115 Trending Beehive Hairstyles You Should Try

Different hairstyles have emerged for decades in varying styles. And though the modern world has new updos for women, it cannot be refuted that old coiffures crawl their way into the modern market all the time.


One of the most popular hairdos half a century ago is called the beehive hairstyle. It was discovered by Margaret Vinci Heldt in 1960, and it was a very popular style back then.



And in the recent years, the beehive hairstyle still belongs to the top hairdos preferred by celebrities and fans to wear in parties and special events.


Different Types of Beehive Hairstyle

The following photos are all about the various designs for a beehive coiffure. You can create the updo yourself, or you can commission the help of a professional hair stylist.

Loose Beehive Hairstyle

Traditional beehives are perfectly poised, high, and polished. However, modern beehives can be twisted into a more fun and exciting loose beehive hairstyle.


Wedding Beehive Coiffure

This stunning beehive updo is perfect for a wedding or for going to a prom. You will look absolutely breathtaking in this coiffure.

Sexy Beehive Hairdo

If you are one of those women who have dark dreams about being a vampire’s lady, then try out this sexy beehive updo.

Enormous Volume Hairstyle

Unlike other beehive updo, this style is all about volume, and lots of it. The loose style is great for framing your face.

Bold and Messy Beehive Look

As a redhead, you can achieve a bold and sexy look with a messy beehive hairdo.

Multi-colored High Beehive

Your high beehive hairstyle is made more magnificent with various colored highlights. Be the talk of the town with this unique hairdo.

Blonde Beehive Hairstyle

Looking magnificent is the utmost goal of every woman going to a party. With this beehive coiffure, you will look absolutely breathtaking.

Attention-Grabbing Beehive

This striking beehive coiffure is without a doubt attention-seeker. You will definitely catch the admiring attention of everyone in the formal party.


Beehive and Braids Combo

A high beehive hairdo can be made even more gorgeous by creating a large braid and revolve it around your beehive like a crown.


Funneling Beehive Hairdo

Give your beehive hairstyle a twist with a funnel design on top. This hairdo is perfectly poised and elegant.

Huge and High Beehive

Be ready to wow the world with your large and high beehive coiffure. You will surely be the center of attention wherever you may go.

Sleek Beehive and a Tiara

When you have black straight hair, you can don a perfectly elegant and polished beehive. And when you add a simple sparkling tiara, the result is a charming princess look.

Beehive and Bangs

Be ‘in” with the trend and indulge in a messy beehive style. Add side bangs, and you have the perfect messy hairstyle.

Brilliant Beehive Style

This stylish high beehive is excellently polished, and it is perfect for a formal party.

Celebrity Inspired Beehive

Every woman dreams of mimicking the superior beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Her elegance and grace is absolutely stunning, and you can take part of her legacy by copying this sophisticated beehive hairstyle.



Sophisticated Beehive Style

This is a very simple beehive-inspired hairstyle. Yet is is quite glamorous and elegant.

Messy Beehive Style

A beehive hairdo does not always have to be properly polished. It can also be charmingly messy. Try this one style and wow the crowd with your coiffure.

Coiffed Hairstyle

This coiffed hairdo is a great beehive style that will surely make you look more beautiful and elegant. It is great for a formal party.

Vintage Hairdo

A small beehive bump can go a long way with this amazing partial updo. This style is great for a casual or formal event.


Simple Wispy Hairstyle

This wispy style of simple beehive is not a complete and perfect beehive, but it is utterly elegant. Wearing this hairdo creates a modern style.

Very High Beehive

When it comes to the beehive hairstyle, tall height is always the best. And so flaunt your hairdo and keep it taller for a better standout look.

Polished Beehive Coiffure

This completely polished beehive hairdo is perfect for any formal party. It keeps you excellently poised and beautiful.

Model Beehive Pose

Look like a model in this beehive coiffure, and feel like you are going to walk on a runway instead of attending a party. This hairstyle is absolutely huge and gorgeous.

Height Matters in Beehive

A tall beehive hairstyle is absolutely striking, and so you will end up getting a lot of stares from other party goers.

Side-Swept Bangs

Your long bangs can be swept to the side, so you can enhance the beauty of your beehive hair.

Princess Hairdo

With this gorgeous beehive style, you will definitely look and feel like a princess in a royal ball.

Colored Mohawk Beehive

Who says you cannot do a Mohawk beehive style? Dive into your modern artistic self and create a perfect combo of a beehive and Mohawk coiffure. And then you become the star of every party.

Old-Fashioned Style

This old style hairdo is a blast from the 50s, and you can definitely rock any party with this coiffure.

Retro Hair

The retro style is definitely an excellent option if you are into vintage hairstyles.

Sophisticated Beehive Style

Wherever you go, the stunning sophistication of this beehive hairstyle can turn heads.

Punk Rock Hairstyle

This is a smaller variety of the traditional beehive hair, and it is great for any party.

Sweeping Beehive Style

This modern version of a beehive coiffure is perfect for a formal event.

Elegant Beehive Coiffure

This elegant hairstyle is a bit nostalgic. This coiffure was discovered in the 1960s, therefore this hairstyle can transport you back in time. And back then, this hairdo rapidly became popular.


Grand Beehive Hairdo

You may have to spend hours to perfect this amazingly grand beehive hairdo, but it is definitely worth every second. You will be the center of all attention the moment you walk into a party.

Gorgeous Beehive

Being gorgeous is a choice. Make an appointment with your hairstylist and opt for this dazzling beehive updo.


Conveying a Statement

If you want to make a strong statement about your strength as a woman, this majestic beehive coiffure will surely do the trick.


Brightly Designed Beehive

Whether you are gunning for a casual look or a formal hairstyle, this brightly colored simple beehive is the perfect choice for you. You can even add full bangs to enhance your beautiful appearance.


Sophisticated Beehive Hairstyle

Are you ready to walk on the red carpet? If so, then create a small beehive with side bangs and wisps in order to look extra gorgeous.


No-Age Req Beehive

No matter your age, this amazing messy beehive style is perfect for you. You can wear this in your daily activities, or in a casual, semi-formal, or formal party.


Incredibly Straight Hair Beehive

This beehive coiffure is an artistic work of art. Your straight polished hair is absolutely perfect for this kind of hairdo.


Bright Pink Beehive

Splash a bright pink color into your hair so you can create a perfectly modern beehive hairstyle. You will surely shock your friends at a party, and feel good about your choice.


Twisted Beehive Style

Do not limit yourself with the traditional beehive style. Create a twisted beehive that makes people take a second look. With this unique design, you gain a lot of attention in the party.


Focal Back Beehive

Give justice to the back of your head by focusing your beehive style at the unique curving style of your updo. This look provides you the freedom to adapt to the past and the present.

Rock ‘n Roll Beehive Style

Create your own modern beehive hairstyle by combining Mohawk and beehive. The result makes you look like a rock star.


Classically Gorgeous Beehive


Loose hairstyle is a trend that is patronized by many women. And this classic beehive hairdo is a perfect example of how gorgeous you can be with a loose beehive style. This is especially great if you highlight your hair with other colors.


Vampire Bride Beehive

If you like to engage in cosplays, this stunningly beautiful beehive look is perfect for you. The color of this hair and the style of the beehive are great for a make-believe world.

Old-fashioned Beehive Hairstyle

The 60s did bring about great beehive updos, and you can bring back the past by creating one yourself. And with the right makeup and dress, you will surely look stunning.


Curly Top Beehive

Many women think of curls as a happy pill. And indeed, you can gain such happiness from creating a beehive hairstyle with curls at the top. As a result, you feel happy and you make others happy as well.


Retro Beehive Updo

This retro beehive coiffure is softened by a small white ribbon on your hair.


Curly Beehive Updo

You can take advantage of the beauty of your curls by donning a beehive updo to join a special event. Plus you can add side bangs to look even better.


Celebrity Look

When you are born to be naturally beautiful, it seems like you may not need to do anything to enhance your beauty. But, you can actually opt for a long beehive updo and magically transform your look into the next level of magnificence.


Elegantly Simple Beehive

This simple updo oozes elegance in its simplicity. Try this type of beehive style and get ready to capture the attention of people.


Blonde Curly Beehive Style

Loose curls can be made into a stunningly gorgeous beehive hairstyle. Flaunt your amazing hairstyle with a simple hair accessory. And let loose some wisps of hair to enhance your superb appearance.


Ballroom Beehive Hairdo

If you are invited for a formal and special event, you have to appear wholly elegant by wearing sophisticated clothes and high beehive updo.


Green and High Beehive

Make a traditional high beehive updo into a modern design by coloring your hair green. You will look like a movie star that is very popular.


Vintage and Modern Beehive

Never get tired of experimenting with your long hair. You can combine vintage and modern beehive look anytime you want. And you can wear this look in a rock ‘n roll party or a semi-formal occasion.


Vampy Beehive Hairdo

The edgy look of this beehive hairdo looks like a vampire inspired hairstyle. This is a great updo for Halloween or other events.


Accessorized Beehive Hairstyle

A beehive hairdo alone can attract the attention of your peers, but an additional hair accessory can make you stand out more. Choose an accessory that has lots of colorful gems for extra allure.


Shell-Like Beehive Updo

A shiny and sleek beehive hairdo is the perfect style for a formal event. You can twist the art of beehive by creating a shell-like formation at the back.


Crimped Beehive Hairstyle

Turn a classic beehive design into a modern hairdo by crimping your hair prior to styling your hair. The result is certainly alluring and fun.


Simply Stunning Hairdo

This hairdo is not a full beehive, but it is quite simple and sophisticated. You can wear this hairstyle at any kind of event.


Star Studded Hairstyle

This modern style beehive updo is great for a formal party, and it is used by famous celebrities when they walk at the red carpet. By donning on the same style, you feel like a star yourself.


Partially High Beehive

Treat yourself to a gorgeous hairstyle by wearing a partial beehive coiffure. It is a great hairstyle for your upcoming party, regardless if it’s a formal or casual event.


Shocking Beehive Updo

If it’s your desire to create a wonderfully shocking appearance, then you can definitely succeed by donning this black beehive updo. Not only will you surprise your friends, but you wow yourself with how beautiful you are in this hairstyle.

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Royal Red Beehive

This absolutely stunning red beehive updo is suitable for a royal party. Feel and look like royalty with this abundantly high beehive coiffure.


Perfectly Classic Beehive

When your upcoming party requires you to wear a gown, then you better prepare yourself in wearing this extremely polished beehive updo. This hairstyle allows zero hair out of place.

Tips for a Beehive Hairstyle


Let’s look at a few tips on creating a gorgeous beehive hairstyle.


  1. Use a durable comb in teasing or backcombing your hair to achieve a beehive hairdo.


  1. Long hair is much better for a beehive hairstyle.


  1. For a formal event, it is best to hire a professional hair stylist to create a beehive coiffure.


  1. Modern hairstyle can be combined with beehive, as long as you’re not afraid to experiment.


  1. Always wear the appropriate clothes and makeup in donning a beehive hairstyle.



The beehive coiffure is a magnificent hairstyle that is used by many famous women all over the world. There are so many styles to choose from, and no one can stop you from trying on each one for different affairs.



And when you decide to don a beehive updo, don’t forget to twist the design and incorporate your own taste into the coiffure. What is more important is how you present yourself with the beehive style on your head.

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