125 Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Ideas That You Can Go For!

Changing your look is always intimidating. It is not easy to just go for a haircut. When you talk about an asymmetrical bob, everybody thinks twice before getting it. The primary reason for that is, a bob is a very fierce look. And not everybody has that fierce vibe to their personality.  However, it is an ideal hair cut if you want to transform your look completely. Most people know asymmetrical bob as the breakup haircut. For this reason, it gives off an invincible, strong woman vibe. It is one of the most eye-catching haircuts of all time.


Short on One Side and Long on the Other

It is the perfect kind of asymmetrical bob. It is also the most famous one. Even though it has been years that this haircut came out, but it still holds the position of being one of the fiercest and bold haircuts.

You can find many ladies going for maximum lengths like jawline length on one side and chest-length on the other side.

Hybrid of Fringes and Bob Haircut

Many people know about the basic bob with layers and textures in one length. However, you can mix several haircuts with the bob. However, fringes will be your bob’s best friend, in that case.

If you are someone that has a wide forehead, you can cover your forehead with the fringes, and the bob will make you look sharp and hide your wide forehead. Another benefit you get from fringes is that it shapes your face. If you have face fat, it will effectively hide the fat.

Middle Parting Bob Haircut

The middle parting bob cut is also a good one if you are looking for a haircut that will make your face look longer. It is ideal for people with a round face.

When you look at the Hollywood stars, they usually have this type of bob. If your hairstylist infuses layers with the cut, it will look even better. If you are someone that has thin hair, it will make your hair look very voluminous.

Short Bob with Bleached ends

If you are a fashion junky, you must know about rising bleached ends trend. When you get a haircut as short as the bob, you start thinking twice before getting your ends bleached.

You might be surprised to know, but it will look great! Your hair will look even trendier. If you want a more edgy look, then this hairstyle is ideal for you.

Balayage Bob Haircut

This is another classic colored bob look. If you want to transform your look but don’t want the change to be too dramatic, this style of bob haircut will do the job for you.

You must know that an iconic bob is a transformation itself, but finishing off the look with balayage will make your transformation even more iconic.

Classic Asymmetric Bob

The classic asymmetric bob is a whole mood! However, if you are getting it on dark brunette hair will look even better. It will give off a super edgy look. Pair your look with some nice sunglasses, small and thin or big and bulky. Your hair cut will make anything look good on your face.

Short Bob

The short bob is the perfect example of going big or going home. The short bob is an iconic look. It will be one of your hairstyles that will look amazing, or it will not look good at all, and there is no in-between. The short bob is a super fierce look, and it will transform your personality entirely.

Medium Length Bob Haircut

If you are someone that has extremely long hair, but you want to get your hair short, the medium length bob will suit you perfectly. It will not be a drastic change. However, going from long hair to shoulder-length hair is a big transformation itself.

Funky Color Balayage with Short Bob

Short bob is an eye-catcher itself, and balayage is currently a well-known hair coloring technique that is getting recognition to oomph up any look. Why not mix both the iconic hair techniques.

On the internet, you can find some people getting the balayage with a short bob. However, you can find people getting the balayage is funky colors like red, purple, blue, pink, and whatnot.


Emo Asymmetric Bob Haircut with Front Section in Neon

Emo hairstyles are coming back now. The beautiful emo hairstyle is making a dramatic comeback. You can find many people dying the front sections of their hair in exciting funky neon colors. When you hear of it sounds a little funny, but when you look at them in person, they are a very iconic look, and people are falling in love with the emo hairstyle again.

How about you combine the emo hairstyle with the bob hairstyle? Trust me, it looks amazing! It is one look that you are going to remember your entire life. It will become the most prominent look of all time.

The Glamorous blonde Back Shave Asymmetric Bob

If you have a small face, slim face, this hairstyle will become your Holy Grail. The haircut will make your face look more chiseled. It will make your facial features pop like anything! The shaved back of the head will help in making you look more skittish.

You can get a piercing or two with the look and make yourself look fearless. You also get an exciting plus with shave the back of your head, and you won’t ever feel hot on your neck

Shaved Side Punk Style Asymmetric Bob

If you are a punk style diva, this haircut will become your permanent hairstyle for a few years. The haircut is simple yet interesting. There is a lot of thing on the hairstyle at one. What you can do is shave your head from one side and get yourself a pixie bob cut.

Then dye your hair in a funky color, but leave the shaved head part undyed. The shaved head part of your head will show off your earring and your chiseled jawline. You can also get some symmetric live on the shaved part. It will mix your asymmetric haircut and symmetric line, and it will increase texture in your hair.

The Super-short Asymmetric Bob Haircut

If you are someone that has fine hair, then this look will make your hair look voluminous and trendy. If you think of it, the short hair cuts are ideally designed for people with very fine hair. The short hair fluffs up when they are cut short. The short cut will make your hair look a little bigger than it is, giving it a look of healthy hair.

If you have frizzy hair, then you need to make sure that u=you start using frizz control hair products that your flyaways don’t destroy the look.

Wavy Short Bob

No matter who you ask, they will always say that they are looking for the perfect bedhead hair look. In that case, if you have naturally wavy hair, you are in luck. For this reason, wavy hair already looks a lot like bed hair.

When you get a bob on them, they start looking even better because you will have those luscious big waves and big curl in at the tip of your hair.

Styled Medium Length Asymmetrical Bob

If you are looking for a fine look, styling your hair is the best option. When you have a short haircut like a bob, hairstyling becomes very easy. Putting in curls becomes easy, and straightening them also becomes easy.

When you have long hair, you only style them when you need to head out. However, if you get a short haircut, you can style them every day because it will only take like 5 minutes to style them.

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Wavy Fun and Long Bob Asymmetric Haircut

The fun long cut is very famous in a bob hairstyle. It looks cute and edgy in the same place. You can dye your hair to platinum and make them look even more fun. If you have wavy hair, bob is already a good option for you. You can get a Brazilian blowout on it and make your hair look big. Also, pair the look with some cute casual hoops. This haircut will make you look put together at all times.

Super Sleek Asymmetrical Bob Haircut


The bob is a fun look, but you can make it look super sleek by reducing textures and layers. It will make your face look super slim. Since your face is looking slim, you will look good at every angle. But to maintain this hairstyle, you will need to keep your hair super moisturized at all times. Keep track of your conditioning habits. This is a super simple, sleek, and straightforward look. You will enjoy it for an extended period for sure.


Picture-perfect Sleek Straight Bob Haircut

You might not know this, but the major reason for bob becoming so famous in Hollywood is simple, it makes you look picture perfect at all times. You will not need to style your hair most of the time, and yet it will make you look put together. This is the charm of short hair. It is low maintenance and high quality.

Simple Asymmetrical Bob

If you are some that are looking for a simple, sleek look, you need to get the most basic asymmetrical bob haircut. It will make you look super cute and extenuate your nose and eyebrows. You can tie a cute bun on this hair and look cute as ever.

The Long Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

The long bob is one of the most famous hairstyles. It has always been in fashion, but not really. When you ask people about it, you will always get mixed views for it. For this reason, it is the safest asymmetrical bob ever. Yet it is edgy enough to make to look different in a crowd. With this kind of bob, you can also pull off other hairstyles like a ponytail, tiny braids, small low bun, top knot, half top knot, and all kinds of hairstyles.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A bob is a very intimidating haircut. So, you might be having a few questions before getting it. It is pretty normal because everybody has a question about this iconic haircut. So, in the article below, we are answering some of the common queries people have before getting the bob.

Can I Give Myself a Bob?

A bob seems like a very easy to cut hairdo. However, that is not the case. Cutting your hair by your self is a very challenging task. When you are cutting hair in general, you need to be fully in control, but when you are giving yourself a haircut. You do not have a lot of control, especially over some parts of your head, which can lead to an awful looking cut.

Whenever you plan on cutting your hair, keep in mind that whatever you do with your hair, it is going to stay for the upcoming few months.

However, when you are giving yourself a bob. You plan to go for a short cut, which you might know can go very wrong, very quickly. And must know that fixing a very short haircut is a challenging task.

Can I pull it off?

If you ask me that, I will say it entirely depends on your face shape and hair type.  However, when you ask an expert about it, they will tell you that the bob suits almost all face shapes and hair textures. If you are some that have super straight sleek hair, the bob will make you sleek and edgy. If you have wavy, voluminous hair, it will look like you have the perfect bed head hair, and if you have curly hair, it will still look good.

However, if you have extremely frizzy straight hair, the haircut might make you look a little crazy. When you ask the hair experts, they will always tell you to keep your bob a little longer, if you are getting it for the first time.

 What is the Key to a Good Looking Bob?

When you talk about any haircut, textures and layers play an active role in the overall look. To achieve a perfect bob, you need the perfect hairstylist. You might feel like a bob is a straight cut. However, that is not the case. A bob has a lot of textures and layers, and those layers and textures make a bob look beautiful and moveable. A good hairstylist will be able to bring movement to your bob, which you are looking for.

In the past, geometric hairstyles were notorious for making you look ugly, but now, things have changed. People think that geometric styles look more flattering and put together. The modern fashion has to play an active role in changing beauty standards. It motivates ladies around the world to look beautiful by breaking old stereotypes.

Will it Make Me Look Like a Boy?

Whenever ladies are planning to get the bob, they wonder if it will make them look like a boy. Honestly, your haircut does not determine if you look feminine or masculine. It is your soul that makes you look like a boy or a girl.

Many stunning Hollywood actresses have a bob, and they are some of the prettiest women in the world. Rather than that, a bob will make you look more fierce and edgy. It will make you look like the real boss lady!

Will I Have to Leave My Hair Open all the Time to Look Good?

When most people plan to get a short haircut, they are worried if they will need to leave their hair open all the time to look nice. However, that is not the case when you get a haircut like a bob. It will look good no matter what.

When you get a bob, you will have a cute little ponytail, and your bun will start having perfect volume. Tie a cute little top knot, and elegant low bun.


The bob is a well-known haircut, notorious at one time, but now the haircut is making a lot of names around the world. Currently, it is becoming one of the most requested haircuts in salons all around the world.

The good thing about the hair cut is that it makes you look very edgy and fierce, without making you look masculine.

It is one of those haircuts that will suit all face shapes and texture. You can get it in all lengths, and it will look great. A bob is one haircut that will make you look like you shredded a few pounds without going to the gym.

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