155 Crochet Braids & How You Can Style Crochet Hair

Have you ever heard of crochet hair? If you have not, this article will tell you all you need to know about crochet. Also often referred to as latch hook braids, crochet braids are a form of technique for braiding hair. In this technique, stylists make use of fake hair to attach with yours while using a crochet needle. The art here is to make your hair look as real as can be but with the help of fake hair entwined with yours.

The process begins with all the hair on your scalp braided into cornrows so you can make crochet braids later. Crocheting hair is similar to crocheting sweaters and hats, etc., once can try out a number of styles and looks and create unique patterns of braiding. You need to discover a pattern that appeals to your so that the stylists can easily create the hairstyle you desire for you. There are a number of creations in the crochet braids category so you can get any hairstyle you fancy, from rope twists to Senegalese to thick curls, all in a natural look.

To make the style even more attractive, crochet tresses can be styled in a number of ways, buns, ponytails, knots, updos or braids. You can even wear them loose and take the look a notch higher with striking accessories like bows, golden beads, and pretty headbands. While we agree that creating the crochet braids is quite a time consuming project, we can however assure that the results will be totally worthwhile and more gorgeous than you can ever envision. Therefore, you need not worry about all your time, patience, and energy going to waste for nothing.

While crochet hairstyles are a popular rage among women of all races and colors, the style is most in demand by all the black women. In fact, there is perhaps no black woman alive who must have not once been a part of this natural journey. Every black woman is born to rock out every rod set, press and roll and other varieties of the crochet hairstyle.

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How You Can Make Crochet Hairstyles

To give you a fair idea of how to achieve this hairstyle, we have put together a list of step-by-step instructions for you.

  • You will roughly need around three or four packs of crochet hair. Make sure you only choose synthetic hair of the finest quality.
  • Begin by first choosing where you want your parting to be, you can even change it if the need arises but you will have to first ensure that you align all the cornrows in the right places. This will make it possible for you to easily switch from the middle part to the side part and vice versa.
  • You should begin by braiding your cornrows from the top proceeding all the way to the back.
  • Once you complete making the cornrows and have secured them, you will have to apply oil to their oil.
  • Next take the synthetic hair pack and start separating the coils into two or three parts. The size of the curls mainly determines the number of parts you will require and what look you have in mind. In case you are opting for braids, there will be no need for any pre-preparation.
  • You also have the freedom of deciding how close your tresses should be. The closer your tresses will be, the more volume your hairstyle will have.
  • If you are attempting the crochet all by yourself, make sure you roll up the hair you will be using as attachment tightly from the tip. This will make sure that no loose hair escapes the grip.
  • Next, attach the crochet latch on the cornrow and hook it. Then, you need to shut the latch. Finally, you will have to pull the crochet all through the braid.
  • Next loop the tail of your hair inside. Also be sure that you fix your loop at the top so that it is in close proximity to the cornrow.
  • For braids, you have to leave sufficient amount of space in between the tresses so that the braid does not end up looking too voluminous.
  • When you begin nearing the top of your head, the sections will keeping decreasing in addition to the distances between the tresses that you will attach.
  • You must have already judged by now that it is not complicated task in the least to crochet your hair. However, in case you feel unsure of your capability of handling the project all by yourself, you can get in touch with a professional braider and have them do it for you.

The best advantage that crochet hairstyles allow you is that you can wear them at any length and you would still undoubtedly look beautiful. While the most common among the crochet styles are the crochet plaits, there is however nothing to stop you from selecting the shorter styles for yourself. In fact there is a variety of short crochet hairstyles such as the elegant crochet bob, the curly crochet pixie, and plenty of others. You can also choose from a number of coils and curls no matter what look you want to have. Puffy curls, glossy curls, thicker or thinner curls, they are all yours for the taking.

If you fancy thick and big crochet braids, then you will simply have to buy more strands. However, you must at the same time bear in mind that the bigger the braids are the heavier they will be. Another fact to remember as well is that crochet hairstyles come under the category of those hairstyles that you can protect in the long run but this is untrue. Crochet hairstyles do include some percentage of damage to the hair. It is best to settle for a happy medium therefore.

In other words, what we truly want to convey is that it is always advisable to attach less crochets in case you opt for the big crochet braids. This will cause less damage to your hair and decrease the level of pain for your scalp. You must also refrain from wearing crochet braids for too long. The maximum a crochet hairstyle can last is up to 8 weeks. It all highly depends on the type of crochet you plan to install, the pattern of braid you select and how well you maintain it. It is also common knowledge that natural hair always requires high level of care so you must sufficiently moisturize it and keep it thoroughly clean.


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Which Hair Suits Crochet Braids The Best?

When you plan to crochet your braids by yourself, you may be unsure about which hair extensions, synthetic or human, would be the best for your braids. You may initially assume that the choice is really simple and uncomplicated. After all, doesn’t human hair look healthy, shiny, and real? Well you are right but there are a lot more factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the hair extension for your crochet braids.

To begin with, it is quite challenging to work with crochet hair extensions. You are unable to make just one knot to as opposed to synthetic hair. Apart from that, hair extensions are also costly. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that anyone can manage to attach hair all by himself or herself at home. We do not mean to imply over here that synthetic hair is completely free of cons because that is also not true. However, in the majority of cases, synthetic crochet hair is really the ideal option. You only have to on your part make sure that find the finest quality product to use.


Crochet Twists

Crocheting allows you to achieve any type of twist that you have dreamed about. Big twists, jumbo twists, thin twists, rope twists, and every twist you fancy is possible in the name of crocheting. All that really matters at the end of the day is the look, which your heart desires. The rest is for your professional stylist to take care of.

There have been remarkable evolutions in the crochet technique since the 90s and now, you have a number of options to choose from to achieve a look as natural as you envision. In this crochet hairstyle, you will not have any noticeable knots, there only be twists attached neatly and close to your scalp.

You can make crochet spirals not only with long hair but you can also accomplish it with an angled, mid-length bob. You will end up with quite adorable coils as a result and you want to add some more vibrancy to your mane, you can tint some of your strands in hues of chocolate brown and honey blonde. If you want a slightly rounded bob, you should opt for crochet braids of varying lengths. You can trust the shaggy layers to do a fine job for you. Besides, trust us when we say that short crochet hair is a breeze to manage.

As we have already mentioned earlier, we would like to again emphasize on the fact that there are an endless number of cool looks, which you can accomplish with your crochet hair. Take the loose crochet dreadlocks for example. They have a middle parting and in no way skimp on the extravagance and sassy appeal. Don’t you agree?

Another variant in which you can absolutely floor with your crochet braids is by untwisting merely the ends of your dreadlocks and letting them loose to look wavy. Allow a portion of your tresses to hang around the front of your face while the rest of the tresses remain swept back. To add even more fire hotness to this style, you can flaunt a deep purple or a loud color for example.


Crochets and Colors

Sticking to one color for an endless time period gets quite boring, doesn’t it ladies? We all want some color in our lives. Why not begin with our hair? We all can acknowledge the fact that any brilliantly chosen hair color has magical powers of making your hairstyle unforgettable for years to come and transforming you to look more like a diva than ever before. Sometimes, trying on a new look and looking like a different person is really what you need to spice up on your outlook on life.

What we are trying to imply here that there are often periods when our personalities truly require a change of hairstyle and our hair color. It goes a long way in adding a missing spark in our lives. Who doesn’t feel good when they look good after all? Those time periods are especially when you are at the lowest point in your life, such as a breakup with a longtime boyfriend, trying to recover from a personal calamity etc. The equation is as simple as new hair color equals to new you. However, getting a new hair color is not as easy as it sounds. There are endless decisions to make, a lot of courage to gather and a lot of research in finding the perfect hair color to suit your personality.


For situations just like this, you have the options of crochet colored hair now. Yes you read that right. There are a number of colored crochet hairs easily available in the markets. This will save you big time from all the hassle involved in getting an actual hair color change. When the occasion or the mood calls for it don’t dye your hair, just go and get yourself crochet colored hair of your desired color and that’s it. There are endless options of hair colors for the crochet strands to choose from so you are sure to find the color of your dreams.

For an in the spur of the moment coloristic solution, you can get yourself the contrasting blend of snow white and raven black colors of crochet hair. Such mixed looks promise to turn heads with the free- flowing crochet tresses. The ombre technique is by far the popular look highly in demand in the fashion world and rightfully so. Ombre has the amazing ability to turn any ordinary hairstyle into a mind blowing one.

You can also play and experiment with different colors as your creativity guides you. You can take your crochet mane levels higher with bright burgundy, platinum blonde, deep teal, calm grey and other hues and colors. Since it is purely the hair color that really sets the stage for your hairstyle, it is therefore important to choose one with utmost care and precision so as not to mess up your look.


Crochet Hair with Bangs

If you are already smitten with crochet braids and think it can’t get any better, then we have a little surprise for you. Crochet hair can get a lot more attractive than it already is with the addition of some cool bangs. That’s right, bangs! Curly hair and bangs are usually not a common sight but let’s not rule them out altogether just yet. There are several reasons why curly hair is hardly ever seen featuring bangs but primarily, it is the difficult of styling curly hair that makes bangs unpopular with them.

The fact here though is that bangs only don’t blend with naturally curly hair. When it comes to crochet curly hair, the rules just change dramatically. Crochet hair is capable enough of retaining the shape and not getting matted. Therefore, you see your brand new crochet curly hair with bangs is just the thing your life needs.


Some Extras with Crochet Hair

Finally, you may be clueless as to what hairstyles you can accomplish with your crochet hair. Girls are often hesitant or just afraid that they have limited options at their disposal since the knots in their hair might be visible. Well they visible overall that’s true but not in the negative way you think. We of course do not suggest wearing sleek ponytails and such but apart from this there is generally plenty you can do for any hairstyle with your crochet hair.

You can initially take baby steps with a loose ponytail, which is one of the easiest and coolest ways of keeping your face free from some distracting tresses. All you have to do with this one is pile your hair high on the crown, secure it with a ponytail, split the whole of it into two equal parts and drape them on each shoulder to frame your face gently.

If you have always fallen short in the darling voluminous locks will solve the volume problem on your head. Another great option for a crochet hairstyle is the Mohawk made with thick crochet braids. To achieve this one, you will have to tie a couple of knots on the top to achieve the hawk shape and then allow the cornrows on the sides to accentuate it.

For all those gorgeous girls blessed with ultra-long crochet braids, we suggest them to twist their gorgeous locks in a huge chignon bun and let loose some strands from the front to wrap them around the bun. You are going to love this gorgeous hairdo we promise.


Crochet Weaving

Crochet weaving is everybody’s favorite we know. This is because crochet weaving enables you to get any curls, twists, braids or anything else you want. Even better is the fact that you can get any length with crochet weaving that you desire. It all really lies in your hands in how you plan to go about it. If you want long crochet braids, you can get them. If you die for short crochet braids, you can get them. It is really as easy as all that.

How many times can you remember when your heart truly longed and dreamed for long hair but you were unable to grow it so long? The beauty with crochet hair is that like the fairy Godmother, it grants you the wish your heart desires. Oh, but only with your hair of course. With crochet hair you don’t need to wait for long hair endlessly at all. It will take only a few hours to get your gorgeous long faux locks and your dream to come true.


Crochet Updos

There is a long journey involved when it comes to crochet hair updos. The process has to begin with your hair braided in crochet hair cornrows. Next step involves attaching the crochet hair. After completing this time-consuming process, only then can you play with your crochet tresses and make updos you dream of with it. While they make take a little extra time, effort and patience, the updos reward you in full for all you invest in them.

All you need to do is look at the whole process from a positive point of view. There are endless variants that you couldn’t possibly accomplish without crochet hair. They bring volume, texture, uniqueness and are simply beautiful to say the least. Take the example of a comfortable hairstyle with the braided bun piled high on the crown of your head. Tell us one reason why you cannot call this hairstyle effortless, elegant, and great for all occasions.


Crochet Braid Pattern

As goes with everything related to crochet hair, braid patterns also come in a wide variety in crochet hair. These serve as the foundation of the crochet hair you desire. The easiest way to begin with is braid the hair all the way back. Some girls find it more convenient to have more cornrows in the front of their head than the back. It is easy to achieve this; you only have to merge two rows halfway in between the braiding process. This way will give you the freedom to part your hair any way you wish to.

If you have a style in mind that features a fringe, you should look into a beehive pattern, which is also a common option for weaves. If you consider the vixen pattern alternately, you will get maximum flexibility to flaunt any updo styles comfortably without exposing your rows.

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