95 Celebrity Fringe Hairstyles for a Makeover in 2021

Every single girl out there has tried and tested fringe hairstyles at least once in her life. Whether you had them as a little girl, a rebellious teen or a stylish grownup fashionista, bangs have definitely been on your list at some point. As they should be. Fringe hairstyles are universal and they have a huge history behind them that proves just that. 

One of the main reasons for this fascination is that our favorite celebrities always wear the absolute coolest sets of bangs we’ve ever seen. Therefore, that’s what makes us want to try them as well. In this piece, we’ve decided to get a little more in depth in the world of celebrities and their bangs, show you how to wear them, style them, the pros and cons of having bangs, and everything in between.


The Best Fringe Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

It can be very tempting simply to scroll through your Instagram feed and choose some of your favorite celebrity fringe hairstyles. However, the golden rule you must always remember is that if it looks good on them, that doesn’t mean it will also work for everyone else. Bangs can be tricky to pull off. Therefore, the best way to go about it is to choose a style that matches your face shape. Here are some more details.

  • Fringe hairstyles for a round face

Remember that, when it comes to bangs, it’s all about the illusion they create on your face. Yes, they are a cute hairstyle, but they can also make or break your entire look. Therefore, choose with caution. 

It is true that most girls with round faces tend to stay away from bangs because they believe fringe hairstyles will only make their faces look plumper. That’s wrong. All you have to do is choose the right style for you. 

Hairstylists advise that, if you have a round face, you should go for side-swept bangs that are very thickly cut and which extend as they reach the middle of your cheek. What will this do for your face? They will lengthen your hair in an angular way but they will also define the hollow of your cheeks. Any other fringe hairstyles would accentuate the roundness of your chin, and that’s not something you want.

  • Fringe hairstyles for a heart face

The thing you need to be in charge of here if you have a heart-shaped face is its width as opposed to its length. What the fringe hairstyle needs to correct is the long angles. Therefore, you will need a set of bangs that elongates your face, so that you can balance the width of your forehead and cheekbones. The best fringe hairstyles for you are wispy bangs. They are super light and airy so that they attract attention to your forehead. At the same time, wispy bangs are very fun and easy to style.

  • Fringe hairstyles for long faces

Usually long faces are not easy to style or dress with a hairdo. However, if your own face is shaped like this and you want a set of bangs, you should consider yourself lucky. That’s because bangs were simply made for long faces. That’s why you can just get a simple, classic set.

That means a very traditional style that will just sweep in a straight line across your forehead. You can have the bangs stop where your eyebrows begin or just a little bit above that line. 

The reason why this works so well is because it balances your face. Keeping a straight line of bangs right at this level will attract the eye of the onlooker to focus on your own eyes and center of the face instead of your chin. Not to mention that you will be adding some width to your face that will balance out the length. 


  • Fringe hairstyles for oval faces

Do you have an oval face? Then you have been truly blessed because oval faces are traditionally considered to be the most beautiful as well as the most well-balanced of all. When it comes to bangs, you can literally try any type of fringe hairstyles you want, because your oval face is versatile enough to support them all. 

Therefore, it’s entirely up to you, your personality, and how adventurous you are. For example, if you like taking risks and being a bit of a rebel, you can try baby bangs. They’re not for everyone, of course, but they will look great on you. If you don’t, and you’re the classic type, go for simple, traditional bangs. 

  • Fringe hairstyles for square faces

As you probably already know, square faces have everything to do with angles. Hence the name, square. But this is also what you need to keep in mind when selecting your fringe hairstyles. You will need one capable of softening your sharp angles a bit. But the fringe should also be capable of drawing the eye away from your jawline, possibly your most prominent feature.

As a result, professional hairstylists advise you to go for a set of very thick bangs that softy graze your eyebrows. They will be able to match your jawline and give the onlooker something else to focus the eye on. 

When you’re in the mood for a change or for something a bit more retro and romantic, you can even split those heavy bangs in two. They can be side swept or even become a set of curtain bangs on each side. 

The Pros and Cons of Having Bangs

If you’ve never had bangs before, you must have surely thought at least once how cool it would be to get a set. Or how lovely fringe hairstyles really look. But bangs can be quite a handful, especially when you’re a newbie. Therefore, to make matters easier for you, here are some pros and cons. 


  • Bangs are great as a coverup if you want to hide something on the top part of your head. Let’s say you have pimples or acne on your forehead, a receding hairline, or that your eyebrows might have seen better days. You can easily use fringe hairstyles to cover all that up.
  • Fringe hairstyles allow you to grow out your eyebrows. If you got a bad eyebrow job at the salon, if you tweezed them wrong yourself at home or if you’re simply not happy with their shape, this is the simplest way to grow them out. Cover them up with your bangs and allow them to grow at will.


  • Bangs represent a small thing you can do to your hair for a dramatic change. This means that in a matter of minutes, you can change your whole look by just getting bangs. No fuss, no wasted time, and no money spent on lavish hours at the salon.
  • They are super trendy. Yes, the most beautiful divas in Hollywood are sporting bangs right now. Just think about Emma Watson and her iconic set of baby bangs or Bella Hadid and her vixen fringe hairstyles. Even Ariana Grande got a set of bangs back when she was sporting that platinum wig. The conclusion is that bangs are in and you should definitely jump on this trend!
  • Bangs can make any old hairstyle look a lot more interesting in just a few seconds. A ponytail or a simple bun is only that. But when you have a heavy set of bangs a la Brigitte Bardot, you suddenly become a sexy diva that can’t stop taking selfies. Bangs make everything better!






  • You cannot cut or maintain your bangs at home. Please do not even try it! The reason why it was important for us to mention this point is this. YouTube and the internet in general is absolutely filled with failed videos of girls attempting to cut their own bangs with kitchen scissors and ending up with a mess. Just watch Brad Mondo react to a bunch of these and you will understand. You can only get fringe hairstyles at a professional salon!
  • Bangs are incredibly difficult to maintain. And when we say ‘incredibly’ we mean it. You will have to style and possibly wash your bangs every single day just to get them back in shape. Other then that, fringe hairstyles require you to see your stylist every two to three weeks for a touch up. 
  • You may develop breakouts because of your bangs, especially in summer. Some girls who have sensitive skin cannot wear bangs because the heat and humidity under the curtain of hair causes the skin on their forehead to erupt. If that’s your case as well, you will have to change your skin care routine or give up bangs altogether.









  • It’s super easy to get bangs, but very difficult to quite them. Like most good things in life. In other words, when you decide you’ve had enough and want to change your looks, you will have to grow out your fringe hairstyles. However, there will always be that period of a few months to one year where you hair will be in between.
  • Bangs get greasier much faster than the rest of your hair. Partially because the hair is shorter and the sebum from your scalp spreads a lot quicker on the length of the strands. But also because you touch it all the time to rearrange it. Therefore, be prepared to wash your bangs every single day.






The Best Fringe Hairstyles to Use as Inspiration

Let’s take a look at some of the best, coolest, but also most inspirational celebrity fringe hairstyles you can use if you want to give yourself a makeover this year.

Cheryl Fringe Hairstyles

British singer Cheryl Cole can be a major source of inspiration if you’re planning on getting bangs. The singing bombshell has been wearing bangs as long as we can remember and, frankly we cannot picture her any other way. Fringe hairstyles are just part of her look. 

Cheryl usually opts for a 60s inspired hairstyle that is very voluminous on all sides, including the front, where she has the bangs. The singer adores curtain bangs that reach just between her eyelid and her eyebrow but that elongate as they descend toward her cheeks. If you have the same face type as Cheryl or if she’s just your style guru, ask your stylist to give you this haircut.

Lena Dunham Classic Fringe Hairstyles

How do you transform a very simple and classic fringe hairstyle into a look worthy of the red carpet? Just ask Lena Dunham. While walking said red carpet for a special event, Lena sported a very simple high ponytail and flaunted her good girl bangs. This is a very typical hairstyle that you can see in any high school around the country.

But the key is in the details here. Lena accessorized her high ponytail with a large, silver headband which immediately draws the eye to her hair. Not only that, but she went for an out of the box look makeup wise. All she is wearing around the eyes is a neon pink and sparkling eye shadow. No mascara or eyeliner. 

This just goes to show that fringe hairstyles, no matter how simple and classic they are, can serve as the perfect canvas even for a red carpet look, as long as you know how to style them.

Ariana Grande Platinum Bangs

Yes, it’s difficult to imagine Ariana Grande without her iconic ponytail. But she did go through a phase in her career when she went completely platinum and ditched the ponytail almost completely. Although in the spirit of fairness, we have to tell you that it was most likely a wig and not her real hair. Therefore, if you have been trying at home and not been getting the same results or are thinking of getting long, sleek, platinum hair, please keep this in mind.

The same goes, evidently, for Ariana’s set of bangs. She sported a pair of very wispy baby bangs. However, since they were part of the wig, they were not real either. Still, this doesn’t mean she didn’t look absolutely amazing. In fact, platinum Ariana is, probably, one of her most beautiful looks of all time. Just as her baby bangs. Which you can totally get as long as you find a skilled and experienced hair stylist!

Elizabeth Olsen Fringe Hairstyles

Actress Elizabeth Olsen opted for a set of wispy bangs. They were very common in the 90s but this gorgeous Hollywood diva has found a way to make them glamorous again. How? Nothing simpler. Elizabeth has paired them with a beautiful set of beach waves. You might recognize this hairstyle as being one most preferred by supermodels since the 2000s.

When you combine the two, fringe hairstyles and beach waves, you get the best of both worlds. A fresh and girly look that you can wear anywhere – from the red carpet to the supermarket or the beach. This is truly a haircut you can copy!

Lily James Bangs

We’re pretty sure that when you’re Cinderella you can pull off any hairstyle you want. And actress Lily James is here to prove just that. Here she is wearing a set of thick bangs that end right above her eyebrow line. The hairstyle in itself is a long and messy bob with just a touch of beach waves in it.

One of the things we love the most about Lily James’ fringe hairstyles is the color. This is a honey blonde in a solid block of color without any highlights. It just has darker roots that are caramel brown. The shade suits her pale complexion as well as her coffee brown eyes. This just goes to show that when you have the right hairstyle and hair color, you don’t even need that much makeup!

Camilla Cabello Fringe Hairstyles

We could not have possibly talked about celebrity fringe hairstyles and not include one of the most famous modern sets of bangs in the 2010s. Camilla Cabello’s hairstyle has become part of her persona or brand if you will. So much so that if she changed it, fans would probably get upset or she would be unrecognizable. Think of her bangs and her thick, wavy, brunette hair in the same way as Ariana Grande’s ponytail.

Camilla usually wears a set of messy and wispy bangs that she parts in a curtain. As she does so, the longer strands mix in with her beach waves, creating the perfect beach hairstyles. When she sports updos, the singer usually goes for 60s hairstyles that remind us a bit of Cheryl.

What do you think?

Fringe hairstyles are creative, very playful, and can change your entire look in a matter of seconds. But they can also be a lot of work to maintain and style every single day. So let us know in the comment section below how you feel about fringe hairstyles. Are you ready for the commitment or are you still thinking about it? We would really love to know!

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