110 Monroe Piercings that Will Unleash the Diva in You

As far as facial piercings go, Monroe piercings are quickly becoming some of the most popular and well loved choices among women and men alike. Named after Marilyn Monroe, the diva herself, these piercings signify the beauty mark the actress had on her upper lip. 

Since this trend has absolutely taken over Instagram, Pinterest, and beauty salons alike, we have decided to dedicated an entire piece to it. If you are interested in Monroe piercings, we have the scoop! A list of the best looks you can create, tips and tricks on how to care for these piercings, FAQs, pros and cons, how to remove a piercing, and much more! This is your one stop guide on Monroe piercings!


What Are Monroe Piercings?

This type of piercings is easy enough to understand. It was named after the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. She had a beauty mark, meaning a small mole, above her lip, on the left hand side. As a result, the piercing is intended to replicate this beauty mark.

Here is some important info you need to know – Monroe piercings are also called ‘the Crawford’ after 90s supermodel Cindy Crawford. The reason is that the beautiful model also has a beauty mark in the exact same spot. Therefore, if you ask for a Monroe or a Crawford, they are one and the same thing.

However, the Madonna is quite different, despite the fact that people often confuse the two types of piercings. Why? Because a Madonna piercing is also located on the upper lip, but on the right hand side. Therefore, be careful what you ask for when you go in to get your lip pierced!

Monroe piercings are technically lip piercings, but they are also considered to be facial piercings as well. As a result, if you are underage, you might need to ask permission from your parents or your school before you get one!

What Are Monroe Rings?

If you have decided to go for Monroe piercings, you will also need to choose the appropriate jewelry that goes with this style. That being said, Monroe piercings need to be done with Labret studs or Monroe rings. 

They have a very typical design in the sense that these little piercings have a flat black plate as well as an accessory on the other side. Evidently, the accessory is the part that goes on the outside of the lip. 

You have a lot of freedom of choosing what type of accessory you want, such as a small jewel, a ball, or a simple flat tip. However, most people go for a simple design so as to resemble Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark as much as possible.

Monroe Piercings – The Best Looks in 2020

We have compiled for you a list of the most beautiful and creative ways in which you can wear Monroe piercings in 2020. Unleash you inner diva!

The simple black stud

Here is the absolute simplest way you can wear a Monroe piercing. Not to mention that this is the closest you will ever be to the natural beauty mark the diva had on her upper lip. This Labret stud is comprised of a round and black ball that is most likely made of metal or plastic. For safety and health reason we recommend you get a metallic one.

Double Monroe piercings

If you want, and can handle the pain, of course, you can mirror your Monroe piercing. This means that you will also have to get another, similar stud on your lower lip, but on the opposite side. In this way, both corners of your mouth will have a beautiful diagonal frame. The reverse Monroe piercing can be smaller so as not to detract attention from the original one.

Nose piercings

This Monroe piercing comes with a nose pierce as well. This is a very classic 90s look that you will absolutely fall in love with. Small nose pierces were the height of fashion in the 90s. Scores of celebrities wore them, examples including Christina Aguilera, The Spice Girls, and Tupac. As you can see, the small, round nose pierce was not just for the ladies!

Now you can revive this trend and pair it with a Monroe Labret stud to make it even cooler!

Colorful Monroe piercings

If you want to keep things spicy, an interesting idea would be to get a colorful piece of jewelry for your facial piercing. For example, this model is wearing a small, round baby blue Labret stud that pairs perfectly well with her baby blue eyes. This is definitely an idea that you can copy! Just make sure your mom is alright with it!

Apart from that, if you are underage, we recommend that you check with your school first. Many educational institutions have a very strict policy against facial piercings of any kind. As a result, if you get a Monroe piercing without asking, you might not be allowed to wear it in public at all.

Piercings and nose hoops

One of the best things about this type of piercing is that it lends itself to a lot of creativity and versatility. In other words, being so small and elegant in nature allows you to pair the Monroe piercing with absolutely anything you want. It will fit like a glove!

For example, here is a model who has brilliantly combined her silver, round Monroe with a gorgeous nose hoop. Stemming from a vast Oriental tradition, this pairing will allow east and west to meet on your face.

How to Care for Monroe Piercings

It’s super important that you take Monroe piercings very seriously. This means that caring for the area where the piercing will go needs to be a top priority for you before and after the procedure. Here is what you need to do.

In the period prior to your appointment to get your piercing, brush your teeth several times a day to maintain proper hygiene. Don’t neglect your gums and tongue. The purpose of this exercise is to kill off the bacteria currently residing in your mouth so that you may ward off any possible infections when you get the piercing.

After you brush your teeth, use mouth wash for a proper cleaning. This is a procedure you need to get accustomed to because you will also be doing it after you get the piercing.

Always remember that Monroe piercings are located in a very tricky spot on the face, near the mouth. This means that they are incredibly prone to infections. As a result, you will have to pay special attention to it until it has healed.

Tip – your Monroe piercing might look like it has healed when you look at your skin from the outside. But on the inside there could still be traces of an infection. Keep an eye on it at all times!

What to do when caring for Monroe piercings

  • Always keep your mouth as clean as you possibly can by brushing regularly and using mouthwash.
  • It’s best to avoid any type of mouth activity that will put you into contact with another person while your piercing is healing. This includes kissing and sex. Any of these activities can introduce bacteria into your mouth. They can also move the piercing around or even pull it out and cause pain and bleeding.
  • Do not touch your piercing with your tongue or hands when you have just had it installed. This is a very easy way to contract an infection.
  • Please be aware that since Monroe piercings are located so close to your mouth, there is the possibility that they will get caught in your teeth. Therefor, exercise caution at all times.

Monroe Piercings FAQs – All You Need to Know!

Since this is such a beloved trend that everyone wants to try out, we know you have a lot of questions. So, we have compiled all of them right here.

  • How much do Monroe piercings cost?

Good news! Monroe piercings are not pricey at all. This is because they are not difficult or complicated to do. However, we do advise you to find a piercer who has a lot of experience and the right skills for the job. At the same time, our pro tip is that you buy a high quality labret stud made of silver or gold that will not cause you any problems. When you meet these requirements, a Monroe piercing should cost around $50.

  • Does a Monroe piercing hurt?

We are not going to lie to you. This is a facial piercing, so it’s not going to be a breeze. Not only that, but Monroe piercings are located around your mouth area where you have a large number of nerve endings. 

Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. This is the reason why we kiss and this is also the reason why babies love to put everything in their mouths. Because we can feel so much better with our lips thanks to the millions of nerve endings there. Therefore, punching a hole in your upper lip will not be a breeze. But you can take it, don’t worry!

  • How long does a Monroe piercing stay swollen?

If you have just gotten your Monroe piercings, it will stay swollen for about a week. Normally you should not feel any more pain and the swelling should go down after seven days. If that doesn’t happen, you should consult a doctor.

  • What helps a swollen Monroe piercing?

If you are experiencing external symptoms, meaning that the swelling you can see is on the outside of the lip, then you can do the following. Use a warm compress only on the outside of your piercing. This may, in some cases, alleviate the pain your are feeling, decrease the swelling to some extent, and event minimize your irritation if you are experiencing any.

However, if you have noticed any swelling on the inside of the lip or if the swelling, irritation, and pain do not subside after applying a warm compress, please see a doctor. Do not attempt to self medicate or treat your swelling with home made remedies!

  • What do I clean my Monroe piercings with?

Most piercing and tattoo artists recommend the following procedure for cleaning the area after a Monroe piercing. Dissolve a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt into eight ounces of water that you have previously heated.

Stir the salt until it has dissolved completely. Use the concoction to rinse your mouth for 15 seconds every time you have finished a meal or you have smoked. 

Tips – do not use mouth wash after you have had your Monroe piercings put in!

Do not use any other type of salt except for sea salt, which is organic and will not harm you.

  • What length is a Monroe piercing?

Most professional piercers agree that a standard Monroe piercing is 1/4″ , 5/16″ and 3/8″ long. It weighs 16 grams.

  • Do Monroe piercings leave a scar?

Yes, they do. When you decide it is time to remove your Monroe piercing, it will leave a tiny scar on your upper lip. This is common with all types of piercings.

  • Can you smoke with a Monroe piercing?

We do not advise you to smoke while the Monroe piercing is still healing. This is a very sensitive area which sits very close to your mouth. As a result, it can get infected fairly easily while it is still raw. However, when it has healed completely, you can resume your old habits. Although, we do not condone smoking!

  • Can you drink alcohol with a Monroe piercing?

We do not recommend that you drink any alcohol, cold drinks, or fizzy drinks while your piercings is still healing. Caffeine is not a good option either. These drinks can exacerbate the swelling and may even cause you pain. You can, however, drink your favorite beverages once the piercing has healed over.

  • What foods should I not eat with a piercing?

In the first few days after getting your piercing, you should stay away from salty, acidic, and spicy foods. They can burn your new pierce, cause it to swell up, and might be quite painful. You should avoid sticky foods as well, the likes of mashed potatoes or oatmeal as they will stick to the inside of your piercing.

Pros and Cons of Monroe Piercings

Yes, it looks really cool. And yes, everyone wants one. But does that mean that everyone should get one? Here are the pros and cons on Monroe piercings.


  • Perfect if you want to up your look without making too many changes.
  • They offer so many options to customize your everyday look so you don’t get bored.
  • You can opt for a very simple and cute style or for the full glam or bomb shell look.
  • It’s cheap and with the proper care can last you for a very long time.


  • Monroe piercings will leave a scar on your face. Apart from that, the bigger the ring you use, the larger the scar will be. If, at any point, you decide to take it out and never replace it with anything, you will have that scar visible on your face forever. This is a big commitment.
  • Facial piercings are not allowed in schools nor in many working environments. Please take that into account if you are trying to apply for college or a job.
  • Seeing as this is a facial piercing located so close to your mouth, it can get infected very easily if you do not take care of it all the time.

How to Remove Monroe Piercings

Normally, we always advise that you see a professional piercer to help you remove your pierce once you decide you are done with it. Most of them provide this service for free, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t let them handle it.

However, if you are keen on doing it yourself, here are some tips.

First brush your teeth and rinse your mouth using mouthwash. This will ensure you kill germs and bacteria located there.

Wash your hands using antibacterial soap so that you avoid reintroducing any germs into your mouth.

Use a cotton swab or your clean fingers to remove any residues or crust that you may see around the ring itself. 

Disengage the Monroe ring as gently as you can and pull the pieces away from your lip. 

Do not remove a pierce yourself if it is infected! Please consult a professional piercer or a doctor who can help you. 

Do not remove your pierce during the healing period if you are keen on keeping it. The hole will close very quickly and you won’t be able to put it back in yourself!

What do you think about Monroe piercings?

Inspired by the great diva herself, Monroe piercings are a fantastic way to make you look more like an icon of the 50s yourself. But in a rebellious, edgy way! How about a hairstyle to go with it? Check out our other posts! Let us know down in the comments if you have ever tried piercing your lip and how it all went!

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