155 Fade Haircuts and Everything You Need to Know about Fades

Has your hairstylist recently suggested you a fade haircut? Not surprisingly so. Fades are among the most popular hairstyles especially among the men currently. This is mainly due to the endless variety of styles in this particular haircut trend. Modern haircut styles for men concentrate more on featuring long hair on top with a fade on the lower sides. Therefore, whether you are an Asian, a Latino, a black, or a white man, you are sure to find the style of your choice.

Many factors influence the kind of fade you want in addition to where you ask your barber to start your fade. You can choose from a skin or a bald fade, a razor fade as well as a flat top, burst, drop, temperature and variations of high tops. It is ultimately your call in deciding which style will best suit your face as well as aligns with what you desire.

Fades are popular short hair cuts especially among the men and are also referred to as military reg. you will find your tapering from the bottom to the top in a fade haircut and you can make it stick as close to your skin as you like.


What ‘Fade’ Is All About

The term took birth in ethic barber salons and has since then become the most popular form of address for tight taper forms for men’s hair. In this cut, the stylist cuts the hair from the back and the sides with maximum closeness possibility using clippers. From then on, the barber tapers or fades your hair to any length of your choice up to the top.

The remaining hair on the top can be styled either in a neat style or in a messy texture using pomade, paste, or gel. The term ‘military reg’ is a distorted description for this particular haircut. This is because there are different regulations imposed by each branch of the service with regards to hair length.

Here are some of the most popular fade haircuts:

Best of the Fades

You can sport fades in a variety of cool haircuts and hairstyles with low versus high, razor versus skin and classic versus modern alternative options. Before you visit your barber next, we will tell you all about the different styles and cuts that look best with men’s fades.

Using hair clippers is the most common way of cutting fades. The barber uses several numbers of clipper guard sizes and haircut numbers. He starts with a longer length and then gradually trims his way down the sides, back and the neckline.

For the barbers part it takes a lot of skillfulness to gradually and seamlessly shorten, buzz, and then fade the hair.

Fade vs. Taper

You must be accustomed to hearing ‘fade’ and ‘taper’ used as synonyms by most barbershops and men. However, if we take into consideration the technicality and interchangeability, there are several differences between the fades and tapers haircuts. Generally, the difference between two haircuts is that fade blends all the way down to the skin while in a taper haircut, there will still be some leftover hair, albeit very short hair.

While both the cuts are blended and employ the same concept of trimming hair to the maximum, the taper cut does not cut all the way down to skin and is thus a more understated style and cut. The results you see is longer hair on the side which less expose your scalp and take the majority of edginess away.

Therefore, if you are a business professional employed in an office or in your middle age, you will require a more conservative look. For this group of men, a taper haircut is the most appropriate. However, one thing you need to bear in mind is that scissor fades or tapered fades are different from classic tapered haircuts. This haircut is one that has the sides cut with scissors and not with hair clippers at all.

As already discussed earlier, you can see tapes in all shapes, lengths, and forms. It a versatile yet a low maintenance cut with no additional styling required, you can opt for a number of contrasts in all your long top, short sides’ hairstyles with some form of tapered or faded cut.

High Fade Haircut

High Fade Haircut

In a high fade haircut, your style begins with tapering processed near the top of your hair. This produces a significant contrast between the short sides and the longer hairstyle on top. In the same way, since the highest point of your hair is where the cut actually begins, the high fade cut therefore imposes more contrasts for a more defining look.

At the end of the day, if you wish to make a loud statement with your hairstyle, high fades are the best option for it, especially if you want a short look on the top as well.

Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts are in direct contrast to the high fade ones. In this haircut, you will see the tapered cut beginning just above the neckline and the ear. If you preference leans towards the longer or medium length hairstyles, then low fade cuts are great for you. There is more texture and less contrasts on the sides in this one and gives a much desirable thicker look.

Furthermore, you can always ask your barber to buzz down your skin or give you a faded beard for a more gritty finish. Low fades are best suited to traditional hairstyles and office settings but there is no stopping you from sporting this look in any setting of your choice. It is trendy and sophisticated all in one.

Mid Fade Haircut

Mid Fade Haircut

The middle of your head serves as the starting point for a mid fade haircut. People also refer to this cut as medium fade and your barber begins trimming halfway up your back and the sides for a softer look. If you find yourself stuck between choosing a high fade or a low fade cut, the easiest and the best solution is to for the mid one. A bonus point apart from the feasibility factor is that the mid fade cut also allows you more versatility.

Additionally, almost all the cuts and styles go brilliantly well with a medium fade, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds within your comfort zone.

High, Low or Mid Fade: Which One It Should Be

To be precise, high fade haircuts are high on the prominence and notice factor in men. The cut begins on the high point of your head with the hair tapering faster towards your neck. Speaking comparatively, low fades contrast majorly with high on because the fade in it is only a subtle effect that features only at the edges. Furthermore, one can barely notice the taper in a low fade men’s haircut. The mid in the end, lies somewhere in between in high fade and the low fade.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference of styles and your needs. When you make comparisons between high, low and mid fades, you must take into consideration what your vision truly is and make it the deciding factor. In case you are unable to make a firm decision, are confused but still unarguably want a fade then it is best you take recommendations from your barber.

Skin and Bald Fade Haircut

You can also describe this fade, also referred to as bald, zero, or skin fade, as the last limit in fade haircuts. What it truly means is that this haircut does not merely fade to very short hair using the shortest size of clippers. It instead requires a trimming that goes right down to your bare skin. So if you ask you barber for a zero fade haircut, he will either use a specialty shaver, an outliner or a no guard to give you that look.

If you possess more boldness in your soul, you can even ask your barber for a bald temp fade or a high skin fade. These are among the boldest haircuts for men. Similarly, low skin or mid skin fades are also very worthwhile options for you, if you love your sides shaved down to achieve a high contrast finish. This look is however not for the fainthearted because the look, while flattering in combination, exposes a lot of skin without much hair on the top of your head. This could look too severe unless you have what it takes to flaunt it in style.

Undercut Fade

Undercut Fade

The undercut is similar to all other fades since it involves short hair around the sides and the back of your head. While the undercut itself is hairstyle with a high cut and a single length trimming, the faded undercut fuses the two styles beautifully.

The undercut fade for men has a unique style of shortening very suddenly and quickly and then tapering gradually. Depending on what suits your hairstyle, you can get a mid, low or high undercut fade. Recent years have seen a strong rise of the undercut trends. This is because undercuts are a convenient wear and quite stylish which make it the best option for fashionable men.

How You Can Get a Fade Haircut

If you want a fade or a taper haircut, you must first decide where you want your fade to begin, mid, low or high. You can then determine how short a length you would prefer for your hair and were you would prefer for your tapering to look most prominent.

With all these minute details, you will be clearly able to convey to your barber exactly what kind of a fade you have envisioned. The more accurate you are with your description, the better your barber will be able to deliver your wishes.

Top Fade Hairstyles

With all the endless varieties of fade hairstyles, it can get confusing for you to decide which hairstyle to get. You must check out the styles yourself, from pompadour fade to side part fades. Faded haircuts look terrific with all hair types, textures, and lengths.

Not All Fade Types Are Skin Tight

As per the standard norms, most fades are as close to the skin as possible. However, there is no hard and fast rule for this one. You can get a fade without being so dramatic and over the top. There are certain fade haircuts that possess a very shallow area, which is skintight. In such cases, that may possibly last for merely an inch at the back of your neck. This technique demands a certain set of skills on behalf of the barbers because you desire a smooth and great taper but in a shorter space. The look however is undoubtedly gorgeous for men.

To give you an example, let us talk about the classic Caesar cut. We all know that this is a close crop, typically linked with movies of the ancient Greeks. While certain men prefer their tapers to run down their necks, the other prefer their skin to come up to the crown. This look also pairs tremendously well with short or medium length hair on top, which you can style in a messy or slick chic.

Another fun and interesting style, especially for young boys is the ‘blowout’. It contains a spiked, choppy sort of look and usually goes best with a low skin fade. This way there is plenty of room left for an outstretched mop of spikes. However, if you opt for this cut you should be prepared to use styling products as needed.



Best Hairstyles to Showcase Your Fade

Fade haircuts can be either low, mid or high in cut. However, all temp styles do their own fantastic bit to accentuate the tapered hair on your sides and the back and the longer hair on the top of your head.

Some of the best hairstyles in your fade cut typically ask for shorter sides and longer hair on top. We have compiled a list of all fade hairstyles from side parts, comb-overs to faux hawk and pompadour as well as some cool in-betweens.

Fade with a Side Part

We promise you this is one hair styling that are both casual and professional but oozes tons of charm. The side part fade haircut is one that stood the test of time. It is generally a neatly finished style with a structure to achieve a sophisticated look for you. When you pair this one with your side-tapered hair, you will see an epitome of a modern gentleman right before your eyes.

When you aim for a side part fade for yourself, you should start with your hair slightly damp, ideally after a shower. Make sure you apply a good clay, wax, or pomade evenly all through your hair. Next, part your hair with a comb. Stick close to your natural part while sweeping your hair to one side. For a more textured finish, style your hair with the help of a brush or even your fingers.

Comb Over Fade

Another icon in classic hairstyle category for men is the comb over fade. This style has not lost its powers to make men look handsome and fashionable no matter what. Just like the side part, there has to be a parting in your hair for the comb over. The primary difference lies in the fact that the comb over of modern times contains less structure but has more texture and flow as you have to sweep almost all the hair off to one side. Again, like every other hairstyle of this category, you can choose from a variety of option for a comb over hairstyle.

Take the example of a low fade comb over. This look comes under the old-fashioned version and flatters older men and professionals more than the others. This version is the most appropriate for men who wish to have as little of their scalp exposed as possible. The high fade comb over on the other hand is ultra modern and trendy and makes a great disconnected hairstyle with very short sides but thick and longer hair at the top. The perfect balance in this hairstyle is struck with mid fade comb over.

If you still want more options to consider, you can check out the taper fade as opposed to the skin fade. This hairstyle makes for an attractive option for all the men who have receding hairlines or suffer from thinning hair. The bald fade comb over looks like a very modern transformation for them without exposing the underlying problem. Therefore, whether you have curly, fine, or thick hair, we guarantee the comb over fade will look nothing less than elegantly stylish on you!

Pompadour Fade

Pompadour fade is a modern hairstyle’s beautiful variation. It is a great example of why long top haircuts and short sides will always remain as one of the greatest men’s hairstyle of all times. The cut also combines successfully with mid, high, low or skin fades and a wide range of lengths and hair types. In fact, men possessing long, medium, or short hair can still attempt the pompadour fade with only the difference of varying volume and heights.

The pompadour hairstyles incorporate cropped sides so men have the option of using pomade to achieve a shiny finish or for a more natural or textured look they can opt for wax. So regardless of how you style your pompadour, you will still have a style that is bound to make your jaw drop.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk Fade

If you are a guy then this is one trendy haircut you cannot fail to miss. The fohawk varies from the Mohawk in combining the tapered sides of your hair with the thicker hair on the top of your head, styled towards the middle. The faux hawk fade haircuts flawlessly style all short, medium, and long hair and never fall short of being desirable and edgy. If you are all for experimenting exciting new styles, you should ask your barber how the faux hawk taper fade will suit you.

Quiff Fade

Quiff Fade

The quaff haircut with a fade ranks among the topmost stylish and alluring hairstyles for men. This styled initially began at the pompadour’s humble variant, but modernity soon morphed the quaff family into one of the most highly demanded haircuts in the barbershops globally.

You too can make a bold fashion statement with this one. All you will need is a low or high fade on your sides and a quaff of short on long hair on the top. There is no denying the fact that initially you may find this process a little time consuming, but with sufficient practice and being armed with the right hair products, this will become your go to style of all time and quite worthily so.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade

We call this the most rebellious of all fades in the list. It does not opt for the shaved traditional sides. Instead, it tapers very high and short which encourages men all the more to experiment the Mohawk fade. Depending on your choice of hair product, your taper Mohawk can adjust wavy, thick, long short, and curly hair quite easily. If you want to get even more provocative and unique, you must get a taper and Mohawk fade as you grown out a beard.

Short Hair Fade

When we talk about short hair fades, we typically mean short haircuts like the French crop, crew cut, buzz cut, spiky hair and the high and tight cut. If you want to stay away from hair of one single length and maximize the contrast instead, we would suggest you to opt for a high bald fade, which would allow you to have extremely short sides when you get a short haircut on the top.


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Long Hair Fade

We do not exaggerate when we see that stylish men, hipsters, and Millennials rank this as the best choice for fade cuts. By teaming up long hair on the top with low, mid or high fade, stylists hold the ability to offer you a range of haircuts from the quaff and comb over to the top knot and man bun. We cannot forget to mention here that even ponytails and man braids look simple gorgeous when combined with your faded sides. Therefore, if there is any guy who has secretly been dreaming of growing his hair out, this long hairstyle look is just for you. Go grab it.

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