powerful chemical that will burn your scalp if you wash previously to your appointment.

  • Be prepared for a haircut

Even if you don’t want one. Bleaching will always lead to you losing some hair. Therefore, your hairstylist will have to give you a trim to even things out. In this case, prepare yourself mentally to lose some inches or at least to look a little differently when you leave the salon.

The Process of Getting Silver Blonde Hair

Here are the steps a hairstylist usually follows when dyeing your hair silver blonde. It’s always best to be informed and prepared when going to a session. This is the only way to get the exact result you want.

  • Bleaching your hair

There is no way of telling how many sessions you will need. It all depends on the hair color you have now. However, on average, the darker your hair is, the more sessions you will have to go through so that your hair can get to a perfect shade of white blonde. Every sessions costs a few hundred dollars, so make sure you can fit this in your budget!

  • Applying the toner

Your stylist will then apply a purple toner to your bleached hair to cancel out the yellow tones in it. This will result in a cool, beige or neutral blonde or white shade of hair that will act like a white canvas for the gray that will follow. The toner needs to sit in for approximately twenty minutes.

  • Applying the gray dye

Once your hair is ready, the stylist will finally go in with the gray dye. It needs to sit on your hair for an average of thirty minutes and then washed off. You can ask your stylist for tips on how to take care of your silver blonde hair or you can read our list below.

How to Maintain Silver Blonde Hair

There are a few ways in which you can keep your silver blonde hair looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible after a session with your stylist. Here’s a short list that we’ve compiled just for you.

  • Stock up on dry shampoo

You know what this means. That you have to change your hair care routine and stop washing so often. Of course, you might have already known that if you’ve ever colored your hair before. Washing your hair, especially with commercial shampoo that has a lot of detergent in it will only clear the color away.

Therefore, reduce your hygiene routine to once a week. Or only when you actually need it. Instead use dry shampoo that absorbs the sebum and oils at the roots and protects the color in your silver blonde hair.

  • Use the appropriate shampoo

Building on the above, never use commercial shampoos that are high in detergents. The best thing to do is read the list of ingredients before buying a bottle. If you don’t know what some of the ingredients mean, there’s a simple way of telling if your shampoo has a high amount of detergent in it.

Does it lather a lot when you use it? If so, it has detergent. This ingredient is not harmful at all. Brands only add it in because we have become accustomed to equating lather with how well a shampoo is performing. However, it will wash off your color. Instead, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo that will protect your hair

  • Invest in a good purple shampoo

Besides your favorite sulfate-free, detergent-free shampoo, you will also have to purchase a purple shampoo. Using it will cancel out the yellow tones in your silver blonde hair in between sessions.

However, purple shampoo is more of a toner than an actual product that cleans your hair. As a result it will dry your hair. Therefore, you should only use it once every two weeks when you feel like you need a little boost of color. You can also buy an actual toner if you want to go the length and remove all the yellow from your hair.

What do you think?

Getting silver blonde hair involves a major transformation from every point of view – your hair, style of makeup, and hair care routine. But it surely looks amazing and will make you feel beautiful and special. Let us know in the comment section below if you already have silver blonde hair and are looking for some tips or if you plan on getting it any time soon!

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