125 Flat Top Haircuts to Look Fabulous This Year

Born into the military world and made popular in the 1950s, flat top hairstyles are anything but boring. This classic hairstyle has upright hair on top of the head, and the sides are shaved or tapered short. This creates a boxy shaped top that is cool enough to transform your face cut.

There are now varieties of modern versions that include rounded boxes and asymmetrical flat tops that can style all kinds of hair.

There are endless possibilities of flat-top haircuts to choose from. Flat top haircuts work on all types of hair. From bushy afro to naturally wavy or silky straight hair, everyone is seen rocking their flat top hairstyles. Here, we have 120 plus flat top haircuts for you to bring back the edgy look.

The Military Cut

This classic military flat top style is one of the most common flat-top haircuts. This hairstyle includes a shorn high skin fade paired with a flat crop top. If you’re searching for a way to make those sharp jawlines point out, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you to achieve that and give you one of the sexiest looks that are going to be hard for the ladies to resist.

Faded Flat Top

flat top dreeds

Is there any hairstyle that doesn’t look good on black men? In fact, they can effortlessly pull off plenty of fun and bold hairstyles that others can’t. For afro hair, what’s better than pairing dreadlocks with a flat top?

This faded flat top hairstyle is another stylish flat top style that helps you achieve a hot and elegant look. This hairstyle includes overall short hair along the back and sides of your hair. This hairstyle compliments well with a high skin fade, as it adds more depth and volume. So try out this cool boy look in the upcoming summers, and party in the summers with style.

Get Boogie with It

Flat Top Boogie

While Johnny Bravo wasn’t the best character of our childhood, his hairstyle is still an inspiration for many. The flat top boogie from the 60s has been a cult favorite that doesn’t get old.

This slick hairstyle has a fade curing down over the ear towards the back of the head. Unlike most flat top cuts, the hair at the nape of the neck isn’t shaved to form a fade. Instead, it is cut short until it meets the flat top. Your barber will probably leave the fades on the sides long enough for you to brush them.

The long fades on sides, and the neck is what makes this cut very unique from other varieties. Maintaining this look requires longer and more careful styling, but that doesn’t stop you from rocking this awesome cut. The lasting popularity of this style shows that it is worth all the efforts and care that it requires.

Curly Flat Top

If you think that you can’t style curly hair with intricate details and complex twists, you are clearly wrong. As if curly hair didn’t make men look cute enough, pairing it with a flat top hairstyle gives them a jaw-dropping look. This haircut from Brazil is perfect for men with an afro and curly hairs to keep an effortless hairstyle. This is one of the flat top haircuts that you can easily maintain at home without any help.

Keep your charming curls into a well-sculpted flat top. Shave the sides and nape of the neck as faded as you want to. This refreshing haircut is sure to keep you cool all summers.

Curly Flat Top Fade

We just saw how a flat top cut is an instant way to bring a cool vibe to your curls. You can take this style a step further by adding a high fade into the mix. This variant of the classic curly flat top style has a more fading portion blending into the flat top. This haircut gives a unique sculptural appeal, height, and structure to a person’s look.

This curly flat-top fade will make any curly-haired man look ten times hotter. It highlights the coils on top while enhancing the masculine features of your face.

This look requires more maintenance than a regular curl flat top. Keep your barber on speed dial for weekly or fortnightly fade and top trims.

Flat Top Ft. Quirky Designs

This is a modern and chic flat top haircut to give yourself a whole new look. This look involves styling an excellently cut fade into a unique design. There could be funky lines between the flat top and fade. Or your barber can rework your dreads in an interesting way.

Flat top with design requires you to keep your hair extra short and tight along the sides and back. This will put the design of your haircut in the spotlight. The higher the skin fade, the better this style will look.

Flat Top Fade

Flat Top Fade

Flat top fade is another simple yet effective way to freshen up your look. This haircut effortlessly uses the fade to emphasize the height and shape of the flat top. The hair at the sides and back of the head is very short to compliment the flat top.


Straight Flat Top

Here is one daring flat top haircut to carry. Not everyone is bold enough to get a straight flat top. But if you are confident enough to try this intimidating hairstyle, then you are sure to capture everyone’s attention. If you aren’t afraid of getting extra definition and height to your hair, this style can be your pick.

However, this hairstyle is best suited to straight hair types. The natural texture and movement of straight hair allow you to easily style it upwards using a dry hair comb. You also need extra strong gel or wax to hold the hair upright.

As your hair will grow, it will be difficult to maintain this hairstyle. It is important to visit your barber on time to maintain the perfect look.

Buzz it Up

Flat Top Buzz Cut

The buzz cut style gives your face a crisp and stylish new look. It is quite similar to the military flat top.  For this haircut, your barber will crop the upper hair closer towards the scalp to create a short and stylish look. The sides will have the same signature flat maintaining the square shape. This sporty and masculine haircut is a perfect classic flat top style with a slightly modern hint.

The flat top buzz cut is not suitable for all face shapes. However, it is best for oval and rectangular face shapes.

Flat Top with Long Faux Hawk

Flat Top with Burst Fade

Reinvent the classic fade with a burst fade to amp up your hairstyle. The burst fade gives a unique element to any flat top. A standout characteristic of this style is the way the cut curves down the ears towards the back. From the back of the head, the hair is left to grow long, giving a trendier appeal to the hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, you get to have a sharp flat top across the top of your hair. From there, the hair drops down to a smooth plane towards the nape of the neck. Flat top with burst fade requires a bit more grooming to keep the hair looking sharp.

Flat Top with Steps

Flat Top with Steps

If you thought that flat top with designs is the most unique cut, you haven’t seen a flat top with steps. While most styles vary in the fade or tampering of sides, this one has a uniquely sculptured flat top. This haircut creates a work of art with flat angular planes on the top of the head. The planes on your flat top hair cut will give the illusion of steps, something that will be intriguing to any onlooker.

Flat top with steps requires cutting one flat top plane on the top hairs. Then it cuts down at a 90-degree angle sharply, which then meets a new 90-degree angle plane to form a step. You can have a single step on your flat top, or three; it’s entirely your choice.

This creative technique involves highly expert barber skills. If you want to get, this haircut makes sure to go to a skillful barber.

Flat Top with Side Part

Flat Top with Side Part

This is one of the most sophisticated flat-top styles you can have. A flat top, paired with a polished side, is perfect for any formal event. This haircut manages to appear sleek and chic without looking too intimidating.

To create this style, you need to cut a high fade that meets a defined side line parting the flat top and fade. The separation of fade and the flat top brings a sleek and corporate feel to your overall look. This style looks very classy and versatile.

High Flat Top

high flat top

Get this funky, high-towering hairstyle to pay tribute to the legendary hip-hop era. This skyscraper-like hairstyle lets you walk with confidence and carry a great demeanor. Men with really thick or afro hair can benefit from their hair texture and carry this high flat top. Thick hair is also naturally easier to sculpt as it grows. To ensure that this daring look lasts from dusk till dawn, you need to focus on regular grooming with strong styling products.

Blue Flat Top

Want to sport an exclusive flat top hairstyle? Add some color to it. The electric blue flat top will create fun and energizing vibes around you. All you need to do is use some high-voltage blue dye to color in your flat top. Leave the rest of the hair in its original color so that your blue flat top shines all the way.

Adding a splash of blue to a flat top brings an eye-catching zeal to your hairstyle. The clean and sharp fade on the sides will complement the dashing blue. From glacial light to darker hues, you can experiment with several shades of this color.

Quiff with High Fade Line

Quiff with High Fade Line

The quiff combines the famous pompadour of the 50s with the flat top. This hairstyle has plenty of volume on the top with a few strands grazing your forehead for a steamy look. The quaff is quite different from bangs as it includes some hair formed into a curled spike.

This haircut has less flattening texture than other varieties, yet it is among the coolest flat top haircuts. You can also add a parting effect with cool geometric razor lines, which adds more character to your look.

Short Flat Top

If you don’t like putting in all the effort and styling products into maintaining a flat top, go for a short flat top haircut. This haircut allows you to partake in this enduring trend without having to spend much on styling products.

This look mimics the appeal of a flat top while keeping the top short. This haircut is easy and cheap to maintain, so it’s the most convenient one. The classic military fade gets an upgrade to a high skin fade in this look.

The short flat top gives your hair practicality and a clean cut. This look allows you to get any fade style you want to have to compliment the top.

Comb Over Fade Flat Top

Comb Over Fade Flat Top

This is classic yet an age style flat top look for men. It is like a combination of pompadour with uptown funk. The flat top has high short and immaculate looking hair. The flat top of this look isn’t high but creates a super fine edge on the top. This look doesn’t require too much maintenance, although you need pomade wax to even the short flat top.

Messy Undercut Flat Top

Messy Undercut Flat Top

As the name explains, this flat top has an undercut style that creates a messy look. It is a salon friendly cut and very easy to maintain. The messy undercut looks perfect, whether you are sporting a casual look or formal one.

Flat Top with Long Faux Hawk

Flat Top with Long Faux Hawk

Faux hawk styles are very popular for an exciting flat top. The fade kept longer for you to brush down and has an overall aesthetic look. The flat top has a hawk appeal with slightly longer hair than usual.

This hairstyle is the complete opposite of the flat-top buzz cut. The faux flat top isn’t too voluminous and has a soft tuft of hair. This haircut is loud and dramatic and requires quite some maintenance to stay the same.

Low Key Spiky Flat Top

Low Key Spiky Flat Top

This haircut doesn’t require much of a technique. You can style the fade in any way you want. You might as well add some design or parting lines to this style or leave it as it is. The flat top is finished into spikes that don’t look too sharp. The low key spikes complement the flat top haircut very well. The style may look a little effortless, yet it requires gel or wax for the spikes to stay smooth.



Is it difficult to maintain flat top haircut on wavy and curly hairs?

It isn’t too difficult to style a flat top on wavy and curly hair. However, a flat top is easy to maintain on straight hair. Flat tops on naturally wavy and curly hair require more effort. But with the right technique of cut and use of products, it is easy to maintain a flat top with wavy or curly hairs.

Does flat top haircut suit round face?

On the contrary to popular belief, flat top hairstyles aren’t just for square faces. They can work perfectly well for round faces too. They add volume to the top of the head, while the fades give sharper angles to rounder faces.

 What is the best way to taper the sides and create a flat top?

To create a perfectly flat top, the technique lies in clipping the hair. You or your barber should clip the hair on both the sides, preferably using a short guard setting (#2 to #4.) You should clip in a straight line all the way up to the hat to craft the flatness on top.

 How often do I need to visit my barber after getting a flat top hair cut?

As a flat top cut is meticulously cut, you will need to visit your barber every 2 to 4 weeks for touch up. You may need to visit your barber after two weeks or quicker than that, depending on your hair growth and haircut. Haircuts that are more complex may require you to get a touch up more often.

 How to style my hair after getting a flat top?

To style your hair, you must use strong hair wax or gel. Apply the gel to dampen hair after a shower. Comb your hair back up until you get the right flat-top look. For better control, you can use a hairspray to ensure that your hair stays up all day.


Anyone can rock a flat top haircut. There are plenty of flat-top styles to choose from, according to your hair type and the overall look you want to carry. Most flat top looks require maintenance and extra care, but in some cases, you can maintain some of them effortlessly.

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