125 Crazy and Kooky Looks of the Minion Nails

The kooky little minions became popular when the Despicable Me movies started coming out and they have not lost their popularity. The best part about them is that they are the friendliest and cutest little criminals out there. They are impossible not to like and we can’t get enough of them. If you are looking for fun new nail art then you have come to the right place. These designs are sweet and there are so many options to choose from.

When people get nail art done, they usually like to go with the latest trends. Minion designs have never gone out of style so you can be sure that you are going to get plenty of compliments with this style. These styles will make you popular with your friends and everyone will be asking you where you got them. These are statement pieces so if that’s what you are looking for then we have plenty of styles for you to choose from. Check out these cool and kooky Minion nail designs and make all your friends jealous.

Add Some Fresh Color

Who says that Minions have to be yellow and blue? They don’t. Pick any color that you see fit and run with it. It will make you unique and different in the end.


The Purple Bad Guys

These crazy characters are just as fun as the minions and if you want to be part of the wild side, then maybe these guys are the right ones for you. The bright purple is perfect for the summer so rock it while you can.

The Funny Faces of Minions

One of the greatest parts of the Minions is that they have some really silly faces. You can have a different face on each nail if you choose. Experiment with the options and see how much fun you can have.

Your Favorite Characters

These simple designs are cute and kooky. You can choose your favorite characters and allow their faces to shine on your nails. These are some fun designs that really show off the character’s personalities.

The Accent Nail

There are some people that like having Minions on every nail while others want something to accent their nails. Either way, these styles are awesome. We love the bright blue and the one Minion really pops.

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Classic Designs

If you are looking for a style that is less kooky and more classy, then this is the look for you. It’s likely an airbrush design because the characters look like a perfect portrait. They are only on two nails as well which means they are only there as accents.

Sweet and Cute Styles

These fun designs are perfect for the summer months. Adding these characters in your life is sure to put a smile on your face every time that you look at them.


Bubblegum Styles

Another great style that you can try with different shades of nails. You don’t have to always have the same designs.

Sweet and Precious Styles

Another cute look that you are sure to love. In this case, the accent nails are the stripes.

That Kooky and Curious Character

One nail on your set is all that you need. We love these styles because you can use any color and use the one nail to represent

Dots and Characters

There are a ton of elements that you can add to the Minion look. Maybe it’s stripes that you want or dots or just a mix of characters. The sky is the limit on your choices.

The French Tip Nail

This is a cool look and different from most. If you’re looking for something that is outside the box, them why not try a multi-colored French tip style. There is one lone Minion in this style and one that you are sure to love. Try it out for yourself to see how you like this cool style.

Bold and Googly Eyes

These characters are full of googly eyes and the more the better we say. It’s a cool design that has all your favorite characters so how could you not love it.

Multiple Characters

The Minions can be combined with other characters from the movie. It’s a fun way to express your love for multiple characters.

Multi-colored Tips

A stunning style that has cool tips on it. If you want a simple style, you can’t go wrong with this one.

How To Make A Minion Design

You can certainly go to the salon to get this art done if you want to but these designs are easily created at home. If you are looking for detailed airbrush designs, you will have to get them done in a salon but it is possible to do these simple designs at home.

Try A Simple Start

You might think that these minions are hard to create but that’s not the case at all. It can be really easy to create if you want one. If this is the first time that you are doing it, we would suggest that you go with one of the simpler options. Start with the white, blue and yellow colors. There are even Minion stickers that you can use to make the process easier.

There aren’t too many people in the world that don’t just adore these minions even the wild minions. They may have a language barrier but we can’t help but smile every time that we see them. If you have kids, they are sure to love these designs and as we said they are easy enough to do at home. We can’t seem to help to love them.

It is possible to do this nail art at home so don’t fret. You can even do the art with your kids if you want.

Here are the items that you will need for the art:

Base coat

Top coat

Blue nail polish

Yellow nail polish

White nail polish

Black nail polish

Dotting tool

Start With The Base

You want to start the design by applying the base coat on your nails. It’s the best way to protect the health of your nails. Once the base coat is on, you can paint the nails yellow. Right away you are going to start feeling like the minions are alive already. If you want thick coverage, try using 2-3 coats of paint.

 Create The Blue Line

You may want to paint the blue line on the tip of your nail. If you want something to remind you of what you need to do think of the French manicure and you can create a thicker line. It doesn’t need to be perfect as long as it’s not messy.

For the top portion of your nail, you want to draw two rectangular shapes on each side. It is thinner and shorter than the blue line you did. You should apply 2-3 coats of the black nail polish to bring about clarity to the design.

Creating The Eye

You can start to see your Minion take creation right before your eyes. The idea of the Minion design is starting to take form right before your eyes. You want to now add a circle using the gray nail polish in between the black lines that you created. This is going to be the base you will use for the eye of your Minion. Once applied, let it dry.

It’s Time For The Smile

When it comes to nail art, it’s all about the details. You want to be able to create a Minion design that has a lot of details. That’s how you are able to make the character come to life. You want to start with creating a smile and you will do this with black nail polish.

Use Details of the Eye

Your gray circle should be dry by now and you can work on a smaller circle on top of it. You will use white nail polish and once applied you will also wait until it dries. You are going to add the pupil on top of this. You can do that by using the smallest dotting tool you have and create a small circle in the middle.

Use The Top Coat

You are going to protect your beautiful Minion art by applying a colorless topcoat to your design. It will also allow your design to have a glossy finish which will make it stand out even more. Once you are done with the topcoat, you are officially done!

Don’t you just love Minion nail art?

Classically Blue

This is a polished design that is really well done. The blue nails are requisite and you don’t see any mistakes on them. The Minion itself is crafted in detail and to perfection. You really can’t go wrong with this design.

Get Some Nail Brush Designs

Nail brush designs became popular because it was a way to get the nail art you wanted without waiting for your nails to dry. Nail designs are cool as you can see my the Minion designs, you are dying to get some for yourself. The one downside to getting traditional art is that you have to wait for the polish to dry before the design can be placed on it. If you went to a salon, you could wait up to an hour for your polish to dry before a nail artist would apply your design but that wasn’t the case after nail brush designs came around. It solved the need for creative designs without having to wait for the nail polish design.

Stencils are another option and you can probably get Minion nail stencils online. There are thousands of designs so finding Minions should be easy.

There are many different methods like paper, plastic and self-adhesive designs. You can order them and apply the stencils right on top of your nail. Then you just add a topcoat.


Some Simple Tips For Healthy Nails:

When it comes to nails, you want them to be healthy so that your Minion design will always look good. There are easy ways that you can keep your nails as healthy as possible.

  1. Keep Your nails clean and dry
  2. When you trim your nails, cut the nails straight across. You can use clippers or nail scissors. The best thing that you can do is round out the nails slightly to keep the tips at maximum strength.
  3. Keep nails free of snags by using an emery board.
  4. If you are a nail biter you want to stop biting them and refrain from removing the cuticle as that is used to protect your nails as well. You can also cause damage by doing these things.
  5. Don’t use your nails to open things even if you want to open a pop can.
  6. Trim your nails regularly, if you keep them short you can minimize the risk of injury or trauma to them.

Thanksgiving Designs

These cute designs are for the Thanksgiving season and you can probably find some other seasons that you can celebrate. We love the little bananas that you can add to your style as well.

Multiple Elements

A great look that has different elements all through it. We love the stripes, the skull and the Minions all together.


These are fun designs that are sure to make you happy. There are tons of designs that you can try out. You can create them at home or go to a salon to get the work done. Add some elements to the design to make them your own, such as bananas which we know Minions absolutely love. You can also add stripes, tips, hearts or even dots, whatever fits your personality best.

You can try to create a design that has many different colors to it, you don’t have to stick to the colors that the original design has in it. Be creative and do something that speaks to your own personality. We would love to know what your favorite designs are, so feel free to leave it in the comments.

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