115 Mohawk Fade Hairstyle Ideas

Mohawk fade hairstyles have a way of grabbing everyone’s attention, especially with the way its set. Men commonly wear Mohawk fades; however, even women slay this hairstyle – such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Mohawk fade basically includes shaved buzzed sides with spiked up hair on top. There are many different Mohawk fade hairstyles out there, and each of them has its unique style and beauty. To help you in choosing the perfect Mohawk fade hairstyle for you, mentioned below are some of the hottest Mohawk fade hairstyles.


Pixie Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade

If you don’t want to jump into getting a complete Mohawk directly, you can try out this pixie Mohawk fade, which includes a subtle Mohawk effect. For this hairstyle, you have to buzz shave both the lower sides of your head and leave the top section of your hair by setting it side-swept. It is best to get a pixie cut before you move on to buzzing the sides. The top part of your hair will look exactly like side-swept bangs, while the back of your head will also have a slight buzzed fade. Rock this hairstyle as your next summer look.

Feathered Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade women

The best part about Mohawk hairstyles is that they are so versatile, and you can do so much when it comes to spike styles. If you don’t like the classic spike style, you can try out this unique feathered Mohawk fade hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you must have a completely faded side-burn till the nape of your neck while your hair appears in a feathered style. For a feathered look, you will have to set your hair with lots of gel by setting the front in a pointy straight position. For an additional touch, you can add a light hair dye like rose gold, pink, or peach.

Tapered Mohawk Fade

The tapered Mohawk fade hairstyle is another subtle Mohawk fade style. If you want to go for something low-key yet stylish, this is just the right hairstyle for you. For achieving this hairstyle, you must get a light buzzed effect on both sides of your head with a big chunk of hair on top. To create a tapered style, you have to straighten your top hair and with gel set in a side-swept position by bringing it backward. This way, you can achieve the perfect tapered look. This hairstyle is perfect for a date night or girl’s night out.

The Playboy Spiked Mohawk Fade


There’s no harm in trying out the ideal boyish Mohawk fade hairstyle. Try out this cool playboy spike Mohawk fade and break the norm of how only a boy would look cool with this hairstyle. This hairstyle includes an undercut on both sides with high-end spikes in the middle. You can easily make these spikes with the help of proper gel. Try not to get too excited when it comes to spiking as sometimes too many spikes could ruin the look, especially if it’s your first time. You can also choose to keep the fade low or high according to your styling preference.

Micro Braid Mohawk Fade


Braids are one of the best ways to style any hairstyle and help you achieve a stylish and presentable look. This braided Mohawk fade hairstyle includes faded buzzed sides on each side of your head with a braiding style on top. You can use any braiding style for your top hair; the best style is micro braids. You can create a strand of the micro braid while allowing the rest of your hair to set over the braid showcasing only a bit of the braid.  Leave your back hair a  bit longer for a tail-like appearance. This is the perfect holiday hairstyle!

Curly Mohawk Fade

You don’t have to give up your curly hair in order to get a Mohawk fade hairstyle. Embrace your naturally curly hair in this curly Mohawk fade hairstyle. You need not under shave both sides of your hair fully for this hairstyle. Instead, your stylist can create the design by cutting the sides only. This way, you’ll achieve the classic Mohawk style with your curls; long from the front and the back. If you don’t have natural curls, you can use a curling iron. Make sure to use a setting spray to keep your curls intact.

Messed Up Mohawk Fade Style

This messed up Mohawk fade hairstyle is often seen worn by men. However, after Miley Cyrus killed this look on the red carpet, this hairstyle looks like an absolute killer on women. This hairstyle will require you to get a short haircut as it includes a fully under shaved look on both sides with hair on top. You have to set your hair in a messy way by creating spikes in different angles. You can easily set this with gel. If you want to slay your pantsuit outfit, this hairstyle is the perfect match for that.

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Natural Black Hair Mohawk Fade

Afro Mohawk fade hairstyles are one of the best Mohawk fade hairstyles. This hairstyle is best for all women with natural black hair. Afro hair contributes to the volume, which is perfect for any Mohawk hairstyle. The best way to get an afro style is by creating a full under shave on both sides with a straight line cut. The top of your head will include small afro hair curls. This hairstyle is one of the unique hairstyles and will help you to achieve a chic and glamorous look.

Designed Mohawk Fade

One of the most fun parts about getting a Mohawk fade is that you can bring your creative side into it. You can put in your creativity by trying out a designed Mohawk fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes creating differing designs on your shaved side. You can create anything from stars to heartbeats to even zig-zag designs. The designs help to upgrade your overall hairstyle and make you look stylish as hell. Try out this hairstyle for your next Coachella look.

Faded Mohawk with Highlights

fade hair women

If you’re fond of highlights, you can make some good use of it in your faded Mohawk hairstyle. Highlights are one of the best ways to upgrade your hairstyle and help you to achieve a funkier and trendy look. For this hairstyle, you have to get a faded Mohawk cut style with under shaved sides and hair on top. You can highlight the edges of your hair for more depth. Use bright colors like yellow, blue, or even red as these colors help to grab all the attention. So add some color to your hair and look trendy as ever.

Faded Fauxhawk

mohawk fade women

Fauxhawk is quite a fashionable look and blends well with a Mohawk fade style. This hairstyle includes a slight under shave on both sides of your head as well as the nape of your neck. The top part of your hair will be a bit fluffy with a few curls and a side-swept look in front. For an extra touch, you can dye your hair with a radiant color, such s burgundy, row, blonde. or any other color that will suit you. Slay this hairstyle and pull this off as your next winter look.

Bowl Cut Mohawk Fade

Try out this amazing bowl cut Mohawk fade hairstyle and look dashing as ever. Bowl cuts are kind of out of trend, but there’s no harm in bringing it back as it helps portray a very vibrant and fashionable look. For this hairstyle, you must shave both sides of your hair by keeping hair on top above your nape till your forehead. Bowl cuts have an amazing texture and give some depth to your hair. For a dramatic touch, you can dye your hair with an electric color such as pink, blue, or purple. This hairstyle is perfect for a music festival, so get ready to rock it.

Zig Zag Mohawk Fade

mohawk female

Get this unique zig zag Mohawk fade hairstyle and look stylish and chic as ever. This hairstyle has a very different feature to it, which is what makes it so stylish and unique. The zig zag design is definitely a unique feature. You can achieve this hairstyle by getting your top hair cut in a zig zag style over a bowl cut. Get your sides shaved as that will go along the bowl cut. The perfect fit for this hairstyle is some greyish Ombre highlights. The highlights will add some spark to this hairstyle. Only add highlights to the zig zagged hair, and there you have your unique Mohawk fade look.

Hedgehog Spikes Mohawk Fade

If you love to experiment with spikes, you should definitely try out this hedgehog spikes Mohawk fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes spikes as pointy as a hedgehog’s spine. For this hairstyle, you must get both sides of your head shaved and create some pointy spikes with the hair on top. You have to use lots and lots of good quality gel to achieve pointy firm spikes. This hairstyle helps you to slay a killer look and will go perfectly well with a matched pantsuit making you look smart and fierce as ever.

Voluminous Curls Mohawk Fade

If you’re fond of over the top hairstyles that add a lot of volume and depth, this voluminous curl Mohawk fade hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. If you have long hair and want to get a Mohawk fade look, you definitely can now. Get a slight under shave on both sides of your hair and style the top of your Mohawk into some luscious curls to achieve this look. The curls can flow all the way down below your neck nape. Remember to use lots of setting spray to keep your curls intact. Slay this hairstyle at the next wedding and look fabulous as ever.

Braided Mohawk Fade

Braids always have a way of adding a glamorous touch to your hair and make you look fashionable as ever. If you’re still figuring out what hairstyle to put on for your best friends or family member’s wedding, you can try out this Braided Mohawk fade hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you have to get the classic Mohawk fade hairstyle with both sides under shaved.

For your Mohawk, you can create a fully fleshed fishtail braid and pin it up in an Updo. You can try out any braiding technique for this hairstyle. So get ready to show off this glamorous hairstyle at the next wedding and look gorgeous and stylish as ever.

Soft Mohawk Fade Spikes

If you want to go for a cool-toned and subtle look, you should definitely try out this soft Mohawk fade hairstyle. This hairstyle requires you to get the classic Mohawk fade style with an undershave on both sides. Instead of getting an extravagant Mohawk with too many spikes, this hairstyle includes having a soft flow with a wavy effect. You don’t have to use as much of gel as you would for spikes. This hairstyle has a very feminine touch to it, and by adding some color, it would look even prettier and cool. This is the perfect hairstyle for the upcoming summers.

Buzz Mohawk Fade

If you’re going through one of those hair phases where you want to go bald, but you still don’t want to lose all your hair. You can overcome that by trying out this buzz Mohawk fade hairstyle. This hairstyle includes a full Mohawk Undershave on both sides, and there’s a bit of hair left on top, which acts as the Mohawk. This hairstyle looks more like a buzz cut, and t helps you make a bold style statement with an electrifying look. You can dye the top of your hair with electric colors, such as purple, pink, yellow, or blue, to make your hairstyle more visible.



What Is The Right Way To Style My Mohawk Fade Properly?

In order to achieve your hawk fade style properly, there are a few steps you have to follow to get the right hairstyle and look stylish as ever. First, remember to wash your hair before you begin styling as this way all the dirt and dust gets washed away without getting in the way of your hairstyle. Dry your hair properly with a hairdryer as wet or damp hair ruins the hairstyle and makes it difficult for you to create it.

Depending on whatever Mohawk style you’re making divide your hair. This is mostly for  braiding Mohawk fade styles. The key to achieving the perfect Mohawk is by setting it properly with a setting spray and use a decent amount of gel. Too much gel can sometimes ruin the look and your hair too.

What Is The Best Hair Type For A Mohawk Fade?

The best hair types for a Mohawk are natural straight hair and afro hair. Natural straight hair can help you achieve the subtle wavy effect even though they may not sit well and have a very little volume. However, you can always do that by using styling tools and hair gel.

Natural Afro hair is perfect for a Mohawk fade style as this type of hair sits comparatively well than other hair types due to its thickness and texture. You don’t even need to use too much of hair gel on natural black hair. All you have to do is shave your sides and you’re done.

Are Mohawks Only Worn By Men?

Mohawks have been very commonly worn by men and young boys, as there is a huge stigma attached to it. Since Mohawks have a very boyish touch to it, it has always seemed appropriate for boys to wear it. However, during recent years this stigma is slowly disappearing.

Thanks to the daring celebrities and other females who have gotten out of the house with a Mohawk style. So now, Mohawks are equally worn by women, and they look pretty stylish on the females, especially with so many feminine hawk fade styles.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these Mohawk fade hairstyle ideas, you can now achieve a killer and stylish look. Getting a Mohawk is not an easy thing as there’s a lot of thinking that goes into it. However, it’s nice sometimes to be daring and get an overall change, and in the fish world, change starts with the hair. So don’t waste time thinking and book that hair appointment ASAP! You will fall in love with the end results and realize how worth it is.

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