Turquoise Curled and Braided Hair

125 Mermaid Hairstyle Ideas That Look Ethereal

On some days, you just want to do something unique and different, and what better way to achieve such a look by trying out a mermaid hairstyle. Mermaid hairstyles allow you to put in plenty of fun and glamour into your hair, so you feel like an actual mermaid under the sea. You can try …

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100 Teal Hair Trends | All the Mermaid Colors You Want

The Real Tea About Teal Hair Teal hair mesmerizes us like the changing colors of the sea; it’s no surprise that it’s also called mermaid hair. And anime aside, it’s a beautiful luxuriant color that traverses the coolness of blue and the mysterious depths of green. We love how light you could get that you …

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Textured Long Bob with Middle Part

95+ Long Bob Hairstyles You Must Wear In 2020

Long Bob hairstyles are quite a hair trend for many famous celebrities and it has definitely helped people slay in the style department. The long bob, also known as a lob, is a very versatile hairstyle that allows you to experiment and try out unique looks with it. Long bob hairstyles are the perfect way …

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