21 Braid Styles to Beautify Your Look

Braids are a common hairstyle, and many civilizations have used it for centuries as a way to manage their hair. Nowadays, people not only use this hairstyle because it keeps their hair from flying everywhere, but also because of how versatile it is. It allows you to put in your hairstyling skills and techniques to create extraordinary braids. Many people prefer wearing braids because it protects your hair from breaking and it keeps it intact in one place, reducing the chances of any hair coming on your face.

If you want to learn and explore different braiding styles, you should take a look at these gorgeous braid styles below that will give you some braiding inspiration:

1. French Braid

french braids

The French braid is a classic braid style known for its comfort and beautiful look. You can play around with your French braid and mix it up with different braiding styles as well. A French braid is perfect for any type of occasion or activity. From school to a formal dinner, you can easily pull off this look anywhere at any time. So the next time you’re looking for something that speaks professional but at the same time induces a school-going vibe, French braid is what you should go for.

2. Dutch Braiddutch braids

The Dutch braid is a more advanced version of the French braid. It is a type of braid that showcases your hair rather than covering all of it. You have to create a plait in order to have a Dutch braid. You can create different styles and braids by using the plait hairstyle technique. A Dutch braid is known for its uniqueness and it will surely go well with anything from your closet.

3. Box Braidsbox braids

If you want to go with a whole new level of braid styles, you can try the classic box braid style. Box braids are thick braids that you section into squares and work into individual plaits. This braid style is more suitable for natural hair and is the best hairstyle if you want to protect your hair from heat and chemicals. If you don’t have the length for box braids, you can easily get extensions. You will have to put in a lot of effort into making box braids; however, you will love the outcome and the ease of not having to change your hairstyle every day. So rock these box braids with your next summery outfit.

4. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braids

A fishtail braid is another interesting braid hairstyle. You can create a fishtail braid using the Dutch or French braiding technique. The design may look a bit difficult, but it is very easy when it comes to making it. All you have to do is separate your hair into small sections and keep braiding it using any braiding technique. This hairstyle is the perfect choice for an everyday look and brings out a very innocent feature.

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5. Crochet Braids


Crochet braid is another type of braiding style and technique that helps you achieve long braids. This style first requires you to braid your hair into loose cornrows that act as a base for your crochet braids. Then, you start making your crochet design using hair extensions that you will thread in. If you don’t want to spend too much time making them, you can get ready-made crochet braids. These braids are unique in their own way and they look stunning.

6. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are one of the most exotic looking braids that really do make you look and feel like a goddess. These braids are thicker in nature and are much more fashionable. Goddess braids are perfect when putting it up in an Updo or ponytail and look even better when they’re let loose. In order to make this, you have to use the underhand braiding style. You can add more depth to your Goddess braids by adding rings and wires in your braids. So get ready to rock those Goddess braids on a girl’s night out.

7. Lemonade Braids

lemonade braids

One of the most versatile braids is the lemonade braids that people have been crazy about, especially after the famous pop star singer wore them on the cover of her hit album ‘Lemonade.’ To achieve this hairstyle, you have to create cornrows that flow from left to right. You can make lemonade braids in different styles and sizes depending on the type of hair and length you have. If you want to feel like Queen B, you should definitely give these lemonade braids a try.

8. Cornrow Braids


Cornrow braids are one of the most trending and popular braid designs that you will love wearing every day to your workplace or school. In this style, you have to braid your hair extremely close to your scalp and create raised plaits with the help of the underhand technique. You have to create each braid in neat rows, which is what makes it so unique and stylish. The best part about cornrows is that it protects your hair from any damage and lasts for weeks, so you don’t have to worry about changing your hairstyle every day. Get your style on and get ready to rock cornrow braids on your next adventure.

9. Feed-In Braids

feed in braids

Feed-in braids are a very classy hairstyle that people have widely started to use. You can make both cornrows and box braids on this hairstyle. You will need hair extensions, which the hairstylist will plant together to create the perfect braid. This style involves a mix of braids, giving it a very blended look. If you’re aiming for a long-hair hairstyle, this is the best for you and will go well for a festival or concert.

10. Tribal Braids


The use of Tribal braids has grown from the earliest tribes in Africa and is now a fashion statement. Tribal braids traditionally mark and express a person’s standing and heritage. The best part about these braids is that you can make them in different sizes and can use different braiding techniques. There is no limit to creativeness when it comes to tribal braids. These braids also give you a very retro vibe and go well while you’re traveling and touring. Make your next vacation stop in Africa and pull off these tribal braids there.

11. Yarn Braids

yarn braids

Yarn braids are another braided hairstyle that uses extensions made from acrylics. These braids are a big fashion statement and look very vibrant because of colored material that comes in shades of red, blue, pink, green, peach and many more. These braids are perfect for autumn and winter as they keep your head warm with warm fabric.  This style works very well on natural hair and you can make them in different styles and lengths.  There’s no harm in getting a bit fancy with your hair and going unique. The next time you plan to go for a holiday or a festival, don’t forget about these cool yarn braids.

12. Fulani Braids


Traveled all the way from Africa, Fulani braids are now a signature braiding style that people from all over the world adore. Fulani braids were a signature hairstyle for the Fula people of West Africa. To get this style, you have to first braid your hair into thin plaits in rows, along the sides of your head, accordingly. This creates a central twist at the crown. This hairstyle has a unique touch, especially when you add jewelry to it, such as hair cuffs, rings, or beads. You have the freedom to use different styles while trying out the Fulani braid. So if you want to showcase the footsteps of the olden African tribes this hairstyle in the best way to do it.

13. Ghana Braids


Ghana braids are made up of micro braids and are mostly made on the front through the backside of the hair. You have to keep on adding more hair to make the braids bigger and thicker. You can get creative and use different patterns for Ghana braids. No matter what pattern you use, Ghana braids are an absolute stunner and will change the whole outlook of your hair and outfit. So get ready to look dashing as ever with those Ghana braids.

14. Jumbo Box Braids


Jumbo box braids are the perfect braid hairstyle for you if you’re looking to achieve a bolder look. These braids are extremely thick and bushy and also allow you to showcase your hair color. If you want to add a bolder touch to your jumbo braids, you can accessorize then with some rings or beads. If you have thick hair, this is the right choice for you. So if you’re in a mood for some reggae, go ahead and try out these marvelous jumbo braids.

15. Butterfly Braid


The butterfly braid features a very natural and unique look. It includes a big braid that is a bit fluffy, so it requires the use of extensions for better thickness. It is only the braid that is thick and you can make it thicker and fluffier by pulling a few sections of your braid. The rest of the hair is usually made out of cornrow braids and you can add accessories to make it more presentable and stylish. After you have achieved the look, you will then see how the braid falls into a butterfly shape. So get a bit creative with your braid and try out this interesting butterfly braid.

16. Halo Braid


Looking for something that will go perfect for a wedding or maybe an award show? Look no more because, with this Halo braid style, all eyes will be on you, looking elegant as ever. In order to make this braid, you have first to bring all of your hair to one side. Then, begin using the Dutch braiding technique starting from the left and then gradually going on to the right. This flow will help you to achieve a raised halo look. Keep adding more sections of hair to your braid, and soon as you’re done twisting the last portion of your hair and tuck it in.

17. Braided Ponytail


This may seem like a surprise to some of you but you can also make a ponytail out of braids. All you have to do is braid your hair into whatever style you want, for example, crochet or cornrow and tie them up into a high ponytail. For a neater look warp some of your braids over the hair tie to cover it. This hairstyle will suit anything and everything especially whenever you want to feel and stay comfortable.

18. Wrap Around Braided Buns


You can also tie your braids into a bun and achieve the perfect festival look. In order to achieve this look, you have to create two separate Dutch braids from the nape of your neck and go all the way till the crown. Then go on to creating a double Dutch braid by starting at the front of your head and braiding back to meet the other braid. Secure all the remaining hair into a small ponytail and twist the loose hair into two separate buns. This hairstyle is definitely worth trying and will help you achieve a unique and fresh look.

19. Waterfall Braids

waterfall braids

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will look perfect for a bridesmaid or flower girl, look no more! There’s no better option than these waterfall braids that will help bring a romantic touch to your wedding. These braids are somewhat like French braids; the only difference is that instead of braiding all your hair, you only have to braid across the top portion of your hair, leaving the rest of your hair loose. For a pretty effect, you can add in some fresh flowers into your braid making it look like the perfect hairstyle for a wedding.

20. Mohawk Braid


The Mohawk braid is the perfect hairstyle if you’re aiming towards a punk rock style. The easiest way to make a Mohawk braid is to make a thick Dutch braid on the center of your head first. Then, tie the remaining hair into a ponytail. For a next-level look, you can use the cornrow braiding technique. Try out this Mohawk braid and bring punk back to life.

21. Snake Braid


The snake braid style is another look that will go extremely well with a light floral dress, especially for a wedding occasion. All you have to do to achieve this look is to plait a small section of your hair at the turning point of your hair facing the back. Keep braiding till you run out of hair and use two strands to push them back up while holding the other one.


Is it Possible to braid my Hair Myself?

Yes, it is possible to braid your hair by yourself, but it will require a lot of practice. In addition, many braid styles are not possible to make on your own, especially if you want them to look perfect. This includes styles like yarn braids and Fulani braids. Nonetheless, you can still try making simpler styles like French and Dutch braids.

Is Braiding Very Painful?

The pain depends on your pain tolerance and the kind of braid you’re getting. If you are extremely good at braiding, you won’t experience much pain. You have to be very careful when you are braiding the hair close to your scalp, as this part can sometimes cause pain. There are certain braiding techniques that do cause minimal pain, such as the cornrow technique. This should not mean that you avoid trying out braids as the end result will shock you, making you look stylish as ever.

How do I Take Care of My Braids?

There are a few things you need to consider while taking care of your braids. For instance, never use a hairdryer, especially if the threads in your braid are wool. This is because they could melt in your hair. Don’t fidget with your braid too much as this could damage your hairstyle and always try to use washable or reusable threads so that it’s easier for you to wash your hair.

How Do I Remove my Braid?

You have to keep cutting the threads short in order for your braids to slowly open, you can also try to unwind them if your hair isn’t knotted that much. It is always best to get someone to help you remove your braid. This way, you get done faster and there is less pain involved.

Final Words

You can tell that there are many different ways you can braid your hair and put in your skillful braiding techniques to use. With the help of these hairstyles, you can easily dress up for any occasion wearing a braid that will make you look fabulous.

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