115 Fascinating Blue Black Hair Ideas

It’s always fun to play around with different hair colors, especially if you’re aiming for a unique and bold look. One of the most common and interesting color hairstyles is blue and black hair. Blue and black mixed together helps you achieve a dramatic and electrifying look. The best part about this combination is that you can portray it in different hues and shades of blue.

You may not be aware, but blue black hair has been quite a fashion trend among many famous celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Rihanna.  If you plan on getting this fabulous look for your hair, this article has got you covered with some amazing blue black hair ideas mentioned below.

Blue Highlights

blue black hair

Highlights are a good way to bring some change to your hair and are the best decision when you don’t want to dye your hair fully. For a blue black look, you can try out this blue highlights hairstyle. This hairstyle includes light blue highlights slightly mixed with a subtle grey shade on natural black hair. The gray and blue go very well with each other; however, you can always just go with simile blue highlights. This idea is perfect for both short and long hair. If you’re trying it on short hair, add some wavy bangs for a stylish look.

Blue Ombre

blue ombre

Changing your hair to blue can be a bit overwhelming for some of us, especially when you’re not a hundred percent sure if you want blue hair for a longer time. The best way to overcome that confusion is by getting this blue Ombre style done. This hairstyle gives you a subtle blue effect with black roots that slowly blend into an Ombre blue color till the ends of your hair. This color is more likely to grow out fast. You can try this color on any hair length; however, the best way to style it is by giving it a wavy effect.


Bold Black & Blue

blue black hair

If you’re looking for something extravagant and bold, then you should definitely go with this bold black and blue hairstyle. This hairstyle has a shiny touch to it and makes your hair glow in the dark and includes a blend of neon blue, royal purple, and navy blue. The colors mix so well that they appear differently in different light settings. For instance, under a dim light area, your hair will look on the darker side, and in very bright areas, the blue outshines that black more. This hairstyle helps you achieve a double effect and is the perfect winter look.

Blue Tipped Hair

blue black hair

You can try out this blue-tipped hairstyle for a subtle and stylish black blue hair look. This hairstyle includes natural black roots that slowly blend into a blue shade. This time, the dark blue color appears on the ends of the hair while the rest of the hair has a very dull blue tone. It’s mostly the ends that have the blue effect, which is what makes this hairstyle so unique. The perfect way to style your hair is by curling the blue ends of your hair. You can try this out on short hair too; however, it looks much better on long hair.

Darker Blue Black Curls

blue black hair

If you’re looking for a glamorous blue black hairstyle, this dark blue black curls hairstyle is the ideal hairstyle for you. This hairstyle includes a mix of blue and black, both the colors appear in a darker shade. The blue looks shiner compared to the black. Complete this look with some curls; if you don’t have natural curls, you can curl you hair with a curling iron. Make sure you create thick swirls for a stylish look. Finish off with some hair shine, and you’re good to go. This is the perfect date night hairstyle.

Wavy Blue Black Combo

blue black hair

If you’re going for a full-fleshed blue black hair look, this wavy blue black combo is the right hairstyle for you. The color present in this hairstyle includes a subtle touch of purple, which appears with the blend of blue and black. The purplish hint looks enchanting as it gradually flows from the roots of our hair. The perfect way to show off this color is by creating loose curls on the bottom to give it a wavy effect. This hairstyle looks perfect on long hair as it helps to show off the entire blend of the blues and black. Try out this lovely hairstyle and look stylish as ever.

Short Ink Blue Black Hair

If you’re going for a funky and prominent look, you should definitely go for this Ink blue black hair. Ink blue is more like an electric blue color that brings all the attention to your hair. You can try out this electric color on your natural black hair; of course, the blue will outshine the black, leaving you with a spectacular combo. This style complements well on short bob cut hair with long way banks in front. For a night look, you can give your hair a bit of a messy touch by adding a wavy texture. This hairstyle is the perfect Coachella look.

The Gothic Look

blue black hair

We all have a dark gothic phase, which makes some us change our overall look. The best way to do that is by trying out this gothic look hairstyle. This hairstyle includes a dye of dark blue, but only on the bangs and front strands featured on natural black hair. The dyed bangs give a very unique and dramatic look. This hairstyle is perfect for long thin hair; this way, you can show off your dyed bangs properly. Simply style your hair by just pinning the bangs to the side and leaving the rest of your hair straight and open.

Cool Blue Black Tint Hues

blue black hair

This cool blue black tint hairstyle is one of the most subtle blue hairstyles that include a very soft texture of blue. If you don’t want to go too much on the blue side, this is just the hairstyle for you. This hairstyle includes very light hues of blue on the ends of your hair against your natural black hair with black roots. This hairstyle is simple yet stylish. Style your hair by curling the ends and create a middle part. This is the perfect girl’s night out hairstyle.

Blue Black Hair Ft Bangs

This blue black hair with bangs hairstyle is one of the most common and stylish hairstyles that gives a cool and chic look. This doesn’t only make you look stylish, but it also helps to shape your face. The roots of your hair remain to their original black hair and gradually blend into a dark blue and black shade. What makes this hairstyle so unique is the forehead bangs. You don’t have to do any extraordinary styling. All you have to do is set your bangs and straighten the rest of your hair.

Long Bob Blue lack Hair


Short haircuts have a different appeal that makes you look more stylish and chic. What better way to upgrade your long bob than trying this amazing blue black hairstyle? The colors used to give a prominent blue effect are royal purple, retro blue and natural black. All the colors mixed together give an excellent stylish look. Your roots remain same as your natural black hair and gradually turn into a royal purple effect with dark blue ends. This hairstyle looks even better with some fringes. So, get ready to flaunt this hairstyle as your next summer look.

Blue Black Braids


Braids are one of the most stylish hairstyles out there. With so many different types of braids, you can choose any from French braids to Ghana braids for a stylish look. The only thing your braids might be missing is a hint of blue and black. Try out this amazing blue black hairstyle on braids, such as goddess braids, micro braids, or even large braids. For this hairstyle, you will have to dye your hair of a lighter blue like sea blue. This way, the color will show properly in whatever braid you make. The best way to choose the right shade of blue is by matching it to your skin tone. Try out this amazing hairstyle and look stylish as hell.

Electric Blue


If you want to feel and look like a Bratz doll, you should definitely try out this electric blue hairstyle. This hairstyle requires you to dye your whole hair electric blue with hints of your natural black hair. The perfect fit for this hairstyle is forehead bangs, as they help to enhance the way you look and also give some depth to the all-out blue look. You can try this hairstyle on any hair length. Take a chance with blue, and show off this hairstyle at the next music festival.

Blue Black and Purple Hair

Looking for something enchanting and completely unique? Look no more as this blue black and purple hairstyle will blow your mind and make you feel like you’re a part of a fairytale. This hairstyle includes three different shades combined together. The roots start off with black, and the ends consist of a mixture of blue and purple. This look is very compelling and is perfect for a music festival look. The best way to style it is by making a few luscious curls and keep a few bangs in front.

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Mysterious Navy Blue Black


Looking for something intense and dramatic? Go for this mysterious navy blue black hairstyle. This hairstyle includes a mixture of navy blue and black, where the roots start off with your natural black hair. This hairstyle gives your plain black hair some depth and style.  The best way to style this is by curling your ends. Create round spiral curls with a curling iron and secure it with some hair spray. The curls are perfect for whenever you have to go for a formal dinner or party. So, get ready to look dramatic as ever for the next formal dinner with friends.

Strands of Blue and Black

This is another cool blue black hairstyle, which helps you achieve a subtle and stylish look. This hairstyle includes a hint of purple with the blue Ombre on natural black hair.  For this hairstyle, instead of dyeing your whole hair blue, you only have to dye the ends of a few strands blue and purple mixed. This acts as a highlight and gives some tone to your hair. Thebest way to style it is by curling the ends and let a few curly strands in the side of your head. This is theperfect festival look hairstyle. So get ready to look dashing as ever.

Blue Black Dip Dye

Dip dyes are always fun to get as they leave you with an extraordinary and stylish half dye look. If you’re fond of dip dyes, you need to definitely try out this blue black dip dye hairstyle. This hairstyle requires you to dye half of your hair blue and leave the top half as your natural hair color. The dyed part consists of some purple and grey hues mixed with blue. The mixture gives an amazing touch to your hair and makes you look stylish as ever. There are many ways you can style your half dyed hair. The best way to showcase it is by creating a middle part and straightening the rest of your hair. It’s good to remain simple when you have extraordinary hair colors on.

Mermaid Hair


Have you ever imagined what living under the sea would really be like? Well, that may not be possible, but you can experience some essence of it by trying out this mermaid hairstyle. Mermaids are known for their long luscious hair; they say mermaids live under the sea. This hairstyle gives out a very subtle and dramatic mixed look, with dark royal blue dye faded into natural black hair. If you step under bright light, you will notice scattered glowing blue hues. This hairstyle is an absolute beauty and is definitely hard to miss out. So try out this look, and feel like an actual mermaid. It’s best to try this out on long luscious hair.



How to Take Care of My Blue Black Hair?

Once you’ve got your blue black hair you will have to take a lot of care as after dyeing there are many things you will have to deal with related to your hair. The first thing you will have to make sure is not to wash your hair too many days a week. The more you wash your hair the faster your hair dye will come off. It is best to wash your hair only once a week and if you feel like your hair is getting too oily, use dry shampoo.

It is a must that you condition your hair when showering and use shampoos that don’t contain too many chemicals.  After dyeing your hair, sometimes you may feel like your hair has gotten a bit damaged. The best way to control the damage is by refraining from styling tools as heat is the number one hair destroyer.

What is the best way to get Blue Black Hair?

Whenever you dye your hair to dark color from a light hair tone and vice versa you have to bleach your hair. Bleaching may cause your scalp to burn, but the best way to do it is by first adding petroleum jelly to your hairline as this may lessen the burning sensation.

Wash your hair once before you begin to dye your hair and start by applying the dye to your whole hair. This depends on where you want the dye; so apply it wherever you want it and cover your hair with a shower cap once you’re done. Leave your hair in the cap till the time mentioned on your dye box and wash it with clean water. It is best to get this done from professional hair stylists as they are more careful and you get a much better result.


These blue black hairstyles are an absolute killer and it’s a must that you try one of them out, especially if you want to change your overall look. Blue is a type of color that is not too bright or dull, it’s just good enough to leave a shine and vibrant look on your hair. So upgrade your style game and get one of these stunning hairstyles!

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