86 Plum Hair Hues for the Best Makeover Look

It’s Not Too Late to Get the Plum Hair You’ve Always Wanted

Purple can be a tricky color to wear but plum with its brown and gray tinges can be trickier. But, with the right color combinations, you can definitely pull it off. That also goes for plum hair and the perfect shade to go with your skin tone. However, because plum is both more vibrant and warmer than your typical purple hues, there’s a ready shade for any trendy girl or lady.

One of the best qualities of getting your hair dyed in plum is the way the color reflects the light.  The effect is mesmerizing and gives a very playful vibe. Additionally, plum can refresh a tired old bob like nobody’s business. It can even become a happy trigger to a whole makeover or lifestyle change. Lastly, plum is trendy and with the right hue, it will always be a symbol of freshness and adventure.

The Best Plum Hair Colors For A Trendier You

Bombshell Plum Hair In Platinum Balayage

Painted on platinum hues play up the vibrant colors of plum. Then, coupled with the soft bombshell waves, the style flatters with a sexy vibe that is perfect for women with long hair.


Prettify Plum Hair in Magenta and Silver Tones

Not a pure plum hair color, but it’s enough to bring the warm tones of plum. However, with the inclusion of magenta, the hair radiates with passionate red. Then with icy silver at the edges, the style is both a play of opposites that give a dramatic effect.

Edgy Eggplant Plays Up Plum Hair Tones

Eggplant hues give a different sheen to hair.

Dramatic Lilac Ombre Overtones

Just the perfect touch of lightness to your plum colors. Moreover, with the center parting and layers, both color and cut give a visual depth to the total look.

Plum and Burgundy Flavors

Leaning more to the red hues, this plum hair look gives a warm vibe. Perfect for long and short hair cuts.

Dazzling Plum and Violet Ombre

At first, we thought it wouldn’t work. But plum and violet work beautifully as you can see here.

Purple Highlights Plum Hair for an Easy Style

The purple highlights bring out icier tones, but the basic plum color holds the warm look together.

Plum Balayage with Ruby Red Hints

We love the interplay of purple and red tones that give a dramatic effect

Ombre Plum and Blonde Hair

The darker side of plum is brightened up with touches of honey blonde. Moreover, the brown hues bring out a warm tone that softens the dramatic purples. This is a great color if you want something different but do not want to be over-the-top. The soft curls complete the style.

Lovely Plum Curls for a Feminine Look

You can make plum color take a flirty and ultra-feminine look with soft curls that can gentle frame the face. For a tender vibe, ditch the other colors and go solid.

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plum hair

Icy Princess Blues for Beautiful Plum Hair

With plum’s warmer tone of brown, you can still go for the pretty frost and just let it go. Additionally, sleek long hair will go very well with the color shown here.

The Yin and Yang of Plum Hair

Same color, different shades—a marked difference and effect. You can get lighter or darker with plum and get different impressions. The lighter shade seems more feminine while the darker plum evokes castles and trapped heroines.

Plum in Subtle Ombre

Soft waves on ultra-long hair evoke romance and casual weekends rolled into one. Go easy on yourself with this self-made style.

Brunette Highlights Are Popular

Plum hair gives a warmer vibe because of the brown undertones. But with brunette highlights, the warmth comes center forward and becomes a more accessible color to wear. it’s no wonder the combination is quite popular.

Goddess Levels in Dramatic Tri-Color Ombre

With blue, plum, and flaming scarlet, the style needs a lot of swag to carry. Here is a dramatic look that expresses your inner goddess or almighty gurl.

Pixie Plum Hair

Plum is really a great color for short hair. It gives a stunning effect without overdoing it. Moreover, the combination is a perky and fun style that you would love to play with all the time.

Classic Plum Highlights on a Bob

Spice up an elegant bob with classic plum highlights. The color and the graduated bob both modernize what should be a standard look.

Magenta and Plum Balayage for an Urban Vibe

A one-length long hair cut gets a color makeover with plum and magenta. First, the colors add visual drama. Second, it makes an otherwise bland style look more interesting. And lastly, it gives a fresh and young vibe.

Look of the Year:

Ravishing Plum Bangs on Raven Locks

We just love the style immensely. It’s subtle with the styling but abundant in effect. Black hair with big but soft bombshell waves skims at just the right length. Then the plum bangs just draw the eye to maximize the stunning impression. Finally, the plum highlights go somewhere back to the sides and back for a complete color finish.

Mahogany and Plum Hair Lights

Make a double play with mahogany baby lights over plum partial balayage.

Knockout Plagenta

The perfect mix of plum and magenta makes a comeback every year. Just when you think you have seen the last of it, the hue comes out in varying shades of light or fark. But we are not complaining, we love the color.


Lovely Lavender for a Feminine Glow Up

If you want feminine and trendy, get a lovely shade of lavender for your long locks.

Be Fab! Plumage Done Right

We love this impressive ombre of all the beautiful hues of purple—from violet to purple, and then plum.

Partial Plum Balayage for Brunettes

If you’re tired of all the browns but not sure about the purple hue, then go for plum hair color. First, plum has brown undertones that will mix well with any shade of brunette. And here,


Frosted Plum Hair Tones

Plum hair isn’t easy to lend itself to icy tones since it’s basically a warm color. But with our two styles shown here, you can check out how you can pull the style together.

Subtle Touch

The plum baby lights are so subtle you would need to really look to see them. But the color adds depth to an otherwise silvery purple color.

Silver in Steel Gray

Two icy tones play well with the subtle plum low lights. Go for this choice if you already have the icy tones but want to add some variety or want to touch-up the look.

Crazy for Chocolate

Chocolate colors bring out the best of the plum highlights.

The Best Balayage Styles for Plum Hair

Stunning Cobalt and Plum Balayage

Plum highlights rivet the attention, the cobalt low lights bring a stunning color combo to make them look far more interesting than your usual balayage. The mocha touch-ups give added visual volume.

Balayage for a Chopped Medium Bob

A good way to improve a medium bob—chopped edges for a fresher look and plum for chillax color factor.

Brunette Goes with Plum and Lilac Baby Lights

Stellar Balayage in Galactic Purples

We love the total look of this balayage with all hues thrown in. This isn’t a subtle style, however, it is a great look for a total makeover.

Ashy Balayage for Lilac and Plum Hair


The Allure of Amethyst

Not a true plum, but close enough to be part of the purple family.















































































Punky Plum Hair

The ragged edges of this bob lend well to the deep plum hair color. It’s urban and fresh with just the right touch of being edgy.

Sexy Cherry Red Hair

If you are the more daring type, dress up your goddess locks in fire cherry red and then add plum baby lights. Just because.


Pump It Up with Partial Plum and Purple Balayage

Make your long dark tresses a tad more interesting with a playful combo of purple and plum.

Sophisticated in Wine and Plum Ombre

The interplay of wine red and plum gives a vibrant vibe which is then emphasized more by the curls.

Bridal Lilac for a Gorgeous You

Lilac evokes romance and weddings and here’s another lovely thought: plum lowlights to add some dramatic flair to your look.

Classic and Elegant Plum Hair

Even if you are ultra-conservative when it comes to hair colors, there’s a plum perfect for you.

Pretty in Pink, Purple, and Plum

A real ombre that is just color gorgeous. The hues don’t lend that well to all skin tones, but then, if you have the confidence, go for it.

Burgundy and Plum Lob

The long bob gets a perky makeover with the hues all making attention.

Luscious Layers in Raisin and Plum

There is nothing fruity about this seductive look. The layers are beautifully cut which highlights the deep hues of the purple family.

Casual Weekends with Plum Hair Knotted Up

Go easy on yourself with this relaxed style.

Charm with Coffee and Plum Hair

Lovely coffee waves that cascade down to plum edges that make the style pretty chic.

Pretty in Pink, Fuschia, and Plum

Real gurls love their pinks in the whole spectrum. From baby pink to the fascinating fuschia, you cannot go wrong with plum low lights to bring all the look together. Finally, sleek and shiny will also do fine for maximum impact.

Riveting Russet Curls with Plum Low Lights

Plum low lights bring out the ravishing deepness of these beautiful brown curls.

Stunning Ombre-Licious

Another run of the spectrum ombre, we love the mix and match of hues which adds depth and visual delight. The short length and the colors are good style options for those with baby fine hair or those who want to add hair volume.

Stunning Strawberry Blonde and Plum Hair Colors

The ribbon knotted on top may draw your attention, but you cannot deny that the strawberry blonde and plum balayage also make this a very noteworthy makeover option.

Easy in Plum

Nothing too fancy, but a sleek bob in plum is always a stylish concept.

Flirty in Plum and Mocha Highlights

Plum may belong to the purple family, but it’s definitely at home with all the browns. A flirty lob with layered come-hither layers will be a perfect look for a party, library, or your local Starbucks.

Casual Free Black and Plum Hair

We love our black sleek long hair and why not dress up those ebony locks with plum balayage. The color plays up to the cut’s edgy styling while remaining easy and worry-free. A great choice for busy women.


Let the Diva Loose in Magenta and Plum Perfection

A perfect combination for the diva in you—magenta and plum ombre which can suck all the attention in the room. The deep side part gives the style a perfect dramatic effect, while the luscious curls are red-carpet worthy/

Simply and SubtleBlack Plum Hair

The style is simple elegance made more beautiful by the subtle plum coloring. A great look if you want a glow-up but cannot be bothered a long session in the salon or in maintaining the look.

Knock Em’ Dead Urban Chic in Deep Plum

Check out the short and witty cut. Then go for deep plum with subtle sangria low lights.

Cocktail Reds and Plums

Sweet Asymmetrical Pixie in Black and Plum

Black hair is perfect with plum and here, the dyed bangs give the pixie cut an edgier vibe.

Gorgeous Eggplant and Plum Hair

Eggplant is a perfect mix of black and deep purple. However, the plum subtle highlights bring out warmer tones. If you want hair adventure but not yet sure how dramatic you want to be, go for this look the next time you visit your stylist and colorist.

FAQ: All You Wanted to Know About Plum Hair

What skin tones can wear plum hair?

Technically, everybody can wear a shade of purple. But fashion-wise, some skin tones or the skin’s natural complexion suit some shades better, plum included. First, plum is a warmer shade of purple because of the brown and red undertones. Thus, people with medium skin tone with warm undertones (You can check if you have green veins under your skin by looking at your pulse point) will wear plum shades better. People with darker skin can also carry the color quite well enough. The good news is that even if you have other skin tones such as if you are pale with cool undertones, you can still wear plum. Go for baby lights or a balayage with either lilac or lavender as the base color and then add plum highlights.

Is it true that plum color fades quickly?

Yes, but it’s not really because of the color per se but rather because purples hair dyes don’t really keep that well especially if your natural hair color is lighter. It will take 2 to 4 weeks before your plum hair color starts fading. To keep your plum hair sheen, keep your hair properly moisturized. We also suggest using a color protect shampoo and conditioner.

It’s awful, how do I get rid of my plum hair?

If you just had a dye job, go back to your colorist and have it changed. You have a 72-hour window where it’s easier to change or correct a bad hair dye. But the only way to get rid of lum hair is another dye job. If you don’t want that, then help accelerate the fading process by using a clarifying shampoo. Also, the more often you wash your hair, the faster the color will fade.

How do I get the plum hair if the color doesn’t stick to my hair?

If your hair is naturally darker or black than plum hair, you have to use bleach for your hair strands to retain the color. Otherwise, lighter hair has an easier time adopting the right shade of plum. If you are a brunette or your hair has brown undertones, go for a deeper shade to get the plum hair you have always wanted. Lastly, always consult your colorist.

I love my plum hair, what makeup goes well with it?

Darker hair color means more care when it comes to your makeup as the deep shades tend to bring out skin imperfections. We suggest more skin coverage and concealer-use. Because plum has warm undertones because of the reddish-brown hues, it will go well with most blush colors. Simply wear your usual and just adjust for dramatic effect or subtlely.







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