95 Curly Bob Hairstyles that Will Make 2021 Your Trendiest Year

This year is without a doubt the year of the curly bob. How do we know? One simple look at the red carpets of the world or on Instagram is enough to show you. Absolutely everyone from Lily James to Kaya Gerber to Saoirse Ronan is wearing the curly bob. All of these beautiful and famous ladies have opted for a blunt cut, a collar bone length, or even more elegant and stylish versions of the same hairstyle. Actress Millie Bobby Brown debuted the curly bob in a set of sizzling hot pictures on her personal Instagram. She likened herself to the character Baby from the movie Dirty Dancing seeing as she was wearing the same style of curly bob. 

By now we are quite sure that you’re ready to hop on the trend and get this amazing hairstyle as well. As a result, we have put together a list comprising the best ways in which you can wear the curly bob. Scroll through our many ideas and choose the one that is best suited for your face type and hair texture. Enjoy!


Curly Bob with Curly Bangs 

As one of the main trends this year, the curly bob has been all the rage on the red carpet. But the biggest faces in Hollywood have also managed to mix it up with another gigantic trend that has been making the rounds on Instagram. We are talking of course about curly bangs. Despite the fact that pairing up a curly bob with equally curly bangs might seem like a good idea, we do have to warn you about one thing. 

Before you get this dramatic hairstyle, you absolutely have to confer with your hairstylist. Curly bangs are not for everyone. They depend a lot on your facial structure. As a result, do yourself a kindness and ask your hairstylist if he or she thinks this is a good idea for you.

Jennifer Lopez Curly Bob 

Is there anything that Jennifer Lopez cannot pull off? The singer and actress is 50 years old and can get away with practically anything. Including a dramatic hairstyle such as the curly bob. Here she is waving regally at a red carpet event. She is sporting a vintage version of the curly bob with 40s style large curls. Although this is not a hairstyle meant to be worn on an everyday basis, you can use Jennifer’s look as an inspiration for your wedding day. You can also try this version of the bob for a Christmas party or for any type of special event you have to attend.

The Shaggy Bob

If you’re in love with the 60s, we have the perfect hairstyle for you. Of course, this is not the exact type of hairstyle that women used to wear during that decade. Wearing an exact replica of those hairstyles would seem outdated today. This is a shaggy curly bob inspired by the hippy haircuts of the 60s. It has a modern touch to it that makes it suitable to be worn during the 2020s. It’s the perfect summer hairstyle that will look amazing if you wear it at a music festival.

The Casual Curly Bob 

Speaking of hairstyles that you can wear on a daily basis, here is the version of the curly bob that will suit a casual day at the office. The reason why we have chosen this particular version is the fact that it’s both easy to style and very versatile. This means that you won’t have to waste a lot of time in the morning getting ready. And that you can use your creativity and imagination to change it every day so that you don’t get bored. For example, on Mondays, you can try a simple headband to make everything sweeter. We know how difficult Mondays can be!

Brie Larson Curly Bob 

If a certain haircut is good enough for Captain Marvel, then it is definitely good enough for us. In this case, we are talking about the curly bob and about actress Brie Larson. Here she is sporting a paparazzi blonde curly bob with a few platinum highlights and mushroom brown roots. The actress also has a deep side part that gives her a very natural and casual look. We also love the natural makeup look, which makes it seem as if she has just rolled out of bed.

Sarah Paulson Bob 

Here is an example of a perfectly chosen hairstyle for your facial structure. Actress Sarah Paulson probably has one of the best hair stylists in Hollywood. Because they knew exactly what hairstyle to give her. Sarah is wearing a jaw length curly bob with a deep undefined side part. The reason why this hairstyle fits her so well is because she has a very square jaw line and angled chin. By wearing this jaw length bob with very soft curls, the attention is drawn away from her sharp angles. Apart from that, the curls soften her sharp features. 

Margot Robbie Bob 

When you are as beautiful as actress Margot Robbie, there is absolutely nothing that you won’t be able to pull off. The perfect example of that is this gorgeous photoshoot that the actress participated in. She is wearing a 1920s toward 1930s shoulder length bob with a few artificial curls set perfectly in it. One of the things we love the most about this look is the dramatic, almost flapper makeup. She is wearing burgundy eye shadow and lipstick that match her dress perfectly.

The Volumized Curly Bob 

If you want to add extra volume to your curly bob, you can get a set of extensions. This is the simplest way to achieve the volumized and full-bodied look that you see so much of on Instagram. There are different types and textures of extensions you can get. For example, you can get synthetic extensions, which are cheaper. Or you can get natural, human hair extensions that are costlier. You can also opt for either temporary or permanent extensions, depending on your budget and your needs. If Ariana Grande does it why can’t you? You like my hair – gee thanks just bought it! 

Elegant Curly Bob 

The fact that you can wear a curly bob on any occasion is a testament to how versatile this hairstyle really is. With the correct styling and hair care products, you can transform this casual haircut into one elegant and suitable for black tie occasions. Make sure to accessorize properly and to match your makeup to the occasion.

The Autumn Bob 

Getting ready for autumn can be difficult if you are trying to decide what hairstyle and hair colour to wear. Luckily we have your back. The curly bob is the perfect haircut for the cold season. It is long enough so that you can still style it however you choose. But it is short enough so that you can wear high collars and scarves without your hair getting caught in them. If you want to go all the way, choose a color that is reminiscent of autumn shades. This copper red is absolutely perfect. 

The Summer Bob 

Seeing as it is such a versatile haircut, the curly bob transitions incredibly well from one season to the other. Here is an example of a gorgeous summer bob. It is short in the back and slowly angles its way towards the front. We are also in love with this beautiful color. It’s a rose shade of lemonade blonde that will look stunning against your tanned skin all summer long.  

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How to Maintain Your Curly Bob 

The curly bob is a very versatile haircut that takes low to medium maintenance. Here are some tips that you need to know to ensure your hair is at peak health every single day. 

  • Choose the right shampoo for your hair 

Seeing as you have curly hair, you need to choose the shampoo that will work for this texture. The first thing you need to do is select a shampoo and conditioner combination which will not dry your curls.  

Stylists recommend a mild shampoo that does not have any chemicals in it. This includes parabens, alcohol, and sulfates. All of these chemicals might irritate your scalp and dry your hair strands.  

The best thing to do is choose a conditioner and shampoo that are mild surfactants, that do not have any fragrance, alcohol, or sulfates. 

Tip – when you have curly hair, the best thing to do is to dilute the shampoo you use in a little water when you wash. This will ensure that the product is not too harsh on your curls. At the same time, you will save up on hair care products and on money. 

  • Don’t shampoo too much! 

Curly hair becomes dry much faster than straight hair. As a result, washing it too often can remove essential moisture and natural oils from your hair strands and scalp. Stylists recommend that you only shampoo your curls once per week. At the same time, you should use a conditioner that has natural moisturizing ingredients and that will protect and seal your hair cuticles against damage from the environment. 

  • Use pre-shampoo treatments on your curly bob

Your curly hair will absolutely love the pre shampoo treatments. Believe us! This type of hair care will help to detangle and get rid of all the frizz in your hair. As a result, we recommend that you apply a conditioning oil or a hair mask every time before you step into the shower. Leave them on for 20 minutes. You can even put on a towel or a shower cap. This will help seal the hair mask and open up your cuticles to its benefits. 

  • Do not brush your curly hair! 

Alright, we agree that you might already know this piece of advice if you have curly hair. But there might also be some beginners when it comes to the curly bob. So this tip is for them. After you shower, do not brush your hair. All you have to do is run your fingers through the strands. Brushing red curly hair will thin it out and make it prone to damage and breakage. 

  • How to sleep with a curly bob

Have you ever heard of the pineapple trick for curly hair? Hair stylists have a neat little tip for everyone who has curly hair. If you are one of these people, your night time routine should include it. Create a loose top knot or bun at the top of your head every night before you go to sleep. This method ensures that there is very little friction between the pillowcase and your curly hair.  

At the same time, you should switch from your cotton pillowcase to a silk or satin one. The reason is that cotton pillowcases shed a lot of lint. This lint gets caught up in your curly hair and along with the sebum and oil you produce causes buildup that is very difficult to clean. 

  • Don’t use hot water on curly hair 

Believe it or not, hot water is not your friend if you have a curly bob. The reason is that the high temperature can create breakage and frizz because it opens up your cuticles. Moreover, hot water strips your natural sebum and oils from your hair and scalp. If you can, you should always try to wash your curly hair with cold water and a mild shampoo and conditioner.  

Are You Ready for a Curly Bob? 

Seeing as so many celebrities have chosen to wear a curly bob this year, it would be only right to name this hairstyle one of the most iconic haircuts of the season. Every red carpet and Instagram post was absolutely filled with snapshots of a beautiful Hollywood icon wearing this dramatic hairstyle. As a result, we can only encourage you to take the plunge and get a curly bob yourself. Let us know in the comment section below how it went and just how much you loved it!

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