120 Rose Gold Hair Ideas to Look Different in 2020

We all have been dazzled by rose gold hair shade for quite some time now. So stunning is the combination of blonde, pink, and red hair colors that we honestly never want it to go out of style, and we can prophesy it won’t. In fact, if one follows this trend of hair colors religiously, it is only very evident that the rose gold hair trend has only gained widespread popularity over the years.

The year 2019 saw hairstylists from across the world giving free rein to their imagination with the much adored, rose gold jewelry shade of hair color. You can go as subtle or as bold as you wish with this trending hair color. As a matter of fact, many celebrities have inspired ladies over the globe with this hair color, including Kylie Jenner, Emma Roberts, Scarlette Johansson, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Kesha, Emma Roberts and many more. We can also express our gratitude to colorists like Guy Tang, who have been integral in bringing this crown worthy hair shade into pop culture.

Our much favorite color is a balanced proportion of blond, red, and pink shades that create a truly complementing color for all skin tones. It is a great color to wear and adaptable for all outfit turnovers. The best advantage you get with your rose gold shade is of exceptional versatility. You can either incorporate a few highlights to uplift your natural hair color or choose to dye all your hair; whatever your choice may be, we can promise you that you will look nothing less than royal with this hair color.

We have put together a list of appealing rose gold combinations to inspire your hair makeover. Here are some rose gold hair shades for you to begin with:

Glossy Rose

Glossy Rose hair

The best thing you get with rose gold is the freedom to experiment with the hues and tones of the color. To get a glossy rose color, you will be required to mix a darker shade of pink with brown to create the beautiful tone that brings glossiness to your hair. When dressing up for a night out, style your hair into soft curls for a healthier, voluminous, and a simply gorgeous look.

Dark Rose Gold with Dark Roots


This shade works best for medium length, textured hair. Let your roots remain a naturally darker shade with a darker rose gold shade above that fades into a lighter tone towards the bottom of your hair. This color is ideally suited to the ladies who have a lighter, fair toned skin and dark-colored eyes. What a fine way to make your eyes pop!

Shades of Pink

We mentioned you get to experiment with rose gold as you please, didn’t we? We meant it. No law says you strictly have to settle for plain rose gold. You can freely incorporate pink tones to accentuate your hair and give it an entirely new character. You can add bucket loads of dimension with this hair, and your beautiful tresses gain amazing vitality with this color that is so very prominent.

Champagne Pink Rose Gold

While we, in no way, mean to imply that this shade cannot be sported by just about any gorgeous lady, we especially like to recommend this one to all the blonde girls. This shade works best for blondes on the lookout for a bold change. The enchanting version of champagne pink gives you just the correct helping of subtlety you need. Champagne pink is so less soft and less dramatic that you can’t help but feel utterly feminine wearing this lovely shade on your hair. Oh, and if you don’t want to fail with this one, we suggest you get this beautiful color done from a salon.

Brunettes with Rose Gold Color

Yes, we admit that it is easier for blondes to dye their hair a rose gold, but brunettes can sport this hair color just as amazing as the blondes do. However, a few points to remember if you’re a brunette are that since your hair is naturally a dark shade, you will first have to bleach for a lighter shade to attempt the rose gold on your hair. This is why ombre is a favorite of the brunettes who dive into the hair game for the first time. Ombre is an add bonus mainly because you jump over the trouble of bleaching your entire hair and can still hold on to the natural color at the top. Perfecto!

Subtle Blonde to Pink Rose Gold Ombre

You would be amazed at the finishing your hair gets with a rose gold ombre. With this hair color, you get a seamless balayage that complements your tones of pink and honey blonde colors. This one is nothing but immaculate and a sure hit.

Rose Gold Lion Mane hair

Rose Gold Lion Mane

If you have the lioness in you, then you got what it takes to flaunt this look. The rose gold lion mane calls for an all-out showcasing of rose gold hair, all you need is to be bold and beautiful and get all of your hair done in this one shade. To add more flair, just get big curls and a little bit of crimping for an extra vivacious look. We a little bit of extra effort, we know this will be the perfect accent for your hair and will add tons of volume and shine.

Light Pink Hair for the Modern Day Barbie

This style is surely delicious, with the layers of rose gold hair over blonde styled with a lot of bouncy curls and volume. With this color, you get a wee bit of ombre to your natural roots, but apart from that, everything in this look is completely rose gold. However, since there is a lot and we mean a lot of color on your with this one, you have to give your hair some mega moisture, or else you’ll be experiencing some very unpleasant drying out of your strands.

Peachy Rose Gold

Peachy Rose Gold

Do you find yourself clueless when it comes to looking chic and effortless with your rose gold hair? Bring on some beach waves and peachy undertones with this one. You can completely neglect the roots that grow out excessively. Once you have this hair color on, the best way to flaunt it is with smokey eye makeup and some statement accessories. You are then ready for the fanciest night out!

Pink Hair and Ombre Reversal

This is the sort of hairstyle that is just made for a fun day out at the beach with your gang. You get a reverse ombre effect with this one owing to the pink reaching to your roots. You don’t need to look queasy here because this look is a lot of fun and low on maintenance as it grows out. Are you also the one who battles with the unruly face-framing pieces? This is one lovely way to wrangle them with no added heat.

Washed Out Rose Gold

There are times in life when you feel you are so brave; you are ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. Why not dye you’re all of your hair in just such a moment? If pastel pink has especially been your soft spot, then go for this washed-out tone for your brave hair moments. And when we say courage, we mean loads of it because this particular hair color includes a lot of bleaching and some big-time maintenance. We recommend color-safe shampoos and hair treatments whenever possible for as long as you keep this hair color on.

Red Hair with Pink Balayage Highlights

The thing with a rose gold color is that it just won’t stop amazing you. Just when you think you have seen the best of rose gold color, something like the red hair with pink balayage highlights comes up, and you have swept off your feet again. This one is, even more, a stunner because we previously believed that hair couldn’t get any better with red. With this shade, you get the best of both worlds, rose gold and red. Your underlying red gets a lot of rosy highlights that pop gorgeously out of your bouncy curls. This style is all the more wonderful because you can tuck your rose gold away with chignon or a bun as the mood suggests.

Rose Ombre on Brown Hair

Rose Ombre on Brown Hair

For all the brunettes reading this, here is another treat for you all. We have already explained to you that an ombre is a wonderful way of adding rose gold to your ombre for testing out the color. This way, you even get to figure out how much damage the color will cause. With a rose ombre on your brunette hair, you get more subtlety, and the rose gold blends in more naturally with the brown, making it healthier looking. Short hair can also carry this look beautifully because the color remains minimal and looks more natural.

Warm Sunny Blonde with Rose Highlights

If you are naturally blessed with a warm, rich blonde, mixing it with rose gold will make your standard sunny hair look even more luscious. The rose gold will go a far way in adding even more depth and luster to your natural shade. If you love to tantalize with your gorgeous, try a braid to allow the rose gold to peek seductively, and the curves too will additionally highlight your color’s shine.

Rose Gold Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage

If you take our honest opinion, we don’t think any woman can go wrong with a rose gold blonde color and balayage. When you combine your regular balayage with an iridescent tone of rose gold and hints of lilac, you will see the most stunning colors. If you have already been practicing the balayage regularly, try incorporating a bit of color in your mix the next time you hit your salon.

Pink Highlights in Simple, Wavy Blonde Hair

What? You thought pink hair was unsuitable for work? Think again, lady! This particularly incognito shade is your evidence that pink can look just as professional as the regular browns. The only secret trick is to start with a warm strawberry blonde color and add a light sprinkling of balayage style highlights in the mid-layers of hair. What you will end up is a barely-there pink but still, look all business.


Rose Gold meet Platinum Blonde

Rose gold is so wonderful that it not only blends beautifully with red tones or golden blonde but also works perfectly with platinum blondes. You can take it a notch higher with darker roots and have light rose highlights play peek-a-boo with your platinum hair. You can go sophisticated and subtle with this look but still retain a level of edginess here.

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Luscious Strawberry Blond, Rose Pink Hair

The highlighting of this blonde hairstyle is so magical that you will find it hard to guess where the blonde ends, and your pink begins. Strawberry blondes and rose gold are such close family members that you would nearly feel this color is natural. However, you need to use plenty of hair oil daily and hydrating serum to get that delectable shine. To stay away from heat yet look as pretty as can be, try some buns and braids with this color on.

Rose Gold and the Classic Bob

Rose Gold and the Classic Bob

We agree that short hair can sometimes get too boring and dull for the eye. The best way to spice up a blunt cut is with some fancy hair color. While there are endless color options for short hair, our favorite is this gold pink hair dye that adds a much-needed touch of elegance and class. It also maintains the fun and modern aspect of your hair at the same time. What better way to get the best of everything?

Rose Gold with Blonde Beach Wave Highlights

Want an effortless, easy hairstyle? Why not swap your platinum highlights with this rose gold version? It is a fine option when you are a little bored with your regular highlights and want to experiment with something more daring and adventurous. However, this experiment is sure to pay off well with the blonde tone and your beachy waves coming all together in a beautiful crescendo.

Soft Pink Gorgeousness

Is your blonde hair too seemingly dull? Don’t worry; we have you covered with this one. Add some much-needed life to your blonde color with the rose gold formula option. If you have highlights or light hair before the rose gold, it will be an added advantage. This is because the rose gold color grips well on to the blond and saves you the added hassle of bleaching your hair before the application of color. This look is so subtle it nearly looks natural and soft curls at the end just make it look ethereal.

Rose Gold Color on White Blonde Hair

Rose Gold Color on White Blonde Hair

We have to warn you that this particular color and style is not exactly low maintenance, but you have what it needs for the upkeep; we promise it will be worth it. The base color is a gorgeous something between gray and platinum. You get rosy highlight painted throughout, which seamlessly blend in with all the remaining color. A pro tip is to give some serious hydration to your hair regularly if you want to keep looking healthy and shiny. Condition as often as you can.

Rose Gold Hues

If you plan to add some color to your hair, our best recommendation is the slightly auburn rose fold tone. You can create some amazing dimensions with darker roots and a combination of pastel pink and golden throughout your hair. It will also complement a variety of skin tones. You can bring even more color to life with soft layered curls for some beautiful styling.

Warm Rose Gold Balayage and Layered Blonde

You get a simply incredible texture and color with these highlights. We love the almost coppery, rose gold hue that is the perfect stage for your bright sandy blonde. The highlights are chunky enough to give us some added dimension but blend together just wonderfully well. In this hair color case, lighter roots and darker ends are the natural reverses of ombre that will grow out into some more gorgeous.


Final Thoughts

If you have not already noticed, rose gold is the new color people prefer in their accessories as well. The best thing is that it looks great on men and women both. So, take the unconventional route this time and dazzle your friends and family with a new shade of rose gold for your hair.

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