130 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Some people take short hair as a very boyish look, while some women love short hair because it gives a very retro-like look, and it is extremely easy to take care of. You may sometimes find it difficult to make different hairstyles on your short, natural hair. Now, you don’t have to worry about that; just take some inspiration from these different short hairstyles mentioned below and make your short hair look as unique and incredible as possible.


1. Side-Parted with Curls

If you’re a fan of slightly curly hair, you should definitely try creating this hairstyle. All you have to do is side part your hair with a brush and use a blow dryer and a curling machine to create loose curls. This is the perfect hairstyle for a girl’s night out or for a formal meeting at the office.

2. Short-Curled Hairstyleshort hairstyle for black women

You can opt for this curled hairstyle. All you have to do is use a curler to curl your hair and apply some hair potent to keep your curls intact. If you want to give some definition to your curls, you can highlight the top portion of your hair.

3. Tapered Platinum Cut with Feathered Crown

If you want to give your short hair a more stylish look, go for this feathered look. All you have to do is get a feathered cut and add a blonde touch, which will really suit the feathered look. Now, it’s up to you to go fully blonde or feather your hair for more volume.

4. Pin Curls

short hairstyle for black women

Pin curls are the perfect way to add some curls to your short hair. You may have to put in a bit much of an effort to achieve this hairstyle. Just remember to use a lot of water for your hair so that you can easily curl it and pin it. You can also dye your curls with a vibrant color to give your short hair a retro look.

5. Short Finger Wavesshort hairstyle for black women

If you’re going for a professional look, the short finger wave hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for your short hair. All you have to do is dampen your hair with water, comb it backward,  and use two fingers to create an ‘S’ shape and a ‘C’ shape in the opposite direction. Use sufficient hair gel to set your hairstyle.

6. Short Twistsshort hairstyle for black women

Short twists are an easier and simplified version of the finger waves hairstyle. If you’re aiming to grow your hair long and keep them healthy at the same time, then this is the best hairstyle for you. All you have to do is twist the strands of your hair into small bunches and apply hair gel to keep them intact.

7. Hollywood Finger Waves

The finger waves hairstyle leaves a very sophisticated and elegant look on every black woman. If you want to step aside from the traditional weave hairstyle, go for this look and add some dark vibrant color to your hair. You can opt for a red or purple balayage look for your finger waves.

8. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are the perfect short hairstyle for black women, especially if you want to go for a more unique and retro look. Bantu knots are a bit difficult and painful to make, but this step to step guide will help you make them perfectly. If you want to add some flavor to your Bantu knots, you can dye your hair with some bold colors like red, purple or pink for a funkier look.

9. Short 4c Hairstyleshort 4c

If you want to go for a stylish bob cut look but prefer a more elegant version, you should definitely try out this 4c hairstyle. 4c hairstyles give you a sharp and edgy look in which your edges are clean cut. This is the perfect hairstyle for hot summer as you avoid excessive sweating in your hair.

10. Curly Short Hairstyle with Bangs

If you are obsessed with the 4c hairstyles and want to add a timeless flare, you should definitely go for this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you can get long firm curls. All you have to do is part down the middle of your hair, leaving the top part to fall on your forehead, allowing your curls to blend with your face and give it shape.

11.Curly Bob with Pinned Topcurly bob

If you’re looking to do something different with your curly hair, you can try out this simple curly pinned top hairstyle. All you have to do is pin back the front portion of your thick curly hair. This hairstyle will not hide any of your bold features and will help you achieve a sleek, slim look. The best part is that you can pull off this hairstyle with any outfit.

12. Faux Locs Bob

faux bob

If you thought you couldn’t have locs on your short hair, this faux locs hairstyle will prove you wrong. To achieve this hairstyle, all you have to do is twist your hair strands. This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday casual look and will also help boost your facial features.

13. Short Updo

If you want to give your short hair more height and style, you should definitely try out this short Updo hairstyle. You can create this hairstyle by using the weaving technique to give your updo a refined look. This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal night out and is a great short hairstyle for black women.

14. Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is a Zoe Saldana inspired hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for short hair, especially if you’re going for a bolder appearance. You can carry this hairstyle well for an evening dinner or even for a wedding.

15. Long Tapered Pixi with Springy Curls

If you have naturally curly hair and want to add some style to it, you should try this long tapered Pixi cut with springy curls look. If you want to avoid using heat to curl your hair, it is even better as you can achieve this look by wearing your hair in rods overnight and remove them in the morning to achieve springy curls. This hairstyle will suit any type of outfit and will definitely suit your face structure as it softens your face shape.

16. Shaved Pixi Haircut with Long Bangs

If you want to pump up your Pixi haircut, you can try out this shaved Pixi haircut with long bangs. All you have to do is get one side of your hair shaved, or you can choose to get both sides shaved and let some long bangs loose. If you want to go for a Rihanna inspired funkier look you can choose to dye your hair with a funky color like red or blue.

17. Pixi with Short Waves

Pixi haircuts are the go-to haircuts for short hair. Another way to style your Pixi haircut is by using the wave’s technique for your short Pixi cut. This hairstyle will definitely suit your short hair and will go well for any type of formal event.

18. Short Hair Crochet Braidshort-crochet-braids

You may have noticed that most crochet braid hairstyles are easier to make on long hair. But you don’t have to deprive your short hair of crochet braids anymore as you can style your naturally curly locks with the crochet braid technique. Crochet braids go well with anything and everything. So use your short hair to make use of the crochet braid style.

19. Short Dreads with Bangs

If you’re looking for a stylish short ponytail style, then this is the best hairstyle for short hair that allows you to make a ponytail. All you have to do is use your twisted hair and make it into a high ponytail and leave a few twisted bangs on your forehead. This hairstyle is perfect or a casual afternoon trip to the mall or for a normal day at school/university.

20. Thin Dreads

You can go for a thin dreads hairstyle. This is a very casual and easy hairstyle that involves dreading your entire hair. It is the perfect hairstyle for a round face as it helps to give asymmetrical shape to your face. You can carry out this hairstyle for any formal occasion or use it as your go-to hairstyle for everyday school or work.

21. Mini Curly Mohawk

If you want to play with your hair and skip having the usual plain short hair, you can switch things up and style your hair into a Mohawk. Mohawks suit all black women and blend well with short hair. If you want to touch up your Mohawk, you can give it slight thick curls and even add some funky color to it.

22. Short Afro

Afro hair is a major hair trend that many people are following. For a more refined afro look, you can trim the afro and let the curls puff up. The afro hairstyle suits all black women and definitely will suit any outfit of your choice.

23. Ringlet Afro

There’s nothing better than a fully puffed up ringlet afro. This hairstyle contributes more texture and volume to your hair, giving you a hairstyle very unique, and powerful look.

24. Afro Puff

The afro puff is another type of hairstyle for perfect afro hair. This hairstyle includes two puffy buns, one on each side of your hair. This hairstyle blends perfectly well, especially when you have thick ringlets. You can pull this hairstyle on any casual outfit and achieve a beautiful, stylish look.

25. Straight Asymmetrical Lob

Many of us are comfortable with having sleek straight hair; you don’t always need to have a curly or wavy hairstyle. You can change things up any time and try out this simple straight asymmetrical bob. All you have to do is straighten your hair with a straightening iron and apply some hair gel to give shine to your hair and prevent it from curling up. This hairstyle goes for any and everything; for example, a formal meeting or a casual meet up with friends.

26. Half-Up Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are the fashion statement for all black women. However, if you’re tired of leaving your dreadlocks plainly open, you can try out this half-up dreadlock hairstyle. All you have to do is take a bunch of your dreadlocks and tie it into half like a bun. This hairstyle will suit every black woman and you can pull this off at any type of event. So get a bit funky and half-up those dreadlocks.

27. Beachy Wave Bobbeachy wave bob

If you’re going for a natural, messy but elegant appeal, try out this Beachy wave hairstyle for your thick short hair. This hairstyle requires very minimal styling and use of heat or products. So if you have little time to get ready, this is the best haircut to pull off, and it will go well during any time of the day.

28. Short Hair with Shaved Sides

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a hairstyle every day, you can go with this shaved side hairstyle. All you have to do is get both the sides of your hair shaved by a hairdresser. For a unique look, you can choose to shave your sides in different designs and patterns.

29. Short Jumbo Braidsjumbo-braids-short

Never underestimate the power of braids. Braids are one type of hairstyle that allows you to get creative. This short jumbo braids hairstyle is perfect for the summer. It’s easy to make and manage; plus, it also protects your natural hair. You can pull off this hairstyle for any look, especially if you’re going to the gym or participating in a physical exercise.

30. Long Bangs with an Undercutlong bang

If you want to give your bangs a bold touch, try out this undercut hairstyle. Bangs and undercut go very well as this hairstyle makes your bangs look more prominent and portrays a very stylish look.

31. Chunky Twits OutsChunky Twits Outs

This hairstyle is the simpler version of the Bantu hairstyle. If you have less time and want to achieve an appealing look, you should definitely try out this chunky twist out hairstyle. So try out this hairstyle and gain a voluminous look for a night party or wedding.



I. How do I maintain my dreads?

You regularly have to wash your dreads whenever they are dirty and moisturize them to prevent them from drying or getting scanty. In order to keep them locked, you have to roll them on a daily basis and apply the gel. Just focus on keeping them clean and intact.

II. How often do I have to wash my hair when it’s in braids or weaves?

There is no particular amount of times you have to wash your hair if it’s braided or weaved. You have to wash it regularly, just like how you would wash your normal hair. However, it is important to take care of your natural hair regularly in order to avoid any knots and tangles that often occur due to tight braids.

III. What hairstyles should I avoid during the rainy season?

It is best to avoid any sleek straight hairstyles that especially involve straightening your hair. Your hair will mostly start to curl due to the rain, and all your effort goes to waste. Hence, it is advisable to opt for hairstyles that involve braiding or a crochet braid would be the perfect hairstyle for a rainy season.

IV. How can I put on a weave?

Putting on a weave isn’t that hard, but it does require a lot of practice. All you have to do is braid your hair first into cornrows and gently sew the tracks of the weave into the cornrows. Weaves are a bit painful and require a lot of patience so it is best first to allow someone else to weave your hair.

V. Is it true that my short black hair will never grow again?

No, this certainly isn’t true. The growth of your hair depends on how well you maintain and take care of it, as black hair does require a lot of maintenance. Natural hair is most likely to keep breaking; to prevent this, you should avoid hairstyles that require too much styling and heavy use of heat and hair gel as these two things surely do ruin the quality and strength of your hair.

Wrap up

Black women have much thicker hair and require different unique hairstyles to showcase their hair in a proper manner. Hence, if you have natural hair, take a look at all these hairstyles for short hair mentioned above and at least try out five of these. So get going and have fun styling your perfect short hair!

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