110 Low Bun Hair That Really Works | With Easy-to-Follow Tutorials

The low bun hair is the lazy weekender’s answer to casual elegance. It’s easy to do and easy to maintain as you putter around the house, enjoy poached eggs over brunch, or do your weekly shopping. Better yet, the look gives the urban chic vibe that makes it at home at work or over cocktails. Moreover, in the days of casual and down-to-earth weddings and events, the low bun has crossed over to become chic enough even for formal socialization.

Classic Low Bun Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. First, detangle hair with a hairbrush. If you want volume, then blow-dry your hair.
  2. Loosely tie hair in a low-lying ponytail.
  3. Then, make a gap, also called a placket, right at the top of your the elastic, just big enough for your ponytail to fit.
  4. Next, flip your ponytail and pull into the gap and loosely pull the ends. Some people call this the topsy tail. However, don’t pull too tightly; you would want to add volume to the bun.
  5. You can also secure the resulting knot with bob pins if your hair starts slipping.
  6. Next, wrap the ponytail around for a classic chignon look or you can braid your hair before wrapping it around the knot.
  7. Finally, tuck the edges of the braid underneath the bun. Secure with hairpins and then set with hairspray.

The Best Low Bun Hair Looks You’ll Ever Need

The Classic Look

A go-to look when you’re in a hurry or when desiring a no-frills look. The classic braided low bun is effortless and casual without looking drab. Messy yes, but not messed up.

Simple, Sleek, and Easy

Relax into your bridal weekend with sleek low bun hair. The style is simple, elegant, and ultimately carefree and fun.

Classic Chignon

Warm blonde hair gets the chic cool look with an expert chignon.

All the Right Low Bun hair Styles

The low bun is a flexible style that can easily take you from “bad hair day solution” to weekend fun to smart chic.

The low bun also gives a polished look that is great for evenings.

You can also be stylish and spice up the bun.

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Weekend Casual

Low bun hair makes for a great bridal look because it’s easy to maintain, from wedding to a freewheeling reception. It can also go from polished to flirty and fun with just a few hair strands such as the style we are showcasing here.

Classic Low Bun for Short Hair

If your hair is on the shorter side, you can create this low bun hair by tucking the ends of your ponytail into the knot without wrapping the tail around the bun.

Sophisticated Simplicity of Low Bun Hair

What we love most about the low bun is how you can have the most sophisticated look with the simplest and easiest effort. To get the sleek look perfectly, don’t forget to brush your hair back and add a little hair product like gel or a settling foam. 

The Classic Low Bun Hair

Sleeked back and wrapped around the area where it is tied, this is the classic chignon low bun.

Sleek and Chic Balayage

A sleek updo that can take you anywhere from client calls to cocktails without missing a beat. What we love about the look is the simple balayage that fits the warm chocolate tones with sleek black hair.

Perfect Classic Chignon

Perfection comes in the simplest of forms and it is timeless.

Knot Perfect

Sleek can also be casual, it’s all in how you style the low bun.

Chopped Bangs for a Classic

How do you update a classic? Chopped bangs are trendy and give a fresh vibe to any look.


Updating the Low Bun Hair

Casual Low Bun Hair

If you have less than 5 minutes to make the classic low bun, then go for this relaxed and casual look. It’s loose enough to be comfortable and tight enough to hold the bun.

Gather, Tie, and Tuck

Simple ponytail? The twice-tied ponytail takes a fresh look with artfully loosened fringes that beautifully frames the face.

Knots Landing

Instead of a discreet pony flip wrap-around, you can opt for a low knot. First, secure your hair into a ponytail and then knot the tail. Next, secure with bobby pins.


Untucked Low Bun Hair

The style really works for people who have thicker and longer hair and don’t want to have a bigger bun lying down their heads. Instead of tucking the ends of your ponytail, let it hang down your back. You still get a clean fresh look that a low bun gives without the bouffant.

Two Ponytail Low Bun

Separate hair into 2 sections, an upper ponytail, and a lower ponytail.  Flip both tails and then tie together before tucking the ends into the resulting bun.


The Perfect “I do” Braided Low Bun Hair

Bridal hair isn’t the be-all and end-all of weddings, but there are moments that capture all the beauty that we associate with love and that includes a perfectly coiffed bride.

Big Braid Highlight

A single mega braid can add height and visual line to your hair. If your hair is in the thinner side but is quite long, use this style.


Beautiful Bridal Side Braid Low Bun Hair

Take 3 big sections of your hair and loosely braid before tying, loosely again, just at the nape. Then, simply wrap the braid loosely securing with bob pins. Secure the ends under the bun with more hairpins. This classic bridal hair comes with a spring of flower or pearl pins. Loosen a section or two of hair with a finger to form a fringe that can frame your face.

Back Half Crown Braided Low Bun Hair

Anther bridal style that you can use for that very special day. The braid will hold your hair in place and with rnough hairpins, your style will hold even after the Choo-choo train dance during the reception.


Stylish Side Braids

Braided Crown

A braid crowns the head with a hair and then styled to create a sleek bun.

A Romantic Braided Mess

Hair is artfully messed up by loosening strands to create a halo effect that frames the bride’s face.

Romantic Loose Side Braid

Whether you use a waterfall or traditional 3-strand braid, what matters is the soft and loose braiding that ends in a low-lying bun. If you’re out on a date, walking down the aisle, or simply desiring a more alluring effect, loosen a strand or two to frame the face.  low bun hair

Radiant in Braided Low Bun Hair

A beautifully sleek and braided low bun completes the bridal look—fresh, stunning, and elegant.

Stylish Crown Halo

Wear a halo braid and have the ends tucked underneath a low-lying bun. For the polished look, finish everything with jeweled hair combs or pearl hair pins.



Big Hair, Low Buns

Blonde Bouffant

Gently backcombing your hair and then finger combing it before tying it into a bun will get you this high-volume bouffant style. Use a volumizer to keep the height without weighing down the style.

Luxurious Bridal Bouffant

If you are blessed with luxurious long hair, then try this beautiful bouffant low bun hair style that has all the classic elements—simple, elegant, and stunning.


Blonde Goddess

A good brushing will help you get this sleek and polished look.

Romance in a Big Way


Double Braids, Double Blonde, Double the Fun

Why have only one braid, when you can have two? Or make it two lob buns please, with a side helping of flirty fun.

Double Ladder Braids

A blonde balayage gets a fun twisty turn with this double-braided low bun style. It still gives the boho vibe with the romantic appeal of waterfall and fishtail braids. The messy bun pulls the look together for something chic, feminine, and uniquely you.

Double Buns are Twice the Fun

Make for a center back braid, and then separate hair into 2 ponytails before creating your flipping tail. Then, tuck the ends for this whimsical style.

Double Braided Bridal Delight

A perfect wedding hairstyle that has visual drama, height, and volume plus a fresh take on a classic low bun hair style.

Elegant Twists

Whether you are a bride or just going through your daily routine, a twist of the hair is enough to create true glamour.

Appealing to the Senses

You can achieve this bridal look by sectioning your hair into 2 before lightly twisting each section before gathering them into a low ponytail. Remember to tie loosely before creating the flip.

Side Twist for Volume

Make a center parting and then twist both sections loosely before tying into a ponytail. Then create 2 ponytails and flip both and secure loosely with hairpins to create this multi-dimensional look.

One-Sided Low Bun Hair

First, make a deep side part and then twist the larger section to create an asymmetrical look. To complete the style, create the knot on the other side, creating a slanting visual line.

Blonde Ambition gets warm with honey blonde balayage pulled into loose twists before gathering into a low bun.

In the Mood for a Lovely Low Bun Hair

Separate the hair into different sections. Twist the sides loosely while doing a flip ponytail at the middle section of your head, before gathering everything into a loose low bun.


Eye-Catching Ombre

An ombre hair color is eye-catching enough, especially the style we are showcasing with its warm blonde and brown tones. The perfect low bun hair knots the look to perfection.


A Charming Lock Makes It Lovely

A curled lock of hair hanging loosely to frame your face can go a million in style mileage. Sometimes, simpler is better.

Pink Balayage Gets an Elegant Twist

Even with something trendy as pink hair can get a modern chic vibe. How? A simple polished low bun style sans the messiness. A loose strand or two pulls the elegance into this beautiful side of romance.


Braided In Style Low Bun Hair

A Knotted Bun

Gather hair into one loose ponytail and then braid. Next, flip the braid in the center gap you have created just at the top of the elastic. Set with hairspray before wrapping the braid around the resulting bun. Spray again with product after securing with pins.


Fancy Fishtail Low Bun Hair

Create a side fishtail braid and secure the bun just slightly off-center for this refreshing and unique take on a staid braid and a classic low bun.

Braided Ash Blonde Low Bun Hair

Ash blonde hair becomes more elegant tied into this classic bun. What makes this look different? The twin braids soften the impressions and create a truly romantic feel.

Flat Twist in a Low Bun Hair Style

Flat twists are trendy, but go bigger with style by tying your twists into a low bun. You get a perfect protective style with big pluses for chic and uniqueness. It’s also a good style if you have short hair.

Center Braids

Flaming Low Bun Hair

Create fashion sparks with scarlet hair all ablaze in a braided low bun.

High Style in Braids

Go for random-sized braids, but tie them all up in a perfect low-lying bun.



Loose and Fancy-Free Low Bun Hair

If you are looking for a total romantic look, create the windswept style that evokes Wuthering Heights. Loosely braided hair is tied into a messy bun, complete with artfully pulled hair strands. Use a rattail comb and set with a light hairspray so your hair stays put but still able to give the airy vibe.

Romantic Braid

The Art of Messy Hair

It’s all in the brushwork and n the fingers. Don’t forget to spritz on a volumizing hair product if your hair is on the thinner side.

Carefree Low Bun Hair

All you really need is an elastic or anything that can tie up your hair. Combs are optional.

The Allure of Loose Hair

A true windswept look with hair strands here and there. It’s an eye-catching style that evokes romantic in-the-moment style, but it takes a lot of styling sense to create the look.

Loose and Fancy-Free

First, loosely tie a section of the hair a bit higher than where you would usually place a low bun. Then, gather the rest of your hair and create the ponytail flip as you would usually do. Finally, artfully loosen a strand or two using your finger to achieve the bohemian vibe.

Fresh Looks for Low Bun Hair

Flexible and stylish, you can go all feminine and romantic even if you’re not a bride. All you need is hairspray and fashion sense.

You Can Always Go Low

Move your bun lower to your head to create this youngish fresh style. The loose strands make the look a lot hipper than usual.

Simple Low Bun for Layered Hair

The trick is in gathering and then tying the hair higher than usual and combing your layers into the head before setting with hair spray.


Fancy Low Bun Hair

Create elaborate styles for your low bun by sectioning the ponytail and then creating twists and turns. Secure with hairpins and hair spray.


Flirty Bangs

Loose bangs gently framing the face always give a feminine and flirty vibe to any look.

It’s All in The Knot

Simpler is better, but you can always go a bit more daring with how you tuck and knot your hair bun.

Accessorize to the Max

Dressing up a low bun doesn’t really take much, sometimes all you need is a signature hair accessory that will do all the talking.

A Touch of Black

Black tie gets a different but still elegant meaning with this polished look.

Tiara Perfect

Bring glamour back with this simply elegant tiara hairpin that complements both the dress and the wearer.

A Touch of Floral and Lace

Chic Hair Cuffs

Elaborate Braided Low Bun Hair

First, hair is set with big curlers before loosely braided and tied into mini plackets that will give the volume and the visual drama without using hair extensions. The ponytail is loosely tied and you have the option to keep it hanging freely or tucked into the bun. Pearly hairpins add the bridal atmosphere. Complete with a comb tiara, fresh flowers, or more pearly hairpins tucked into the bun.

Making Low Bun Hair Big with Chic

If you have thin hair, fret not, you can have the bouffant look au naturel. Here, we added volume by blowdrying the hair and then loosely finger-coming before tying into a loose bun. Lift up sections of the hair gently using your finger which can add visual dimension. A little backcombing before tucking the edges of the ponytail won’t hurt either.


How to Make Thin Hair Get the Big Low Bun Style

Separating your hair into sections will give your hair the volume it needs for a low bun that gives a more than elaborate style. The trick here is not to pull the hair too tightly and to use an elastic that can secure the hair without tying it too firmly. We also suggest “plumping” the hair by slipping your fingers between the scalp and your hair and then gently lifting the hair to give it volume.

Low Bun Hair Styling FAQs

I love the low bun but my hair keeps unraveling even with hairpins, what should I do?

First, always remember to set the hair with hard gold hairspray after you are done tucking and pinning the ends. Also, try using U pins or longer bobby pins to secure the bun.  If you are opting for the loose look, a finger is enough to gently loosen the hair. Then set the hair again with hairspray. We also suggest not adding anything else into the bun that could weigh it down and cause it to unravel. If you want to accessorize, slip your hair accessories to the side of your hair or just outside the knot. You can also use a decorative hair stick.

How can I add some volume for my thin hair when tying a low bun?

Don’t shampoo your hair. As a matter of fact, do up your hair a day after shampooing and blow-dry before creating the low bun.  Also, section your hair into two instead of 1 ponytail to add volume to the look and use a side parting. First, leave off the front section of the side part and then your hair how you would usually do. However, before tucking the ends of the first ponytail, backcomb the ponytail to create volume. Wrap and tuck, and don’t forget to use hairspray. Then gather the remaining sectioned hair you left off and wrap it around the low bun you have already created. Lastly, secure with hairpins and set with hairspray. We also recommend tying the hair into 2 loose braids, one on each side, to create the look of volume.

How do I get a cute look from the low bun hairstyle?

Bangs, bangs, and bangs! Chopped bangs can give you a modern make-over, or messy face-framing bangs can soften a chignon. You can also use cute hair accessories such as hair sticks with cute designs.

What hair accessories can I use for my low bun hair? And don’t say floral sprigs.

Okay, we get it, not everybody is made for flowers and lace. Hair sticks pins, hair combs, decorative bobby pins, wooden hairpins, and coraline hair clips (named after the children’s story eponymous heroine) are just some of the fancier hair accessories you can use to dress up the low bun. You can also try out bumpit hairpins and combs to add volume to your hair.

I have short hair but I want the look, what should I do?

As long as you can tie your hair and still have enough for a ponytail, you’re still in business for a low bun. Blow-dry hair to create volume, and then finger comb everything n place. Then, tie your hair in a ponytail and divide the hair unto 2 just above the elastic. Now here’s where you differ from the classic low bun. flip the hair and push through the gap, however, don’t pull the ENTIRE ponytail through. Just pull enough to get some bun in there. The edges which you didn’t pull through will also serve as a volumizer for the bun and tuck it securely before finishing everything with hairpins and hairspray.


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