125 Red Brown Hair Ideas That Look Amazing

Why choose one color when you can choose two and get a mixture of different hues and shades? The red-brown hair duo has got to be one of the trendiest and versatile hairstyles out there. With this hair color duo, you get to achieve vibrant and multi-tonal color hair. This color doesn’t only light up your hair, but it gives your overall complexion and style a rich and fuller look. When choosing the right style, you should keep in mind that the shades that are redder suits dark complexions while shades that give more emphasis on brown suit fair complexions. So get ready to achieve one of the hottest looks, with the help of these red-brown hair ideas mentioned below.


Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

A dark brown brunette color is quite a classic hair color that many women are comfortable with and love to wear. If you want to changes things up, you can try adding in some red highlights to achieve a red-brown style. If you have long hair, keep your red highlights a little on the down-low. The main reason for the red highlights to appear is to give some depth to your long brown hair. So don’t go for very dark red highlights. This hairstyle is perfect for the winters and will leave you with a stunning look.

Brown Red Balayage

The best part about red-brown hair is that you can explore it with different hair techniques. This hairstyle includes a brown-red balayage. For this hairstyle, you have to have brown mane hair and insert red highlights underneath. This way, the Red appears under the brown and doesn’t outshine it. With the help of this smooth balayage, you can achieve a texturized and smooth look, which is perfect for the autumn. Keep some side-swept bangs for a stylish look.

Pixie Red Hues

If you want to go for a redder look but more on the subtle side, then this pixie red hues hairstyle is just perfect for you. This hairstyle includes a short pixie cut with bangs covering one part of your eye and red highlights on chocolate brown hair. In this hairstyle, you will notice the different hues of Red that will appear differently on each strand. So you won’t achieve just one shade but different hues of Red. This hairstyle is perfect for the summers, and especially if you like short hair.

Curly Red Brown Hair

The curly red-brown hairstyle is a classic and will help you achieve the perfect stylish look. This is one of the best ways to show off your voluminous curls. This hairstyle includes a rich mixture of red and brown tones of on voluminous curls. If you don’t have natural curls, you can curl your hair using a curling iron. This is the perfect beach style hairstyle that will shine marvelously under the sun. Make sure to apply hair spray to prevent your coils from opening up.

Dark Cherry Wavy Hue

dark red brown hair

If you’re looking for a modernized version of the red-brown hair, you should definitely try out this dark cherry wavy hue hairstyle. This hairstyle includes more of a purplish touch, which you can easily achieve with red-brown hair and a splash of violet. All three colors blend amazingly well and leave you with an eye-catching style. The best way to showcase this style is by leaving it open with some loose curls and messy side bangs. This is the perfect summer hairstyle and will shine more under the sun.

Brown Wine Hair

brown wine hair

If you’re aiming for a stylish brown shade, this brown wine hair is the perfect style for you. This hairstyle includes dark reddish brunette hair with red hues and more brown shine. The end results are breathtaking and leave you with an absolutely stylish look. The best way to style this color is by curling your hair with a curling iron. The curls give you hair some depth and style. You can pull off this look for your next date night, and look romantic as ever. Use hair protectant to prevent your curls from opening up.

Red Balayage & Brown Chestnut

Red Balayage

If you’re looking for the perfect hair combo, look no more as this red balayage and brown chestnut hairstyle is the perfect hair color duo you will ever achieve. This hairstyle includes natural roots that slowly flow into a smooth Ombre and red and brown balayage done on the lower strands of the hair. This tone focuses more on the brown chestnut shade and is perfect t for all skin tones. You can style it by creating some soft curls below, and voila, you’re ready to hit your girl’s night out.

The Reddish Golden Brown Hair

The Reddish Golden Brown Hair

If you don’t want to go for a full bright red shade, this reddish-golden brown hour hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle includes a very blondish touch, which you will achieve through light red tones and hints of golden brown. This hairstyle has a very cool vibe to it due to its texture and lightness. Give your hair a wavy texture, and some blunt ends for a stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for the autumn.

Red Brown Highlights

red brown highlights

Are you looking for something unique in style? Look no more, as these red-brown highlights hairstyle will help you achieve all the uniqueness you want in your hair. This hairstyle includes a dark brown chocolate shade that slowly melts into a subtle cherry shade with the help of copper highlights. The highlights equally separate and give a two-toned look. The best way to showcase this fantastic style is by getting a long layered haircut and keeping your hair straight with a straightening iron. This hairstyle is perfect for the winters and will stylishly accompany you to all your Holiday festive and events.

Brown Brunette Hair with Red & Blonde Highlights

blonde red hair

If you have light brown brunette hair or plan on getting it, then you should definitely try upgrading it with some red and blonde highlights. This hairstyle includes a fun combo of strawberry and honey balayage on red and brown hair. These highlights help to really pop up your hair and give your hair that extra touch and depth. You will also notice a slight hint of pink hues, which makes this hairstyle so unique and exciting. Try out this marvelous hairstyle for the next summers, and give it some curls for a bouncy effect.

Chestnut Red

chestnut red

Chestnut Red is quite a common red-brown hair color, and till today many celebrities show off their Valentino outfits in this hairstyle. This color gives a very natural tone to your hair, which you can achieve through artificial coloring. This color focuses more on the browner shade with red undertones. The overall look is impressive, and you should absolutely get it for the upcoming winters. The best way to showcase this color is on long and straight hair.

Red Tint on Brown Hair

There are many fun ways you can achieve a red-brown hair color. One of the ,exciting ways you can achieve that is by trying out this red tint on brown hair hairstyle. This hairstyle is simple yet stylish. It includes a mixture of golden brown tones with copper and lighter red tones. This hairstyle focuses more on the brown and has a slight red tint, which is what makes this hairstyle so volumizer. The best way to show off this color is on short wavy hair with long bangs. The short style makes this hairstyle perfect for the summers. So get ready to start the summers in style.

Copper Brown

If you want to achieve a combination of red, brown, and copper, the best way to do is by trying out this copper brown hairstyle. This hairstyle includes copper brown all over with the help of royal red and brown tones. This hairstyle is perfect for the summers as the color tends to shine out more under the sun, leaving you with a stylish seamless look. The best way to showcase your copper brown hair is by making a fishtail with a small amount of hair and adding some hair accessories to it. This makes it the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Deep Brown Mahogany

This deep brown mahogany shade is one of the best ways to achieve a red-brown style. Mahogany is a shade that comes from the brown color palette and helps to achieve quite an extraordinary shade. If you want to brighten up the shade a bit, you can throw in some red hues to brighten it up as this color includes a very dark feature. The best way to showcase this fantastic color is on medium layered hair with some side-swept bangs.

Ombre Red Brown & Platinum Hair

If you’re looking for something glamorous and unique, this Ombre red-brown and platinum hairstyle is just the right way to achieve all the uniqueness and glamour you want in your hair. This hairstyle includes a unique red-brown Ombre mixed with some funky highlights. The roots include a red-brown that slowly transitions into platinum. You will also notice a hint of pink in your hair. You can style this in different ways from fishtails braids to a high ponytail, making it perfect for a music festival as the highlights and platinum blends with the joyous vibe. So get ready to flaunt this hairstyle at all the festivals in the summers.

Red Brown Caramel Ombre

brown red hair

If you’re looking for something bright and vibrant, this red-brown caramel Ombre hairstyle is the right style for you. This hairstyle includes a mixture of golden honey brown and copper tones. These tones help to add brightness and give shape to your hair. The caramel tone is the turning point of this hairstyle, which is what makes this hairstyle unique and stylish. The best way to style this is by getting some curls with the help of a curling iron and some edgy bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for the autumn, so get ready to get your style game on in the upcoming autumn season.

Auburn ft. Pale Turquoise

If you’re looking for an over the top hairstyle, this auburn ft. a pale turquoise hairstyle is one of the perfect ways to achieve an over the top look. It takes a lot of guts to try on this hairstyle; if you’re comfortable with using pastels on your hair, getting this hairstyle won’t be a difficult decision for you. This hairstyle includes auburn, which comes from the brown color palette and pale turquoise. Once you get the auburn shade, you can get turquoise highlights or just dye the underneath portion of your hair turquoise to get a two-tonal effect. Both these colors compliment each other really well and leave you with an exciting and stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for the summers, and you can showcase it in many different hairstyles like in a fish braid, high ponytail, or a messy bun style.

Red Brown Blonde Balayage

red brown hair

If you’re looking for a lighter version of the red-brown style, this red-brown blonde balayage is the perfect choice of hairstyle for you. This hairstyle includes a dramatic tone of copper that starts from the roots and gradually transitions into a warm honey blonde right at the tips. The honey blonde tips change the whole outlook of this hairstyle, making it more stylish and glamorous. You don’t have to try out any extraordinary styling for this color, as this color itself is so stylish. You can simply curl your hair and leave it open. This hair color combo will complement well on long wavy hair.

Red Brown Cherry Cola

If you’re looking for a style that is intense and dramatic, this red-brown cherry cola hairstyle is the perfect choice for your long luscious hair. This hairstyle focuses on the darker and deeper version of the red-brown style and includes some stylish cherry locks. You can never go too dark with this color. This hairstyle also includes some caramel highlights which give more depth and volume to the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the winters as it blends in well with the cold holiday season environment. So get ready to enter the winters in style.



Can I use blonde dye on my brown hair to brighten it up?

No, it is not recommendable to use blonde on any tones of brown. This may change the whole tone of your hair, and you may achieve something you wouldn’t want. Sometimes your hair would go into a red phase instead of brown, and then it becomes more difficult to brighten up the color. This case is prevalent and happens with most of the people who try applying blonde on brown hair.

What exactly is Auburn Hair?

Auburn is a hair color shade that lies in the reddish-brown color spectrum, focusing more on red tones. Auburn has shades that range from medium to dark and goes well with all types of skin tones. You can match the different shades of auburn with your eye and skin color in order to achieve the perfect combination. It compliments well on fairer skin tones compared to dark skin tones.

Is it Possible for my Brown Hair to Turn Red Naturally?

Yes, sometimes, you may notice your brown hair turning into Red. This is because you might have bleached your hair to lighten the shade. Whenever you bleach on brown hair, your hair results in an orangish-red shade. Sometimes this shade turns out to be incredibly stylish, but if you don’t like it, you should definitely stop bleaching your natural brown hair.

Is it possible for my Golden Brown Hair to have Red in it?

Yes, it is absolutely possible! Golden brown can have a  shade of red in it as warm brown hair colors mostly range from red browns to golden brown. Most of these shades derive from copper, gold, red tones. This helps to create a warm color in your hair, which most people try to achieve and go perfectly well with warm skin tones.

Can I use Light Brown Dye on my Dark Brown Hair?

Yes, you definitely can use light brown dye on dark brown. All you need is a high-level developer and use light ash brown shade for your base to prevent your hair from developing any reddish tones.

Final Words

With the help of these fantastic red-brown hair ideas mentioned above, you can now achieve the perfect sexy hairstyle. Carefully choose the right shade keeping your skin tone and hair texture in mind.

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