65 Holographic Nails That Will Get Your Head Spinning

If you’ve been on Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube for at least five minutes lately, then you are surely aware there is a new nail trend in town. We are talking of course about holographic nails. But here’s the catch when it comes to holographic nails. Most photos that you see online can’t even do this new trend justice. That’s how beautiful it is! 

And do you want to know something else that is incredibly cool about holographic nails? They are also ridiculously easy to do at home by yourself. This means that if you are anything like us, and you don’t exactly have the necessary skill set to do your own manicure at home, you don’t have enough time, or you simply don’t have the budget to visit a professional nail salon every other week then rejoice because you are in luck. Holographic nails are so easy to do at home that you will want to start doing them as soon as possible. 

Here is where we take a look at the coolest designs in the world of holographic nails as well as some tips and tricks on how to get the best manicure you possibly can right in the comfort of your living room. 


What Are Holographic Nails? 

The holographic nails trend essentially emerged back in 2015 or 2016. It came right in time to replace the metallics trend. Remember? In the mid 2010s the world was simply in love with metallics. Everything that we wore, the makeup that we used, as well as the nail polish that we applied so bravely was essentially mettalic. But then another trend came on to replace our beloved metallics. We call that holographic nails. 

But what are holographic nails? The holographic nail color stems from your typical nail polish. The only difference is that a special pigment has been added to traditional nail polish. This special pigment comprises reflective particles that are so tiny you can’t even see them. In fact, we can even call them microscopic. These particles are what gives the newly formed nail polish the sheen that makes it holographic. 

As a result, after you put on your favorite nail polish as a base coat, this new trend asks you to layer some holographic pigment. You can use a special brush made for the application of pigment. Or if you don’t have this type of special brush you can just use one of your makeup applicators that we are sure you already have in your makeup kit. Make sure to brush off the extra pigment. On top of this powder pigment put a layer of sealing gel. The purpose of this sealing gel is to protect the holographic powder and to make it even shinier if that’s possible. When you’re done, congratulations! You have holographic nails! 

Celebrities Who Adore Holographic Nails 

As mentioned previously, holographic nails became an international trend back in 2015 or 2016 when model Gigi Hadid decided to wear this look with her Met Gala outfit. Her manicure is reported to have costed $2000 and it consisted of a set of holographic metallic chrome nails. Needless to say, as usual with holographic nails they looked far better in person then they did on Instagram. 

Afterward many youtubers and influencers decided to jump on the bandwagon and embrace the holographic nails trend. As a result, blogger and beauty guru Huda Kattan has also posted pictures of her holographic nails look on her Instagram page. She wore an amazing set of ballerina nails painted in a fantastic rose gold color. 

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Holographic Nails 

Holographic nails might be one of the easiest nail trends you can do at home by yourself. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on your technique. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the perfect set of nails every single time. 

  • Use the correct nail polish as your base coat 

This tip doesn’t refer to the color that you want to use. You can use whichever color you want depending on your personal preferences, the look you are trying to achieve, on the aesthetic that is most attractive to you, or on or the event you will be attending.  

However, the correct nail polish means that you need to use the appropriate formula that will work best with the holographic nail powder you will be layering on top of this base coat. When doing your own holographic nails at home you should always use a hard gel color or a gel nail polish as a base coat. They will provide the perfect structure to build your holographic nails on top of. 

  • Choose a high quality top coat 

When it comes to holographic nails the top coat is just as important as the base coat. In other words, you should always use a tack free top coat. No wipe is allowed here. And here is an important piece of information. There are some hard color gels on the market which you can buy. If you use them as your base coat when doing your holographic nails, they will dry without any tacky layer residue. Since there is no tacky layer left behind this means you will not need to apply a top coat. 

  • The more pigment the better 

This is without a doubt the most important tip that we can give you. It comes in reference to the holographic powder in itself. When doing your nails at home you should always choose the most pigmented holographic powder you can find. Not only that, but the holographic powder should also be very finely milled. Only a holographic powder that is highly pigmented and super finely milled will manage to have the effect that you are looking for. Which means to say shiny like a mirror or a piece of metal. 

This type of powder is called pigment and it is usually sold in small containers or jars. You will only be able to buy it one color at a time and the containers only weigh 1 gram. This might seem like a bit of a hassle to you but trust us it will be worth it. And here’s another piece of info – the small jar of pigment won’t last long but these will be the best manicures you will ever have. Your Instagram feed will thank you! 

  • Always wipe away the excess powder 

After you have applied your holographic powder during the middle step of this process make sure to wipe off the excess. You have no use for it. You can use a brush, a special applicator or even a soft cloth to achieve this step. 

  • Don’t forget about the top coat 

Applying a top gel coat over your pigment or holographic powder is essential as it will prevent your holographic nails from cracking. If you don’t apply the clear top gel coat, cracking will happen in only a few days.

The Best Holographic Nails Designs You Can Wear this Season 

One of the most important reasons why holographic nails have not only become such a beloved trend but also remained one of the most important trends of the past half decade is the fact that they are incredibly versatile. 

Holographic nails are extremely easy to do at home but they also present a fantastic versatility which allows you to create any type of design or try out any color or combination of shapes that you want. That being said let’s take a look at some of the best ideas you can wear this year when it comes to holographic nails. 

White holographic nails 

Your Instagram feed or Pinterest boards might be flooded with examples of colorful holographic nails. But if you feel like you are not able to wear those designs at work or at school, don’t worry. We got you covered. 

White holographic nails are incredibly beautiful. When applying holographic powder over a simple white gel base coat the result is mesmerizing to watch. Your nails will acquire a mother of pearl sheen that is difficult to match. 

As a result, you can wear this set of nails to work or at school knowing that they will comply with the dress code. But that they also have a bit of glamour to them that will make you happy looking at them.

Black and nude holographic nails  

This nail design is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding, a party, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or your birthday. Of course you can wear these nails everyday if you want to feel special. But we recommend that you save the design for a special occasion simply because it’s so intricate and complex.  

These are stiletto nails to which a series of nail art designs and effects have been applied. At the base of the nail you can see a layer of chrome or metallic nail polish in a silver shade. 

The medium portion of the nail has been painted in a matte nude beige shade that has a very cold undertone. This cold nude beige goes extremely well with the silver chrome. Not only that but the tip of the stiletto nails has been painted black to create the perfect frame for these two cold colors that are combining.

Bling holographic nails 

If you’re in love with the bling as well as holographic nails this is definitely the design for you. Extra long stiletto nails provide the perfect canvas for adding as much bling as possible to your new manicure. We recommend rhinestones and fake pearls. However if you have the budget for it why not make like Gigi Hadid and get a set up holographic nails that costs a few thousand dollars? 

This example includes holographic powder and pigment, traditional nail polish in white and mother of pearl pink, rhinestones, fake gemstones, silver chrome nail polish and as much glitter as you can possibly fit on this superb set of nails.

Mermaid holographic nails 

We’re pretty sure that if the holographic nails trend existed under the sea where Ariel lived, this is the type off aesthetic she would have absolutely adored. Or at least this is what we like to think. There is no way of knowing because, let’s face it, she’s a cartoon character. 

But if you are like us and you are huge fans of the little mermaid and life under the sea, then you will love this set of holographic nails as well. The color is a mesmerizing turquoise blue. It has a gorgeous pearl sheen thanks to the holographic powder that has been added on top of the gel nail polish base coat. The shape of the nails is a classic stiletto one that allows for a lot of room for nail art. 

The nail on the ring finger is shaped like a seashell. But the interesting thing is that it still retains the stiletto shape. Therefore, it doesn’t ruin the overall aesthetic. As you can see, at the base of the seashell nail there are a few rhinestone applications. They add a touch of luxury to this intricate design. Amazing! 

Coffin holographic nails 

What happens when you mix two of the most beloved trends in the world of nail art in the past decade? You get one of the best manicures you’ve ever had in your entire life. But what are these two nail trends we are referring to? 

First you have holographic nails, of course. They are exemplified here in a beautiful pearly white pink color. And second of all you have coffin nails. The latter trend refers to the shape of the nails as opposed to the color. Coffin nails are named thus because the shape of the acrylic nail resembles, you guessed it, a coffin. This means that the nails are extra long, that they taper towards the tip and the top is flat. 

Combining these two trends will surely make for an interesting and fresh set of nails that will get everyone around you excited. 

Dragon design holographic nails 

Are you a fan of dragons? Who isn’t? If so, this is the holographic nails design that will make you feel like a Game of Thrones character. The shape of the nails is not important here. Because what’s important is the colour and, of course, the nail art. 

As far as the shade of the of the nail polish goes, this is a dual chrome gel base coat. The two colors that you can see here are green and purple. Since this is a dual chrome nail polish it means that both shades will be found in the same bottle.  

The other thing that’s interesting about this nail design is the fact that the ring finger has been treated to a dragon scale design. Despite the fact that it looks intricate and complicated it will be far easier to do at home by yourself than you might think. All you need to do is practice a little beforehand. Use a white classic nail polish and an orange stick to draw the dragon scales on your nail. You can also use black or gold nail polish if you want your “dragon” to look a little fancier.

Mint green neon holographic nails 

If dragons are not your thing but you are into fantasy and creative nail art, we have an interesting design for you. How do you feel about channeling Wicked? These stiletto nails have such a wild yet beautiful design that reminds us of the wicked witch of the West. But they also remind us of the enchanted land of Oz and its beautiful Emerald City. 

So let’s break them down. As far as the shape of the nails is concerned they are classic stiletto nails in a medium length. When it comes to the color, the base coat is mint green. On top of the gel base coat you should add a pigment powder that will create the holographic effect. If you can, try to find the same mint shade of pigment as your mint gel base coat. On top of the pigment powder, layer your clear top coat which will protect it and keep it from cracking. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this wicked nail design is the fact that it also has a few chrome or metallic lines running across the stiletto nails. You can create these lines using the same shades of nail polish only in a chrome finish.

Clear holographic nails 

Are clear holographic nails a thing? Yes, of course they are. And they look quite spectacular. Here is a fantastic example which showcases a set of magnificent coffin nails that are clear but to which some holographic powder or pigment has been added. The process is quite simple. The nails are fake which means they are made of acrylic. The process of creating the holographic nails has skipped the step of adding the gel nail polish base coat. 

What about you?  

Let us know in the comment section below if you are a fan of holographic nails and if you are planning on trying this trend at home any time soon. If so, what are your favorite colors or pigments to use when you create holographic nails? 

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