95 Reverse Ombre Ideas and Tips Only for Cool Girls

Do you remember those situations back in high school when all the cool girls were wearing something? Like a certain hair color, an accessory or maybe some extensions that made them look really good? And all of a sudden one girl walked in wearing the complete opposite of that trend and everyone just knew that she was the coolest girl around. That’s how you have to imagine reverse ombre.

In a world where every woman from supermodels to teachers to famous actresses to moms is wearing ombre hair, you have to go for reverse ombre. Why? Because it looks amazing and the combinations of colors are very edgy. Here’s all you need to know about this fantastic trend.

reverse ombre

What Is Reverse Ombre?

Even though the name alone is pretty self explanatory, there might be some beginners in the world of hair styling out there who would appreciate a definition. And that’s why we’re here. To provide all the info you need on your favorite hairstyles.

Reverse ombre is the opposite of traditional ombre in terms of colors, but not in terms of technique. This essentially means that the process of getting your hair colored will always remain the same for the two procedures. Only the colors are reversed.

Therefore, with a traditional ombre you start with a darker color on top which has to melt slowly into a lighter shade as it progresses toward the tips of your strands.

When you get a reverse ombre, the lighter shade is at the top while the darker shade is at the bottom, creating a striking contrast.

It’s also important to note here that there is also a difference between the two in terms of structure. Because of the way the colors are sitting – light at the top, darker at the bottom – a traditional ombre creates an optical illusion. It makes it look as if you have a lot more volume to your hair than you actually do. That’s why women with fine or thin hair prefer this method of coloring their locks.

However, that optical illusion is gone with the reverse ombre, which looks far more structured.

Reverse Ombre vs Dip Dye – Is There a Difference?

Yes, there is! At first glance, because of the way the colors sit, one might be tempted to believe that reverse ombre is just another type of dip dye. Or maybe even the same thing as that process.

In reality, reverse ombre is much more subtle and softer. Dip dye is made up of two solid blocks of color that are not supposed to mix. In fact, with dip dye, you can clearly see where the lighter color ends and the darker one begins below it.

When you get a reverse ombre, the transition effect is smooth and the colors are supposed to melt into each other. After all, the word ombre in itself means shadow. There is no reason why this smoky, shadowy transition effect should be lost just because the colors are reversed.

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Can I Get a Reverse Ombre in Any Color I Want?

Absolutely! There are no limitations to the choice or combination of colors you can get. In fact, the reverse ombre trend seems to have sparked a true twinkle of creativity in most people out there. They are now creating the boldest looks you’ve ever seen by pairing strong, non-natural colors to create this awesome effect. Use your own imagination for a bold look that defines who you are!

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Reverse Ombre Hair  – Dos and Don’ts

Experimenting with your hair is definitely something more women should do. It gives you a sense of empowerment knowing that you can control the way you look and that there are no rules. However, experimenting on your own, at home, can get messy and sometimes even dangerous. 

We always advise you to seek a professional hairstylist if you want a major hair transformation just to be safe and don’t regret your decisions later. Hair takes a long time to grow back! Even so, if you have decided that reverse ombre is the way to go and that you want to do it by yourself at home, here are some dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind.

What to do when you’re getting reverse ombre hair

  • If you’re going blonde or platinum, use toner

This is  good tip for all women who want to use a shade of blonde, platinum or silver to transition from the top color to the bottom one. The toner will help you get rid of the yellow notes in your hair which might otherwise look brassy. You can also swap the toner for purple shampoo.

However, please keep in mind that both the toner and the purple shampoo are not hygiene products. They are there to balance the color in your hair. As a result, they will dry your hair if you use them too much. Only apply them once a week.

  • Not every color goes together

Yes, creativity is very important when trying the reverse ombre trend at home. However, that doesn’t mean that all colors are a perfect match. Do some research first and try to determine which two colors would look best when combined. Otherwise, you might end up looking like Cruella DeVil or like a green and red Christmas ornament.

Some shades that make a fantastic whimsical pair are dusty rose and pink or even red, pearl and purple or purple and turquoise for a summery look, and blue and purple. You can also try orange and melon as well as rose gold and platinum blonde, a luxurious combination worthy of a diva.

  • Not every color will work for your skin

We know that the pictures we have chosen are wonderful and beautiful. We also know that you have seen even more amazing pictures on Instagram from the influencers you follow who have reverse ombre hair. Or that you might have saved some on your phone for future reference. But the truth is not every reverse ombre color works for your skin.

What you have to do is look at this in the same way you look at foundation. If your skin has a warm undertone with a slight honey or golden hue to it, then you will have to pick a color opposite to that. Cold and rich chocolate browns, purples, and blues will balance out your skin and cancel the undertones.

However, if your skin has a cold undertone of beige or ash, go for warm colors that will make it come to life. This includes vanilla blondes, fiery reds, coppers and brass, and sunny yellows.

  • Always start with the tips of your strands

If you’ve ever colored your hair before, you might be aware of this rule. But if you’re a newbie at the game of hair coloring, this will be a crucial tip for you. Always start at the bottom and finish with your roots. 

The color develops much faster at scalp level because of the heat produced by your skin. Therefore, the dye you apply on the length of your hair strands will always need much more time to develop.

Start there, allow it five to ten minutes, and then continue doing your roots. Cover everything up to allow the chemical reaction to happen, and shampoo your hair.

What not to do when you’re getting reverse ombre hair

  • Never do a reverse ombre with contrasting colors

If you’re doing your own hair at home and have decided that a reverse ombre is the way to go, choose complimentary colors, not contrasting ones. Pink and red, not pink and yellow. Blue and purple, not blue and orange. Green and mint, not green and red. Contrasting colors can work together and that is also a huge trend that is going on right now. However, you should understand that they are very difficult to pull off, especially if you’re using box dye. If you really want a contrasting color reverse ombre, please visit a hair salon, where you are guaranteed to get the best results.

  • Don’t go for colors that you won’t be able to wear

Sure, pink and turquoise are fantastic and they would be our first choices for a reverse ombre as well. But you have to ask yourself if you can honestly wear these colors. For example, if you’re still in high school or college, your school might have rules that don’t allow these types of hairstyles.

The same goes for your workplace. If you know that your office has a strict dress and styling code, ask first before committing to this trend.

How to Get a Reverse Ombre at Home

Now that we’ve talked about what you should and shouldn’t do while getting a reverse ombre at home, let’s detail the actual process of getting one.

  • Choose the shades

If you’re going for a natural look, make sure the shades are three to four times darker than your natural hair. If not, and you have chosen non-natural colors, pick some that are complimentary and not contrasting. But even so, the same rule applies. The darker shade, meaning the one that goes at the bottom of the reverse ombre needs to be a few shades darker than the one on top.

  • Prepare your hair for the reverse ombre

Comb your hair as well as you can. When you’re done, divide it into four equal sections. Secure them with clips or elastics so they don’t get in your way later on. 

  • Prepare both dyes

Whether you’re using box dye or professional dye, always follow the instructions you have received in the package. Do not follow instructions you have read online, especially if they differ from the ones on the package. 

  • Apply the dye to start the reverse ombre

Start with the darker color. Apply it from the tips of your strands to the middle of your hair or to a point where you would like the two colors to meet. When you’re finished, move on to the lighter color. Apply it from the roots to the point where the darker color starts. Cover your head and wait as per the instructions.

Do not exceed the time limit specified on the package. Always apply the dye in a well-ventilated room, with a window open.

  • Wash your hair as instructed on the package

Depending on the dye you have, some brands ask you to wash using shampoo while others simply say you should rinse your hair with warm water. Follow the instructions exactly.

Platinum Blonde and Orchid Pink Reverse Ombre

This is a gorgeous example of a reverse ombre where the platinum blonde acts like a white canvas for the orchid pink. In the same way, you could put any other neon color on top of the milky blonde and it would look amazing. The reason is because the two colors bring each other out. 

Here’s a tip – we recommend that you use a bit of pearly pink to shade the platinum blonde. In this way it will look as if the orchid pink is reflected in the white above. Also, the contrast between the two won’t be so big anymore, and the ombre will look even better.

Three Colors Reverse Ombre

Not only does this reverse ombre job have three colors instead of two, but they also contrast each other strongly. Firstly, you have the black and white which act like a basis here. You can barely spot the black peekaboo highlights right at the bottom, but they’re there!

The star of the show is definitely the inky blue which looks almost watered down and washed out. But that doesn’t mean it won’t stand out, thanks to the gorgeous background colors that make it pop.

reverse ombre

How about you?

The reverse ombre is a trend that captured the imagination of millions of women around the world simply because it’s so unique. It allows you to express yourself through color in a way that few other trends have. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below!

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