120 Lit and Edgy Shaved Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Remember when Natalie Dormer shaved half her head and everyone couldn’t stop talking about how edgy and sexy she looked? How about when Natalie Portman completely shaved her head for role in a movie and the entire planet simply went nuts? Yes, shaved hairstyles for women have come a long way since then. They are …

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Flat Top Fade
in Men

125 Flat Top Haircuts to Look Fabulous This Year

Born into the military world and made popular in the 1950s, flat top hairstyles are anything but boring. This classic hairstyle has upright hair on top of the head, and the sides are shaved or tapered short. This creates a boxy shaped top that is cool enough to transform your face cut. There are now …

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45+ Ways to Rock a Top Knot Bun! + Easy to-do Tutorials

If you want to make your day to day lives fashionable and comfortable, you can achieve both these things by trying out a top knot bun hairstyle. Topknot buns are one of the most carefree hairstyles you’ll ever come across and is perfect for those who hate any hair coming on their face. You can …

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in Color

125+ Red Brown Hair Ideas That Look Amazing

Why choose one color when you can choose two and get a mixture of different hues and shades? The red-brown hair duo has got to be one of the trendiest and versatile hairstyles out there. With this hair color duo, you get to achieve vibrant and multi-tonal color hair. This color doesn’t only light up …

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45 Flattering Undercut Fade Hairstyles for Men (and Women)

Men popularly wear the undercut fade hairstyle, but in recent years, women are also pulling off this hairstyle with class. Many female celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Scarlet Johansson, and Pink have flaunted this amazing hairstyle. Undercut fade hairstyles help you achieve an edgy and killer look. These hairstyles include shaved sides with long or medium …

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short-inverted bob

115+ Inverted Bob Hairstyles You Can Try For a New Look

If you’re a sucker for short hairstyles, especially bob cuts, then these inverted bob hairstyles will drive you crazy. Inverted bobs are a more cultivated version of the regular bob cuts. These hairstyles have a unique feature to it, which includes layered hair stacked at the back with slightly curved lines extending towards the front. …

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