45 Plus Ways to French Braid Your Hair

If we ever have to name the most elegant braids of all times, we would say French braids without any second thoughts. As beautiful and timeless as these braids looks, making them are nothing short of a challenge. If you are yet to master the art of this beauty, you need to get down to it right now; since there is no way French braids will ever go out of fashion.

There is perhaps no other thing that defines perfection as accurately as a French braid. Whether you have a girls’ night out or about to conduct a conference, you can exude vitality and classic sophistication with a French braid.

Some of you may have already mastered the art of accomplishing the three-brand braid without even needing a mirror. For those of you who are still struggling to understand the technicalities involved, here are a few tips and step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the braid of your dreams.

We do not blame you for looking all mystified, wondering how you can really keep track of all that hair with just two hands but believe us they are not as complex as you think they are.

Apart from looking all elegant and glamorous, French braids sort out the weight and tension evenly across your head, making it a comfortable wear for long days and evenings.

So here we go ladies, follow these steps to French braid your hair:

1. Untangle Your Hair

It is quite frustrating when you have completed your braid halfway already, encounter knots, and then have to start all over again. To avoid any delays or obstacles in a smoothing braiding for you, brush your hair well before hand so that no knots remain and you can easily complete the braid.

2.     Separate Your Hair from the Hairline Onwards Into Three Portions

You need to have sufficient length of hair if you want to achieve a perfect French braid. Therefore, to make sure you have enough to work with, divide your hair into three small portions from your hairline. Next, with your right hand take hold of the right portion of your hair and with the left hand, the left portion. Using any hand, hold the middle section between your thumb and forefinger.

3.     Start With Your First Stitch

You have to start your braid by crossing the right section over. Next you have to follow the left section over your right, which is in the middle right now. It sounds technical right now but once you try it, you will not find it difficult to follow the routine. Once you begin working your way through the braid, make sure you keep patting and smoothing down each section so you can avoid any lumps and knots that might ruin your braid.

4.     Increase the Hair Portions as You Go

As you accomplish each new stitch, you have to go on adding more portions of hair. These extra portions of hair give you French braid the woven look it needs.

5.     Follow the Same Pattern till the End

This back and forth process should continue till you reach till the ends of your hair. When you finally run out of more hair to add you can end it with a traditional three-strand braid. After you had reached the end of your hair, you can secure it with a miniature plastic band.

6.     Practice, Practice, Practice

We had promised French braiding is not difficult once you get it. Now that you have done it for yourself, don’t you agree that it is actually a super easy hairstyle to accomplish all by yourself? Now all you can do is to continue practice till you are a pro at it.

Get Your French Braid Game Up

There are a number of ways in which you can sass up your French braid and without any extra efforts. Keep on reading to discover simple tricks to up your game.

1.     Get More Volume

You know what’s utterly gorgeous. A fuller looking braid. So if your hair is scanty and thin how can you achieve that voluminous look for yourself? Don’t worry we have you covered here. All you need are either your fingers or a rat-tail comb to neatly tug each weave of your braid. When you are tugging at the weaves, you have to be extra careful and gentle so as not to tug the weaves with too much pressure. You might end up unraveling your braid.

In case you do manage to accidently get a strand or two loose in the process you don’t need to start panicking. Messy braids are all the rage these days, you will only end up with an extra artistic braid with a little slipup, and nobody is going to realize it.

This technique is the pancake technique. You also have the choice of applying the pancake technique on only a few weaves and not all. You can get creative any way you prefer with your braid because undone, effortless braids are ultra stylish and the demand of the moment.

2.     Boho Vibes All The Way

We love all things boho and we are sure you do too. Why not buy yourself a pack of hair rings from your local store and a whisper of glam to your French braid? Here is how you can incorporate the rings into your French braid. You have to slip one ring around a few strands and then move on between each stitch. So now you no longer should merely dream wistfully of your beauty gurus and favorite celebrities. You can now make this ultra gorgeous hairstyles a part of your everyday routine and look super glam too.

3.     Capitalize On Texture

Lots of texture does such wonders with your French braid you probably can’t imagine. When you use texture to your advantage, you will manage to create a French braid you will be the envy of all who behold it. We often underestimate how a little texture and grit can add huge doses of the modernly classy girl appeal to our persona.


French Braiding Hair for Beginners

For all the beginners, you must start your French braiding journey with your pigtails. It is simple and all you require are two hair binders and a comb. Here are simple steps for you to follow:

  • Divide your hair into two equal portions starting from the middle of your head.
  • Now that your hair is in two portions evenly, tie up one side with a binder.
  • Grab a small portion of your hair starting at the crown. Separate this portion into three equal parts and make a braid.
  • You need to grab along the way as you continue to proceed. You have to keep adding to your braids from both the sides by incorporating more small chunks of hair and making another braid.
  • Make sure you complete the previous step till the ends of your hair.
  • Secure your braid in the end with a hair binder so that it has no chances of coming undone.
  • Follow the same steps on the other portion of your hair.

A Few Things to Remember

You need to be very patient and committed with your practice. French braiding is not something you can master in the first go so you need to invest a little extra time and energy till the braid comes as easy as breathing for you. Another important thing to remember is that it is best when you practice French braiding your hair all by yourself, without any additional help.

Once you have found your grip with the hairstyle, you can start experimenting with the size and styles of your French braid. If you want a chunkier and a looser braid for yourself, you will have to take bigger chunks for it. You can also get all experimental and creative with the bottom of your French braid. To give you a simple example, you can braid the ends into a normal three strands braid, you can get all messy and trendy with two messy buns, or you could even make a pony out of the braids. In addition, it would be a great idea to watch tutorials for more inspiring ideas.

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Why French Braids are a Great Idea

Once we starting enlisting all the reasons why French braids are a great option we probably will never be able to stop. In fact French braids are best in day 3 and 4 of dirty hair, and do a great job of covering all your grease. Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it? Who would have thought one could still gorgeous with a greasy head but then that’s how French braids work.

French braids suit any and all occasions and moments. You can sport your French braids when:

  • Lunching out
  • Working out
  • At the beach
  • Night out with friends and etc.


How to French Braid Short Hair

French braids are every girl’s weakness aren’t they? So why should you not enjoy them just because you have short hair? We have worked out all the steps for you to flaunt a classic French braid even with your short tresses. If your hair is shorter than 15 to 25 cm, you will most likely be unable to get a single braid down the middle of your head. You can however sport your side styles that are fashionable and pretty.

You will however have to try a French braid on your short hair when your hair has been unwashed for a day or two and use hairspray to set the style you want. Braid your short locks will be a lot of fun we promise.

1.     Dry Shampoo

French braids turn out best in hair that you did not wash since a day or two. Therefore, be a little patient if you want perfect results or if your hair seems greasier than is good, then use some dry shampoo. Remember to brush through your to remove any tangles and knots that might ruin your hard work partway through. The benefit you have with dry shampoo is that your short hair gains a little more texture which is always helpful in getting a firm grip.

Perfectly clean hair fails for a good grip and you end up with strands coming off loose from your beautiful French braid.

2.     Side Part

Use a comb to create a side parting of your preference. With the same comb separate your hair and angle your parting towards the middle of your scalp. If you want more volume for your French braid, you need to make a deeper parting. A good idea would be to check the parts on both sides of your head to analyze where it looks the best.

Tip: For a more natural and effortless look, align your parting with arch of your eyebrow and watch the magic happen.

3.     Divide Hair into Three Strands

Once you settled on your parting of choice, take a portion of hair from that parting, and divide it into three equal strands. It is best to choose the side, which has more hair so that your braid looks more voluminous. For creating the three equal strands, use the hair in the front portion of your head. Each strand of yours should be approximately 1 inch in length. Make sure that you hold each of your hair between separate fingers to save them from entangling.

To give you an example:

  • Hold the first strand between your forefinger and thumb. Hold the middle strand between your middle finger and the forefinger and hold your last strand between your middle finger and your ring finger.
  • Take careful note of the beginning of your French braid. It must resemble the regular three-strand braid.

4.     Braiding Pattern

Take hold of the 1-inch long, front section of your parting. Cross it over the middle strand of the parting. It is now your new middle strand. It is helpful to keep in mind when braiding that the outside strands of your hair will always weave to become the middle strand with each stitch. We never ever cross our outside strands over the entire braid to intertwine with the other outside strands.

5.     Cross Back Strand over the New Middle Strand

You need to exercise a lot of patience here but we guarantee the results will be rewarding. You need to keep three strands of your hair separately and securely between your fingers so that no strands accidently escape your fingers. Cross your back strand over your middle strand when braiding so that it becomes your new middle strand.

  • It is entirely up to you how tight or how loose you wish to keep your braid. However, since you have short hair and are attempting to French braid it, it is best to opt for a tighter braid so that your strands stay in place. There will be no chances of the strands coming loose or falling out.
  • Keep some bobby pins at hand so that you can tuck in any unruly stands once you have accomplished the braid.

6.     Keep Adding In More Hair to Your Front Strand

Once you start making your way down the braid, keeping adding in an inch or two of the hair at your front to make the strand thicker and more voluminous. Once you have combined more hair with your strand, pass it over the top of your middle strand. If you are a beginner at French braiding your short hair, you will initially take a lot of time to accomplish this feat but hang on. Practice makes perfect so go on practicing and you will be perfect soon.

7.     Braid Backwards

You have to continue the pattern of combining more hair with your front and back strands and then passing each over the middle strand. Go on with this pattern till your French braid takes shape. Make sure you braid at an angle so that it aligns with the middle of your parting section. Maintain the same level of tightness throughout for a well-coordinated look.

8.     Braid Till You Are Level with Your Ear

You should braid down till you are halfway through your head, approximately near your ear. You can secure it till where you secure your half ponytail. The point here is that your hair braid might look odd if you do it all the way down while the other side of your hair remains unbraided. For a well-aligned look, we recommend braiding till where you are level with your ear.

9.     Secure Your Braid

Braids, in short, tend to stick out if you do not secure them with your hair beneath it. Secure your braid once completed with your hair beneath it. A better idea would be to find a hair tie that matches the color of your hair for a well-blended look. In case you don’t approve of a hair tie, you could use a couple of bobby pins to secure your hair more firmly in place.

10.  Tug Each Weave For More Volume

To add some impressive volume to your braid, tug at each section individually but with great care and precision. This will loosen your actual braid slightly but give it a gorgeous voluminous look. If you fear that the strands or the braid may come undone entirely if you tug at the sections, you can simply place your fingertips over the braid and shake it back and forth gently. This will also add in a bit more volume without any threat to the braid but might create some frizz. You can tone the frizz down and simultaneously secure the strands with some hair spray.

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