75 Coffin Nails Designs that Are Super in Trend Right Now

Also called ‘ballerina nails’ the latest trend in nail art has been embraced by every fashionable woman out there, including many celebrities. We’re talking about coffin nails, of course! Sporting a very elegant tapered top that is squared off to give the illusion of the dreaded but oh, so cool coffin, these nail designs will knock you off your feet.

Here are the some of the most interesting designs to choose from this season, as well as tips and tricks on how to care for your coffin nails, a set of FAQs, and much more info that will help you out!


What Are Coffin Nails?

When it comes to coffin nails, the name should tell you everything you need to know. That’s because the nails received this rather scary nickname given the fact that they resemble yes, you’ve guessed it, an actual coffin.

In other words, the nails are very long and tapered toward the end. In this regard, they look exactly like stiletto nails. But this is where the similarities stop. Because unlike stiletto nails, coffin nails have a flat top rather than a pointy one, which makes them look so much like a coffin.

The nails are also called ‘ballerina nails’ because they also look so much like a ballet slipper. They have a very tight C-curve, the top is tapered, and the free edge is very straight. You can call them anything you want!

Who Invented Coffin Nails?

It is not exactly clear who came up with the idea or the concept behind coffin nails. However, everyone pretty much agrees that they became a world wide trend for the first time back in 2015. 

Kylie Jenner was among the first major influencers who transformed coffin nails into her signature style. She started posting pictures of her new found aesthetic on Instagram and, since then, the world can’t get enough of coffin nails. 

One of the main reasons why people took to this trend so much is that the nails look extremely neat and elegant when painted with cool, neutral, or nude tones. Apart from that, unlike other nail styles such as stiletto, for example, coffin nails allow for much more space to add nail art. As a result, everyone has been wearing them ever since.

The Most Beautiful Coffin Nail Designs This Season

If it’s Instagram looks you want, we have them! Here are some of the best designs for coffin nails that people are sporting this season. Take your pic!

Nude pink coffin nails

Here is the most basic but also the classic coffin design you can get. This is the coffin shape in all it’s elegant glory, painted in a simple shade of nude pink. It has often been stated by nail technicians and acrylic lovers alike that nude shades as well as matte ones are the best for coffin nails. As you can see from this example, they do seem to bring out the best in this shape.

Retro coffin nails

If you love the 60s, then this is the design for you. The color scheme for this set of coffin nails seems lifted from the decade when women used to wear bouffants and beehives. The acrylic nails sport a combination of nude beige, aqua blue, and sunny yellow. This is the type of color combination that you could see all throughout the 60s, a decade that also gave birth to the Peacock Revolution. 

The nails also rock a great geometric pattern that is also reminiscent of the same decade, as well as a small ornament made from clear rhinestones on the middle finger. All in all, we are absolutely in love with this retro idea and we know you will be too!

Peaches and gold

Anyone in the mood for peaches? Here is the perfect design for summer. These coffin nails sport a wonderful color story made up of a sweet peach shade, glitter, and gold. What more could you want? Understated yet glamorous at the same time, this nail design will be a talking point wherever you go. Not to mention how gorgeous it will look in all your Instagram stories. As far as summer looks go, you cannot go wrong with peach, gold, and a bit of glitter to top it all off!

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Matte mint coffin nails

Matte shades of nail polish are, arguably, the best choice when it comes to this nail design. Of course, you are free to wear any type of polish you choose, but there is no denying that there is something about the combination of coffin nails and matte shades that really creates a bit of magic.

This example showcases an outstanding shade of matte mint. The nails themselves have been kept extremely understated. This means that there are no other colors, patterns, or accessories added to the design. The mint green color will do all the talking here. Apart from that, this choice of aesthetic will act as a background for your most beloved pieces of jewelry.

Galaxy coffin nails

Mixing two beloved trends at the same time? Well, why not? Of course, mixing two trends can either be outstanding or it can go really badly. It all depends on how you do it. This idea asks you to try combining coffin nails and galaxy nails at the same time.

Coffin nails refers to the shape of the nails in itself, while galaxy refers to the patterns or the design. This is, without a doubt, a bold choice, as both trends are a lot to take in. However, if you manage to pull this one off, you’ve got yourself one of the best looks of the season!

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Nail designs for Easter

One of the most amazing things about coffin nails is that because of their shape, they allow for much more shape for nail art. Therefore, if you want to decorate your nails for a special holiday, you definitely can.

Here is an example of what you can do for Easter. The color scheme here is comprised of egg yolk yellow and white polka dots, two of the colors most associated with this holiday. But feel free to throw in some baby pink or pastels in there because this is the spring after all! We also love the little egg and chicken designs that talk about rebirth and the coming of spring!

Black coffin nails

When it comes to coffin nails, you cannot go wrong with matte black. As a matter of fact, this might be the most beloved color aesthetic of all. After all, they are called coffin nails, right? Still, as gorgeous as matte black nail polish is, we do advise you to embellish it a little. Otherwise, the nails could end up looking a little too witchy.

For example, you can use black and white rhinestones that won’t take the focus off the matte black. But they will add a touch of texture and break the monotony of the design. Not to mention the fact that the entire look will appear much more glamorous and luxurious. This set of coffin nails is perfect for a party, a wedding, New Year’s Eve, and even a fancy Christmas where you really want to shine.

Nautical themed coffin nails

It’s summertime and you’re going on holiday to the seaside! What better way to celebrate that than with a set of nautical themed coffin nails? What does that entail? There are some classic elements of the nautical look that you absolutely have to use if you want to do this aesthetic justice. Examples include shades of white and bleumarin, and certain types of decorations such as faux pearls.

Clear coffin nails

Clear acrylic nails are a trend only meant for the brave. There is no doubt that they can look a little freaky but that’s the whole appeal. Clear coffin nails can be decorated with a geometric pattern as well as some rhinestones placed strategically to draw attention to the fact that your nails as transparent. Or, if you’re really brave, you can simply let them be transparent. That’s going to be a bold look for your next Instagram selfies! Take inspiration from the many celebrities who have already rocked this look.

Coffin Nails FAQs

If you’re new to the world of coffin nails or just acrylic nails in general, we’ve got your back. Here is a list of FAQs that will answer everything you ever wanted to know before you get a set of these beauties.

  • How much do coffin nails cost?

The price of a set of coffin nails depends on many factors. This includes the salon you visit, how experienced your technician is, the materials he or she uses for your nails, as well as the design you want. 

Simply put, the more complicated the design you choose, the more money you will have to pay. However, on average, if you choose a basic design that requires the nails themselves to be installed as well as a simple coat of nail polish, the medium price should be $50.

  • Can coffin nails be short?

Yes, of course! They can be any length you want. Most women choose to install sets of medium to long coffin nails. But you can have yours any length you want. This will ensure you are still on trend while being able to enjoy a care-free lifestyle.

  • Are coffin nails natural?

No, they are not. Coffin nails are essentially a type of acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are fake nails that a technician glues to your natural nails. Therefore, you can ask for any size, length or color you want.

  • Do coffin nails hurt?

No, they do not. In fact, if the job has been done correctly, you should not feel your fake nails at all. However, if you are experiencing any pain, irritation, burning sensations, or discomfort of any kind, there may be several reasons for that. It could be that the nail technician has filed your natural nail too much and, by doing so, has hurt you. It could also be that the glue they used was too old or not meant to be used in this process. Please consult a physician.

  • Are coffin nails safe?

Yes, they are. Just like any other type of acrylic nails, there is nothing in the making of coffin nails that could harm your health. All the ingredients and chemicals used are safe and have been approved by the proper authorities.

  • Can children wear coffin nails?

In terms of safety reasons, children can wear this type of nails without being in any kind of danger. Acrylic nails are safe for everyone. However, you should make sure that the school your child attends allows this type of nail style before you have them installed.

  • Can coffin nails fall off?

Yes, they can. Just like any other type of acrylic nails, coffin nails will start to fall off after two or three weeks of wearing them. This is when the glue starts to get weak. However, please bear in mind that they can also fall off sooner if you don’t take care of them properly, if you engage in a lot of manual work, or if the glue used to hold them was cheap or expired.

Coffin Nails Pros and Cons

Rhianna wears them. Zendaya wears them. Kylie Jenner has made them popular by posting about them on Instagram non stop since 2015. But are there any drawbacks to coffin nails? This is where we explore the pros and cons to coffin nails.


  • Coffin nails are here to make a statement. In other words, they look absolutely stunning and theatrical, in the best way possible. Therefore, if your goal is to impress everyone, to boost your Instagram account, or to get more followers, this is the way to do it!
  • They look incredible when paired with matte nail polish. As a result, if this is your aesthetic – everything matte and elegant – these are definitely the nails for you. The coffin or ballerina shoe nails were simply made to hold a large amount of matte nail polish that just looks stunning.
  • Coffin nails are one of the most beloved nails trends of the moment. And you know what that means. That, if you post pictures of your nails on Insta, you are sure to get as many likes and followers as you want. Why should Kylie be the only one to do it?


  • They elongate the fingers and make them look very thin. Of course, this is fantastic news for a lot of people out there. But what happens when you already have long and thin fingers? If you do, maybe this shape is not for you!
  • Coffin nails require a lot of maintenance. And, unfortunately, it’s not the type of maintenance that you can do yourself. One single wrong twist of the file and you can ruin the whole beautiful shape of the ballerina shoe. Therefore, if you want to change anything about your nails or simply want to maintain them a little, you will need to book an appointment at you salon.
  • They are not very practical. Coffin nails are better suited for extreme lengths. That’s mainly why only a very long nail can show off the beautiful shape best. However, length also means that you might not be able to play sports, do housework, type if this is what you do for a living, or take care of children, among others.

How to Care for Coffin Nails

The pros have spoken. We know you are eager to find out as many tips and tricks as you possibly can about caring for your coffin nails. So here are most important pieces of advice professional nail technicians have to share on the matter.

  • Always be gentle with your nails

Remember that these are acrylic nails! Therefore, even if they seem tough enough to break through a brick, that doesn’t mean that you should. Please don’t use your coffin nails to open soda cans or to rip through packages.

You run the risk of breaking one of the nails or simply unsticking it. Still, what’s even more important is that, since the nails are glued to your own natural nail, you could very well damage your fingers also.

  • Do not get your coffin nails wet for a long time

Essentially, the only time you should get your acrylic nails wet is when you are washing your hands or taking a shower. And even then, you should not linger for too long in the bathroom.

Coffin nails are not meant to spend a long time under running water. There are several reasons for this. First of all, water will loosen the glue that bonds the acrylic nails to your own natural ones. Second of all, fake nails are much more prone to develop fungi and bacteria than natural ones. Water will only help that growth.

Therefore, make sure not to spend too much time in water. Dry your hands as best as you can. If you have to perform water-based activities such as swimming, washing dishes, or giving your pet a bath, always wear protective gloves!

  • Repair any damage as soon as possible

If your coffin nails get damaged, repair them as soon as you can! Any crack or chip in your acrylic nails will be much easier to fix if it’s small or fresh. The longer you wait, the bigger and more expensive to fix it will become. Not to mention that it will cause even more damage.

  • Stay away from acetone!

This is your number one enemy when you have coffin nails. Or any type of acrylic nails for that matter. Acetone deteriorates acrylic, making dents in your nails. Instead, you can use alcohol or WD-40. They both go very well with acrylic.

While we are on the subject, you should also try to stay away from other things that damage acrylic nails. Examples include high heat, Goo-Gone, and turpentine.

  • Nourish your nails every day

Use a neutral and natural oil such as grape seed or jojoba oil to moisturize your nails every single day. This will allow them to remain flexible and not crack as your natural nails grow underneath. Not to mention that it will keep your cuticles looking flawless.

  • Apply a top coat

There is a common misunderstanding running around coffin nails and acrylic nails in general. That once you have them installed at the salon, your job is done for the next three weeks. That’s not true.

While we do agree that acrylic nails are quite hard and will last impact as well as wear and tear far better that natural nails, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. In reality, coffin nails do start to crack and develop micro fractures all the time. 

Therefore, it’s your job to apply a clear coat of polish to your nails once a week and in between appointments. This will seal all the micro fractures and keep your nails looking perfect at all times. You can also visit your salon once every fortnight so that they can refill your nails. In this way, you can reduce the risk of getting bacteria in your nails as well.

  • Hygiene is crucial

One of the things that most people are not aware of is that acrylic coffin nails gather much more bacteria than natural nails. Therefore, it is crucial that you stick to a strict hygiene routine. Wash your hands as often as you can using antibacterial soap. At the same time, run a Q-tip that has been soaking in alcohol under your nails every single night before you go to sleep. This will ensure all the bacteria and germs will be killed off.

What about you?

Are you as in love with coffin nails as we are? Let us know down in the comment section if the coffin nail trend is something you would like to try. Or perhaps you have tried it already and would like to share your experience with us!

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