150 Coolest Boy’s Haircuts to Rock This Year

With school starting again, it’s the perfect time to get a new style for your son. There are so many cool styles available out there now so that choosing a haircut for your child is easy and simple. That’s what you are looking for right? There are so many different hair types that finding a style can be difficult at times. But it shouldn’t be. Whether your child is a toddler or a young boy, you will find a haircut here that you will love. You might find that your child even has an opinion of his hair himself. Style usually comes at a young age and he may have seen some styles that he is interested in.

We have a ton of trendy and cool hairstyles that your boy will love. We have long and short hairstyles for boys and styles that will suit boys with hair of any texture. There are spiked styles, faded styles, mohawks, curls, side parts, combovers and faux hawks. The sky is the limit for what you can do here.

It might be hard to nail down one style and that’s totally understandable. You might want to try out multiple styles and a lot of these cuts can be used for multiple looks, that way you can change up the style whenever you want. There are styles that can be used for casual school days while others can be used for fancy events or special occasions. If you start looking now, you will have the style you need before school starts. Check out these cool and stylish looks for your boy this year.

Casual Looks

Styles like this are pretty simple and that’s why a lot of parents like them. They require no styling or hair products. If you are someone who doesn’t want to have to deal with styling your son’s hair, then this is a great look for your child.

Layered Looks

Another simple look but this one has a little more style to it. That’s because there are layers in the style which make it look more choppy.

School Photos

What an adorable photo of a cute boy in school. He has naturally curly hair so if you want more control over the style, then going short is the best option for you.

The side part is a popular look for boys right now. If your son prefers to have longish hair, then this is the look for him.

Cute Styles

Another great look for the parent who wants a cute style but doesn’t want to have to style it every morning.



Caucasian boy smiling

The Bieber Style

Justin Bieber made this style popular a long time ago but it’s still going strong. This is a style that will take some product but it doesn’t take a lot of work to make it look casual. It’s one of those looks that is meant to look casual even though it does take some styling to make it look this way.


A Slick Back Style

This is a pretty slick style that is one of a kind. If you have a child that likes the finer things, then this badass style is just the look for him. The sides are shaved to the skin and the top is left long. The hair is then slicked back to achieve this look. It will require a product like gel or pomade to get this look.

Amazing Styles

Another great look like the one above. We see it more from the side in this photo and it’s a pretty great look.

Faux Hawk Styles

This style is really popular, especially with small kids. It’s the kind of look that is fun to play with and it also is cool for your son. It’s not a real mohawk which means the sides aren’t shaved. They are just kept short and styled upwards to achieve that mohawk look.  If you want to have that cool mohawk style without shaving your child’s hair, then this is the style for you.

Faded Styles

A short style like this I the kind of look you can get your child if he wants to show off his personality. This is a style where the sides are shaved and even though the top is not long, it still suits it well. The side can have a design shaved into it so this is where your son can show off his personality. He can have anything you want shaved into the side. It can be a simple line like this or an elaborate design. Just makes sure your artist knows what they are doing first.

Shorter Looks

A cool look like this is sure to make your child happy. Just make sure he’s up for styling it because he will need to.

Forward Facing

A short look like this is a fun style that can be styled in many different ways. The hair is long enough that it can be styled upwards back or in this case, the hair is pushed forward to achieve this style.

The Combover Style

A style like this is quite cool and sleek. It’s a combover look that is truly one of a kind. The sides are short while the long hair is slicked over to one side. This is not the combover that your grandfather used to wear, it’s got a modern edge to it now.


Not All Kids Like Haircuts

It’s not unusual for kids to not be happy about getting a haircut. It definitely depends on how old they are and they usually grow out of it. But until then, there are some things that you can do to make your child more comfortable with getting a haircut. These are genitive-based or sensory-based suggestions that usually help with the environment that your child is in. If you can manipulate the environment in some way, you might have more of a success with your child actually enjoying getting a haircut.

Not all the suggestions will work for your child but some of them will. It depends on the personality of the child. But we are confident that you will be able to use a few of these strategies to help your child get through the process of having his hair cut. These at the very least will help to open your eyes to help your child enjoy their haircut a little more.

What You Can Do Before The Haircut:

Try Role Playing With Your Child

If your child is young enough role-playing might be the right way to go. Just like you would role play going to the doctor, you can role-play getting a haircut. You can either do it on each other or use dolls, but the more comfortable your child gets with the idea of getting a haircut, the better off you will be. You can use your fingers as the play scissors and this will make your child less scared.

Be Careful With The Words You Use

There might be certain words that you are using that could make your kid scared. Sometimes we say things without even realizing we are saying them. Maybe using the word “cut” isn’t the best way of saying you’re getting a haircut. You may also not realize that they fear scissors because you have been telling them for years that scissors aren’t safe to play with. These are things to keep in mind when you are talking with your child. It’s best to say phrases like “get handsome hair” “get a stylish new do” or “get a trim” so that they won’t have anything to fear.

Social Stories Are A Good Idea

Social stories are kind of like examples. You can tell your child social stories of other times you or someone you know got a haircut. The more that your child hears stories like this, the more normal getting a haircut will sound to them.

Tell Stories About Haircuts

There are lots of books out there that help children to get through things that they find scary. Haircuts is another avenue where you can find books that will show your child that there is nothing to be scared of. One particular book is called “It’s Haircut Time! How One Little Boy Overcame His Fear of Haircut Day.”

Watch Some Videos

Sometimes the reason kids are scared of getting a haircut is that they don’t know what to expect or they had a bad experience before. You can prepare your child for the haircut by having him watch YouTube videos of kids getting haircuts. You can even let them watch videos of siblings, or friends getting a haircut. By seeing a haircut happening, it takes away the fear or mystery behind the act of getting a haircut. It also allows them to see it as many times as they want to feel comfortable.

Get Special Clippers

If you go to a specific salon and you know them well, they might be okay with you using clippers of your own if there is a reason for it. There are clippers called The Calming Clippers tat are specially designed to be quiet so that your kids aren’t freaked out by the noise. Parents of autistic children or child that are sensitive to sound have been known to use these products.

Bring Your Child To See A Haircut

The next time that you go to get a haircut or someone you know gets a haircut, bring your child with you so that they can see someone they know getting a haircut without any issue.

Go To The Salon Before Your Appointment

It would be a good idea to take your child to the salon ahead of time so that he can get used to the salon as well as the hairstylist. If this is the first time at a particular salon, you want to make sure that your child is comfortable with everyone. If he meets the stylist ahead of time, he will start seeing that person as a friend instead of someone that could hurt him. Getting him familiar with the salon ahead of time is the key to making sure that he has the right experience. You should always look for a child-friendly salon because they already know how to deal with children who might not like haircuts.

Meet The Hairdresser Ahead of Time

Again, as we said a child going to a stranger for a haircut could make the situation worse than it needs to be. But if you allow your child to meet the hairdresser ahead of time, then you allow your child to feel more comfortable. The child will see the person as someone that they know instead of someone who could hurt them with scissors. If your child is particularly sensitive it would also be a good time to let your stylist know about this.

Schedule A Time When Your Child Is Calm

You know your child better than anyone which means you know what time they are likely to be cranky, hungry, or need a nap. You also know when they are most calm and happy so pick a time when you think your child would be in the best mood possible for the haircut. It also wouldn’t hurt to find a time where the salon isn’t that busy.

Find Someone To Do The Haircut At Your Home

Maybe you have a friend that cuts hair or you know a hairstylist that comes to your home. If your child hates getting haircuts, this might be a good option for you. Getting someone to come to your home might be the best bet for your child because it will eliminate the anxiety and feelings of embarrassment that can come from getting a haircut. If you can get the haircut done in your own home, make sure your child knows about the appointment ahead of time. It’s never good to surprise a child with something like this even if you are having a friend do the haircut. Obviously, you should also choose someone that your child is comfortable with.

Buzz Cuts Might Be Best

If getting a haircut freaks your child out, then maybe it’s best to abandon the idea of getting a haircut that involves scissors. You might want to consider the idea that a buzzed style is best. Kids are usually less afraid of clippers than scissors.

What To Do During The Haircut:

Bring Your Own Cape

The goal is to make the environment as comfortable as possible for your child. So, if you can bring a cape that the child already likes or which has a favorite character on it, you might be ending half the battle. Some kids might freak out just by having a strange cape put on them, so this is how you can help yourself and your child.

Have Your Child Wear A Zip-Up Top Or A Button-Up Top

You might wonder why this is necessary and here’s the thing, some kids have sensory issues that can cause meltdowns during a haircut. After a haircut there us all those little hairs that can get stuck in the shirt and be annoying to the child. If you have a shirt that can be taken off, then problem solved. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting itchy and annoyed from the hairs and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable for them.

Bring A Weighted Blanket

This is almost genius because it’s a small, simple thing that you can do to instantly calm your child. You can put the blanket on the child and it works as a calming effect for the child. You can put it on the child up to the appointment and during the haircut.

Allow Your Child To Sit On Your Lap

This will depend on how old your child is because it would be a sight to see if you had your twelve-year-old on your lap but for young kids, this might work. Hopefully, as your child gets older you won’t have issues with taking them to the stylist. For young kids, sitting on your lap might provide the comfort that they need to get through the haircut. Of course, this has to be okay with the hairstylist. Another option to consider is allowing the child to face you while on your lap. The eye contact will provide comfort while allowing the hairstylist to have the best access possible.

Get A Mini Massage

Some hairstylists have been known to massage the scalp if necessary and some offer it as an additional service. Either you or your stylist can provide deep pressure like a massage to the scalp before the haircut. This is a great way to calm anyone down before the haircut. This helps because it’s a way to get rid of the sensor response to the skin.

Start A Calming Sequence With Your Child

There are things that you can set up with your child before the haircut that can calm them down. Engage with your child a certain sequence that he is comfortable with and see if that’s something that will put your child at ease. Some sequences that you can try with your child are hand squeezes, use a fidget spinner, deep breathing or even using a calming phrase.

Use Visual Aids During The Haircut

If you can use visual aids with your child beforehand, then your child will know what to expect during the haircut. Imagine having visual aids that go through this sequence: sit in a chair, put your cape on, spray the hair to make it wet, clippers or scissors, hairdryer, cape off, haircut finished, prize. These are all images that you can bring with you so that the child knows at what point things will end. By looking at the images your child will know at what point he is at during the process.

Get Something To Cover The Noise

Some kids can’t stand the sound of the clippers and that makes the experience unbearable for them. If this is your child you might be able to get earplugs or earbuds that they can use that has calming music in it.

Allow Your Child To Bring Something

Distraction can be the best thing that you can do for your child. This is something that you will have to check with the stylist that they are okay with this. Some might not be happy with a child looking at something during a haircut because their head will move. Some items you can allow them to take are a toy, video or book. A stylist will usually be okay with this because as long as the child is distracted, the haircut can progress.

Bring A Snack to the Salon

Allow a snack during the haircut just make sure that you bring something that doesn’t make a mess. Goldfish crackers and granola bars are always a great choice, fruit cups are not always the best choice because they could spill. Talk to the stylist to make sure they know that the goal is to have the haircut over once the snack is gone.

Allow Them To Look In The Mirror

Sometimes just being able to see themselves in the mirror can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes the scariest part is not knowing what’s happening or being able to see what’s happening. If you can allow your child to see what’s happening it might alleviate any anxiety going on. It is up to you however because you know your child best. Some children might get freaked out by seeing everything happening so you have to make the decision based on your child and how you know they will react.

Try Using A Timer

If you tell your child that the haircut will be over in ten minutes and you have a timer set, they will know that once the timer goes off, they are done. You can also have music playing o the timer as well. But just make sure that the haircut is actually over by the time the timer goes off or you could end up with a very upset child.

Fade Looks

This fade style is a very popular one right now. The top is long and loose, a style that is badass in every way. Teens are loving this look right now because it’s stylish and easy to put together.

Clean and Crisp

Another great style that is unique and cool. This is an easy look to style which is probably what you are looking for. It’s super short which means you won’t need any product because it will lay flat on its own. The sides are shaved and the top is long.

A Royal Haircut

If you want your son to be a Prince then why not take inspiration from the young Prince himself. It’s not too short and it’s not too long. It’s a look that won’t take a lot of time to style but it’s cute and gives your son a handsome look. It’s one that is proper and not too modern. If you are looking for a style that is traditional, then this is the one for you.

Cool Designs

A look like this is simple and sweet. The hairstyle is all the same length and in this case, it’s a little messy. When the hair is this length you can style it in many different ways. The style is modern and edgy, a look that is one of a kind. This style can be held in spikes or slicked back because of the length of the hair. Or you can leave it down and messy to give him a casual look.

The Popular Boy In School

This style reminds us of the kind of style that the cool kid in class used to wear. It’s a simple style that doesn’t take a lot of fuss but it’s still stylish enough for your son to be able to show off his own personal style.

A Sweet Style

A look like this is cool and collected. A style that can be messy one minute and classy another. Leaving the top long will allow you to style it in a combover, slick it back and even style it in a mohawk. By trying out this style here, you have a lot of versatility to your look. Your child could essentially try out a different style every day.

Long and Stylish

Not all kids want to have their hair short, others want to be a bit more daring when it comes to their hairstyle. We love these loose and natural curls and it’s best just to let them run wild. With a style like this, all you would really need is to get an occasional trim once it’s grown to the length that you want.

A Clean Cut Style

If you or your son are looking for a more clean-cut look, then this might be just the one for you. It will require some styling and you will need to use some product in order to get it to stay in place. It’s the perfect look to go back to school with.

Casual And Loose

it’s a messy style that is really popular because a lot of boys don’t want to have to deal with styling their hair. It looks casual and messy but it’s actually a modern, stylish look. It’s a long that is going to make your boy feel really cool.

Traditional Styles

Another traditional style that is casual and cool. This has been a style that has been popular for many years and it has never gone out of style. You can trust that this is a no-nonsense style that your boy can wear for many years. It’s also low-maintenance so there is;t a lot of styling involved with this look.

Portrait of redhead teenage boy against window. Close-up of male student is standing in high school building. He is wearing casual clothing.

Curly Styles

A curly style like this is a fresh and cool look. The sides are quite short but they aren’t shaved at all. The top is longer than most but it allows your child to embrace the curls that they have. You don’t have to cut them short, you could allow them to be free with this cool style.

Bold and Curly

We just love this style because it’s so adorable. It’s curly and long and allows your child to embrace their natural style. It’s a cool look that allows your child to embrace the hair that they are born with. There isn’t any need to style it in any way either, you can just let them loose. Obviously the longer the curls are, it allows them to get a bit wilder but this length seems perfect to keep them under control. We love this cute look and you will too. Once it’s the length that you want all it will require is a trim.

All Around Buzz

This style is simple because it’s low-maintenance. It’s practically the same length all the way around except it’s a little shorter on top which gives it  a great look.


We know how much you love your child and you always want the best for him. We hope you found a cool style that your child will love. whether your child is a toddler or a young boy, he will find something here that he is sure to love. We would love to hear about what styles you love the most.

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