135 Fall Nails Designs that Will Put You in an Autumn Mood

If you are like us and think that autumn is the best season, you have definitely come to the right place. From drinking hot, spiced coffee all day long to wrapping up in thick woollen sweaters and scarves, from wearing fall nails designs to lazying around in bed all day watching endless reruns of your favorite shows while the weathers outside is frosty, to the most beautiful scenery draped in gold, scarlet, and foggy grey. Autumn has it all.

And speaking of fall colors, when the frosty season hits, you know it’s time to change your aesthetic as well. Say goodbye to neon shades, sunflower yellows, and mint greens because it’s time to sport the warm tones of fall. 

If you’re lacking a bit in the inspiration department this fall, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! We have tens of fall nails designs described in detail that will get you through the entire season. All you have to do is pick your absolute favorites and let the fall nails design mania begin!


What Are the Most Popular Nail Polish Colors for Fall this Year?

Let’s start by establishing what are the best and trendiest colors you can wear this year when it comes to nail polish. Based on those shades, you can then create hundreds of designs, looks, and aesthetics suitable for your nail designs.

  • Off basic orange

Think of it as a special shade or orange that will brighten up your autumn and make it look spicy and interesting. This is a wonderful transition shade mostly because we also wear orange during the summer. As a result, you can use it to make the transition between the two seasons in a seamless and flawless way. When it comes to brands, Chanel already has the ground covered with a wonderful shade of orange comprised in their Le Vernis line called Cruise.

  • Alexandrite fall nails

If you’re a little confused, it’s alright. Alexandrite is actually a gemstone. But, this year, we are borrowing its color for our fall nails designs. It’s a gorgeous two toned or shifting shade that is both purple and blue.

  • Wine

Where would we be without this color every single autumn season? Wine is essentially part of the purple family. However, one can argue that it is definitely a color all on its own. The rich hue is perfect for fall nails as it matches the changing leaves in the trees. You can find wine nail polish in the Pacifica collection, color Red Red Wine, of course.

  • Brown fall nails

If there ever was a season to wear browns, this is it. But mind you, when it comes to fall nails, you have to go for shades of brown that mirror the view outside. This means you have two options. Either you go for warm and rich browns, such as hot chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or latte. Or you can opt for shades of brown that have a cooler undertone such as mushroom brown or nudes.

The Best Fall Nails Designs to Wear This Season

 we know that you are just in love  with fall nails we are.  Therefore,  celebrate this beautiful season we have decided to put together a list of fall nails that will surely prove inspirational  for all of you.  Here are all  the designs that you will need to look your absolute best this season. We suggest you try them all because they are amazing.

Pastel fall nails 

Choosing the appropriate colors for fall nails is the most important thing you have to do. Here is the perfect example that will show you how to do that. This set of nails has been painted in a very cheerful autumn color story that is sure to put a smile on your face. The shades used here are burnt yellow, orange, terracotta, brown, and olive. But also some accents of gold, wine, and just a bit of black around the edges to create a beautiful frame around those mesmerizing shades. We also love the fact that the colors used here are almost pastel, which will make for a beautiful transition from summer, the season of pastel colors, to fall nails. 

Fall leaves nail art 

If you really want to impress with your fall nails this season and get as many likes and followers on Instagram, this is the way to do it. A gorgeous nail art design that centers around, what else, fall leaves? One of the best things about this idea is that you don’t even have to make an appointment to your local nail salon. This fall nails design is so easy to do that you can even do it yourself at home. All you have to do is watch a few tutorials on YouTube or maybe ask a friend to do it for you. Therefore, not only is this nail art gorgeous, but it’s also a fantastic idea for people who are on a budget. 

Fall colors on your nails 

Do you remember when we talked about the trendiest colors you can wear this fall season? Sure, you do. If not, scroll up and take another look at all the pretty colors that are in fashion right now. This is what will teach you how to mix and match the perfect autumn shades when it comes to nail Polish this season. Here is a perfect example of how you can do that and absolutely rock your nail look.  

This is a set of square nails with rounded edges that have been painted in two colors. The chosen nail polishes are orchid purple and sunny yellow. This combination is very reminiscent of summer which also makes this nail aesthetic perfect as a transition look between the two seasons. The detail that really makes this look stand out is the fact that the yellow colored nail, which happens to be on the ring finger, has a Peacock feather drawn in the same shade, meaning orchid purple on top. How creative! 

Fall nails for Halloween 

We could not have possibly done this list of ideas for fall nails without including at least one Halloween design. What is fall without Halloween after all? And what would be your Halloween costume without a set of nails that celebrates the spookiest of Holidays? It simply would not be complete.  

Evidently, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways in which you can decorate your fall nails for Halloween. However if you are on a budget, if you are running late for your Halloween party, or if you simply wish to do your nails at home this year, the simplest design you can go for is this one.  

The color story is a very obvious one – orange, black, and green with just a hint of white for the borders as well as a touch of gold to make everything seem luxurious and rich. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that the gold should be glitter. This is Halloween and you deserve to sparkle. Add a single accent to one of your nails to tie everything in such as a pumpkin or a skull or a witch’s hat and you’re good to go.  

Easy Halloween nails 

If you’re looking for simple Halloween fall nails designs that are budget friendly, that won’t take a lot of your time, and that you can do at home on your own, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an idea that meets all of these points and which we are sure you are going to love. It doesn’t require a lot of practice or a lot of skill. Therefore, if you haven’t paid a lot of attention in art class, that’s fine! This Halloween nail design is a lot easier to do than you might think. 

The example we have chosen comprises two very common and beloved symbols of Halloween – A witch’s black cat on a broomstick and black crow. Both super cool and both really easy to draw on the nail. Start with a nude color as your nail polish background and use black nail polish to do both designs. Practice on paper first until you get the designs right. When you’re happy with the results you can move on to more intricate patterns. Good luck! 

Green and gold fall nails 

Celebrate the transition from summer to fall with a gorgeous color story on your nails. This season, your nails aesthetic can tell the story of how the foliage of the trees transitions from a beautiful lush forest green to an equally spectacular gold when the autumn comes. A change as beautiful as this in the surrounding environment can be easily told using nail polish that you might already have in your beauty vanity right at home. 

Starting with either one of your hands, paint three or four of your nails green. If you don’t already own it, try to find a deep and rich shade of green that will represent the leaves of the trees in the middle of summer. When you are done and the nail polish has dried off, continue painting the rest of your nails with the glittering gold nail polish. The two shades should compliment each other perfectly. Apart from that, the deep green and the glittering gold will bring each other out because they are opposites on the color spectrum. 

How to Take Care of Your Nails During Fall

As beautiful as this season might be, it can also take its toll on your nails. However, with just some tiny changes in your already established routine, you can ride the autumn out with healthy and gleaming nails that will be the envy of everyone. Don’t worry. None of these changes are gigantic. In fact, they should not be such a huge departure from what you are already doing in your daily routine. Yet, they will yield amazing results.

  • Don’t leave your nails unprotected

Here’s the tea. It’s a complete myth that nails need to breathe. You might have seen this one on some sites. The idea that you have to let your nails sit naked for a certain amount of time, but it’s simply not true. In fact, you might actually be damaging them if you do that, especially in the colder seasons.

Therefore, make sure that, when the frost hits, you snuggle them up using the appropriate products. If you are not a fan of nail polish and prefer a more natural look, don’t worry. The idea here is that you use a base coat and a top coat. They can be completely clear as long as they have nourishing and protective elements that will keep your nails away from water and freezing temperatures.

  • Water is not your friend

Building on the above, stay away from water. This is one of the best things about fall nails. They are super cute but they will also protect you from unwanted moisture. When your fall nails are completely naked, they will absorb more and more water. This will make them weak and push out all the natural oils that your nails need. 

Therefore, don’t take showers, baths, or do the dishes without at least a base coat and and a top coat on. Your nails we mean, of course!

  • Lotion will save your fall nails

Did you know your nails are simply in love with lotion? Yes, it’s a better love story than Twilight. But then again, everything is. When speaking of fall nails, you should know that absolutely everything can damage your nails during this season. This means the cold air, the frost, the rain, the dry air, and everything in between. 

As a result, you will have to keep up the levels of moisture that your fall nails are currently missing. If not, you will soon start to notice your nails cracking, splitting, and peeling. Not to mention that you will get cuticles around your fall nails that can bleed, crack, and turn very painful.

So, what is the solution? Lotion! And more lotion! In fact, there is a triad of products we recommend here, but hand lotion is the absolute must that you need to have on hand all the time. Pun intended.

After you wash your hands or wet them in any way, put on hand lotion as soon as you can. Apply some cuticle oil during the afternoon as well as some very thick hand cream right before you go to sleep. If you want, you can also apply a hand treatment once a week that will nourish your hands and nails deeply.

  • Gloves, gloves, gloves!

Fall nails and gloves go hand in hand. Another pun. But do we even need to explain this one? Gloves will protect your nails in the cold season like nothing else. They will keep your nails from breaking as well as from losing precious oils or getting any extra water from the rainy environment. In other words, gloves will have to be your new best friends this cold season if your goal is to have perfect fall nails.

  • Keep a healthy diet

As soon as the cold season kicks in, you will have to change your diet to ensure your body can keep up with the change in weather. But it also means that you will have to provide your nails with enough vitamins so that they can remain strong and healthy throughout all the cold, winter months. Don’t worry, this is easier to do than it seems!

Essentially, your fall nails need a few elements that you can easily get from delicious foods. Let’s break them down. 

First and foremost, you will need Vitamin A. You can find it easily in products such as butter, carrots, liver, fresh greens and tomatoes. 

You will also need vitamin B. Try a healthy serving of egg yolks, germinated wheat grains, and ale yeast. Make sure you don’t avoid calcium because dairy is one of the the most important elements when it comes to fall nails. We also recommend silicium which comes from vegetables. It will help your nails look extremely healthy as well as beautiful and glowing.

One of the most important things in terms of taking care of your nail health is having a healthy dose of sulphur. You can get it from cucumbers, onions, and cabbages. It will help you grow your nail plate and your fall nails will simply love it. If you don’t like spinach, we recommend you get on board as soon as possible. Because spinach as well as sea wheat are extremely rich in iodine, which will make your fall nails be worthy of Instagram selfies.

What about you? 

Let us know in the comment section below which one of these beautiful fall nails designs was your favorite and why. Which one are you planning on trying this autumn season and posting the pictures on Instagram, of course? At the same time, make sure to check out all our other blog posts about nails designs. You will get tons of inspirations as well as the newest trends!

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